Even though GOP Deputy Chair Michael Brodkorb thinks anyone afraid to take questions shouldn’t run for office (see YouTube, below the fold), Erik Paulsen continues to follow John Kline’s lead and shun Town Halls. However:

In lieu of district town hall meetings, Paulsen has opted to hold smaller forums with groups of constituents ranging from seniors to meetings with large employers and business leaders. (EdenPrairieNews.com)

“In lieu of district town hall meetings….”

Just like the guy he replaced, “right”?


Anyway, Paulsen is scheduled to pose, er, ‘scuse me, “appear” on Salem Communication’s KKMS radio station today at the State Fair at 3:00 pm. KKMS’ booth is located near Clough and Judson streets. Stop by if you’re near, and if you can, ask Paulsen: “Dude – Where’s My Town Hall?”

GOP State Deputy Chair Michael Brodkorb, on Town Hall Forums:

Paulsen ’09:

Salem raadio stations; in Minneapolis/St. Paul:

KYCR-AM 1570
WWTC-AM 1280 (The “Patriot”)

(originally published at MnProgressiveProject.com)

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