I often say that “Republicans are morally, bankrupt, intellectually dishonest, and institutionally corrupt.”

And I say that for the old-fashioned reason; it’s true.

For today’s example of “morally bankrupt” – just go google “George Rekers RentBoy” and see what you come up with – here’s but one that demonstrates “morally bankrupt”:

FL (GOP!)* Atty General Bill McCollum’s “Expert” Witness Caught with Male Prostitute
Filed by: Nadine Smith
May 4, 2010 7:00 PM

George Rekers, the “expert” witness hired by Attorney General Bill McCollum to defend Florida’s anti-gay adoption ban has been caught with a male prostitute at the Miami airport, according to the Miami New Times.

Rekers was one of only two witnesses McCollum called in an effort to reverse a Miami judge who ruled Florida’s adoption ban- the only one in the country- is unconstitutional. (more, here)
* (GOP!) added

For today’s example of “institutionally corrupt”? Jack Abramoff. The Documentary is coming out tomorrow; for but one true and sordid tale of the depravity of the GOP party, go back and re-read “Paradise Lost – Greed, Sex Slavery, Forced Abortions and Right-Wing Moralists”. Tom DeLay, R=Corrupt, described this abomination as “a perfect petri dish of capitalism”.

And have no doubt – in today’s GreedOverPrinciples party, the misery inflicted on a place where the American Flag flies, that’s EXACTLY where their brand of “capitalism” leads to.

Locally, the simple fact that FEC Tony is “in charge” of the State Republican Party gives credence, too. Does everyone remember “The Tostenson Memo”?

For today’s example of “intellectual dishonest” I’m going to look locally at yesterday’s post by Andy Aplikowski, “MN Budget Is Too Big To Succeed – Why Emmer’s Gonna Win”

Now, remember what I recently said, about Andy Aplikowski:

Now, earlier today, I said this, about GOPer Sheila Kihne:

Now, first I’d like to say that I’ve met Sheila; and I find her to be a very bright, intelligent, and passionate individual devoted to her cause: “conservatism.”

Now, I’ve met AAA too; and I say the exact same about Andy that I said about Sheila – except for the “very bright” and “intelligent” part. (“Today’s Example of GOP Idiocy – AAA, At Residual Forces!”

And I stand by that.

Here’s where the “intellectual dishonesty” part comes in – AAA rips the state government for what he (probably correctly) considers excessive leases entered into by the state; EXCEPT AAA doesn’t blame Pawlenty’s Administration for “another skeleton filled closet full of Government waste,…” – no, not AAA! AAA uses GOPer Pawlenty’s waste to advocate for electing another GOPer when Pawlenty’s term expires not soon enough next January.

Let’s look at what AAA cites:

In Duluth, the state will pay $2.3 million over the next few years to rent offices in Canal Park for the Pollution Control Agency and the Department of Labor.

OK, who is in charge of the Department of Labor and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency? Pawlenty appointees Steve Sviggum and Paul Eger.

And BOTH of them are responsible for the actions of their agencies; BOTH of them report to TBag.

But AAA is using that “..skeleton filled closet full of Government waste,…” to advocate for more of the same Tom Emmer’s election??!?

If anything, based on the years and Years and YEARS of Republican cronyism – see the above links regarding Abramoff if you have any doubts this is true – AAA would be demanding an investigation into the relationship between those agency leases and those that entered into them – and so would Tom Emmer.

If AAA were intellectually honest (which he obviously isn’t) he’d be laying blame where blame belongs – his own party, of which Tom Emmer is part of and had oversight duty as a member of the legislature. Indeed, Emmer, as Deputy Minority Leader, had more than a duty – but sadly, today’s GOPers look the other way when it comes to their own party’s problems.

Tom Emmer isn’t part of the solution; Tom Emmer is part of the problem.

That’s today’s example of “intellectual dishonesty.”

If you’d like another, Jeff Rosenberg at MnPublius.com has a post on how GOPers are deliberately lying rewriting history about the timeline concerning TBag’s getting spanked by the State Supreme Court.

I’ve said it before, I said it today, and I’ll continue to say it again:

“Republicans are morally, bankrupt, intellectually dishonest, and institutionally corrupt.”

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