…Can Reasonably Assume GOPers Are Telling The Truth

Mitch Berg is taking a turn carrying water for Boardroom Tycoons over at his blog; “right” now the water he’s carrying has to do with LGA (local government aid).

And there’s no point in trying to refute Berg with “facts.” After all, Reagan told the faithful that “Facts are stupid things” – and Berg is nothing if not faithful. IOW – Reagan said it; Berg lives it.

“Facts” simply won’t change the minds of those that couldn’t care less.

Instead, let’s take a look at what then-candidate Tim Pawlenty said while running for the corner office at the Capital, and what’s happened (can you say “Flip-Flop”?) since TBag moved into it:

It’s really rather pathetic, how low today’s Greed Over Principles party has sunk.

Reasonable people no longer can reasonably assume GOPers are telling the truth.

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