Last Thursday, I went to a GOP Campaign Event TeaBagger “Stop The Election Fraud” deal at the Eden Prairie Community Center (imagine that – TeaBaggers hate Government so much that they meet at a taxpayer-paid facility). And I saw a bunch o’ angry white folk there, bound and determined to make sure elections were run fair ‘n square.

So I’ve been driving around today, checking to see if any of those SouthWest TeaBaggers were sitting just over 100 feet from the polling places in Eden Prairie and Chanhassen – you know, so they can stop the hordes evil liberal/leftist/socialist/French-Fry eating election-stealing ACORNers from stealing the election from those hard working TeaBaggers. And, of course, so far I’ve seen none of them keeping democracy (with a small “d”) safe in America.

I did see the following:

So I paced from the front door of Precinct 1 in Chanhassen, the Fire Station on 7610 Laredo Blvd to the front corner of the driver’s side on the truck: 14 yards.

And the ol’ TwoPutter knows 14 yards when he paces it….

And who Might Vicki Ernst be? Well, she’s an incumbent Chanhassen Council Member, and she was elected as an At-Large Delegate in the GOP’s 2nd District in 2008.

Incumbent, big ol’ truck with a big ol’ sign well within the 100 foot boundary – of COURSE she’s a GOPer.

We’ll see if Carver County does anything about it…

…but, if those angry white folk from Carver County and Eden Prairie aren’t guarding THEIR election polling places, where are they?


…stay tuned!

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