H/T to Crooks And Liars! Their transcript, below.

“A sizable number of GOP primary voters are questioning President Obama’s faith and citizenship,” Stephanopoulos noted. “Can you state very clearly that President Obama is a Christian and he is a citizen of the United States?”

“Well, that isn’t for me to state. That’s for the president to state,” Bachmann said.

“Do you believe it?” Stephanopoulos pressed.

The Minnesota congresswoman continued to dodge the question.

“When the president makes his statements, I think they need to stand for their own,” she said.

“You can’t just sit there and declare the president’s a citizen and he is a Christian?” the ABC host asked again.

“You know, what I focus on today, George, is today is the two-year anniversary of the stimulus program, where we spent $1 trillion to make sure that unemployment wouldn’t go above 8 percent,” she replied.

Bachmann MotorMouth Overdrive; you can’t make it up!

Again, H/T to the fine folk at CrooksAndLiars.com.

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