From the #YouCantMakeThisStuffUp Dept…. while Gaddafi declared a tax cut

2:41pm Libyan state TV announces wide-ranging tax cuts. It says:

The general public committee has decided to reduce customs on basic commodities to zero per cent and to reduce customs on all other commodities to only five per cent. It also decided to remove all consumption and production taxes.

… reports that “Walker’s budget slashes tax credits that aid poor:

Low-income taxpayers in Wisconsin would lose hundreds of dollars in tax credits a year under Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget — at the same time the governor wants tax cuts for businesses and investors to boost jobs.

Thanks to the eagle-eyed and dedicated reader that sent that tip in!!!

In other news of note concerning Scott “Baseball Bat” Walker, who dreams of treating the least amongst him worse than Gadaffi:

Walker’s Latest Mea Nota Culpa, via the Wisconsin State Journal.

The Daily Page: “A former GOP aide to Senate Republicans: You can beat Walker”

Via the Green Bay Press-Gazette: “(GOP) Sen. Cowles: Republicans have to be “flexible” on collective bargaining negotiations”

Via DailyKos: “Wisconsin recall update: 15% of signature goal reached”

And finally, Faux Noise’s @MikeTobinFox still hasn’t posted a new tweet, ever since the news came out he’s a KochWhore SpokesTool “typical Fox Reporter”.

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