Starting out her column today (entitled “In Wisconsin, mob rule and intimidation”), Kersten compares unions (and supporters of unions) to “Nazi brownshirts.” Way to stay classy, Katy!

Katy quotes a couple o’ TV reports in her column; one of ‘em is Green Bay’s Faux Noise “Fox News” WLUK-TV. No point fiskin’ that; as discussed here, what’s the point?

Katy also quoted a story from Milwaukee’s WTMJ-TV – a NBC affiliate. Here’s what Katy cherrypicked from it:

“Meanwhile, hordes of protesters surged into the Capitol, muscling past police, kicking in doors, damaging windows and shouting “This is democracy looks like!” and “Whose house? Our house!”

Here’s what the story said, but Katy isn’t interested in “facts” – she’s interested in wingnut demagoguery:

Police held their positions at the Capitol for a time after the vote, but more and more protesters found a way in. Police believe some climbed through windows, Donovan said. He initially said protesters broke windows and door handles, but later backed off that statement, saying he wasn’t sure that was true. (emphasis added)

Cop says he isn’t sure reports of broken windows and (as Katy claims )-”kick(ed) in doors” are true; Katy uses story as source and claims it IS true.

Katy uses a source – Milwaukee’s WTMJ-TV – to make a claim, when the source clearly demonstrate Katy is simply makin’ (stuff) up.

Katy should be ashamed, but – as she has clearly demonstrated here and Here and Here and HERE and…. well, I could go on and On and ON….

Kersten has no shame.

That’s why Katy Kersen is today’s example of why reasonable people cannot reasonably believe anything a GOPer says.

Katy is also just another pathetic example of You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different.

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