On March 27th, Bluestem Prairie reported FEC Tony’s Republican Party of Minnesota still – STILL – owed Olmsted County money from bills they incurred from the pathetic Emmer Recount:

Mar 27, 2011

Recount: MNGOP promises to pay Olmsted County $3,050 and Mower County $2,424 soon

The Rochester Post Bulletin reports in Recount costs to be paid soon, Republicans say:

Unpaid bills owed to Olmsted and Mower counties from last year’s governor’s race recount are set to be paid soon, state Republican Party chairman Tony Sutton said.

“The checks … are going out before the end of next week,” Sutton said. “By the end of the month, they’ll have their payment.”

I just got off the phone with Pam Fuller of Olmsted County, and – no surprise here – they have NOT gotten a check for the money the GOPers owe (email to Mower County hasn’t been returned).

I guess it could be worse – they could have received a check written in the style of Bounced Checks Berg

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