While even a heart attack and hospitalization can’t keep Egyptian Investigators from looking into Mubarek’s alleged embezzlement of government funds and Nelly Furtado, Beyonce and even the London School of Economics are dumping tainted Gaddafi loot, PR Watch notes that ol’ “Baseball Bat” Walker is still hanging on to $7k in tainted money from convicted felonBill Gardner – CEO of the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad (WSOR).

Just a little more than 100 days into office, ol’ “Baseball Bat” Walker’s scandals are proving Walker as corrupt a Strongman as, well, let’s just say even Milhous “I am not a crook” Nixon might approve.

Ol’ Baseball Bat’s only “problem” is Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board doesn’t approve of criminal behavior.

And just the other day: Scandal in Fitzwalkerstan: Top Donor Pleads Guilty in Money-Laundering Scheme to Aid Governor Walker.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, and ol” Baseball Bat – GOPer Governor Scott Walker demonstrates it: “Republicans run on the platform “Gov’t doesn’t work!” – once elected, they prove it.”

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