Currently in Minnesota, all legislative bills are fisked and given fiscal notes by an agency in the Executive Branch, MN Management & Budget (MM&B). Here’s the problem with that, for today’s GOP Legislative “Leaders” – MM&B has been pointing out GOPer numbers haven’t been adding up; for instance, GOPers “claim” their Senate File 908 will save taxpayers (using THEIR numbers) an impressive $36.6 MILLION. But, that’s using THEIR numbers.

The MM&B’s Fiscal Note shows this GOPer Bill will cost – yes, COST – taxpayers almost a half MILLION ($435,000.00, actually) over the next biennium.

GOPers have been taking fire over their Enron Accounting gimmicks. What do good GOPers do, when people they can’t control don’t give them what they want? Fire ‘em! Just like Nixon did with The Saturday Night Massacre, just like republiCon Ron’s response to The Tostenson Memo, “Fire ‘EM!!” — it’s a time honored tradition in the Greed Over Principles Party!

Hmmm… who to do the dirty deed? Need someone you can count on… a reliable numbers guy….. Hey! Here’s where “Stats” Banaian comes in!!! I saw this in a tweet, and sure enough, there it was:

There’s a lot these GOPers have been doing in this session, that reminds me of Nixon. Sometime, I might just make a list. If I do, “Stats” Banaian is sure to be on it.

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