There’s been plenty of reporting on the #MNGOP’s Enron Accounting/Voodoo Economics; for instance, Public Radio covered on it in stories like “Dayton says GOP budget plan pulls savings ‘out of thin air’” and “GOP rejects fiscal analysis of its budget plans”. The GOPers in Kochzellerstan have been regularly mocked in the blogosphere, such as MPPs very own Big E did in a post titled “Republicans reject budget numbers from appointee they applauded”.

So when you hear Minnesota’s Senate and House GOPers talk about “their” numbers that “they” arrived at, remember National GOPers that said (stuff) like:

“It is unimaginable that the United States would have to contribute hundreds of billions of dollars and highly unlikely that we would have to contribute even tens of billions of dollars.”
Kenneth Pollack — former director for Persian Gulf affairs, National Security Council — September 2002

“The costs of any intervention would be very small.”
Glenn Hubbard — White House economic adviser — October 4, 2002

“The United States is very committed to helping Iraq recover from the conflict, but Iraq will not require sustained aid.”
Mitchell Daniels — Director, White House Office of Management and Budget — April 21, 2003

And there’s plenty more quotes about the “affordability” of Iraq from Boy Blunder And The Plunderers; keep them in mind when local GOPers talk about the accuracy of their numbers. Based on the GOP’s track record, why anyone believes the numbers they come up with, let alone the result of what those numbers will do, is beyond me. GOPers simply make (stuff) up, and then make more (stuff) up when what the (stuff) they made up doesn’t happen. And this repeats over and Over and OVER.

Today’s example of just that?

‘They’re going to get paid, that’s going to happen.” This month? “Absolutely.” — MNGOP Chair Tony Sutton, March 4th, 2011 (RochesterPostBulletin)

Yep! Tony said that, over 3 months ago. Think that happened? Of course not. From an editorial on Sunday, June 5th in the Winona Daily News:

Our view: GOP, practice what you preach
By Daily News editorial board

Good grief. Where do we start? Let’s see … what about the party that preaches fiscal responsibility running up debt and not paying it off?

Or what about the irony of wanting to cut “bloated” and “irresponsible” government, only to realize that those same nameless government workers are the people who run elections and recounts?

Oh yeah, then there’s election reform. There’s pretty rich irony there.

But maybe the most galling part is the same group of political operatives who demanded nearly immediate attention of countless government officials are the same people who now refuse to pay for those same services.

The issue we’re talking about, of course, is the state Republican party’s inability to pay local counties for work they did on the party’s behalf in the gubernatorial race between now-Gov. Mark Dayton and GOP challenger Tom Emmer.
This is the same party that has preached a doctrine of government responsibility and fiscal solvency.

State Republican lawmakers have urged the state to live within its means. That may be good advice, but it becomes cheapened — if not discredited — when the same party can’t live within its own means.

(more, here)

Back in 2009, then-Chair of the Republican National Committee Michael Steele said: “You have absolutely no reason – none – to trust our words or our actions at this point.”

Fast forward to today, and the current chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota clearly demonstrates today is no different.

And here’s but a few more examples of why reasonable people cannot reasonably believe what GOPers say:

Today’s Example Of Why Reasonable People Cannot Reasonably Believe What GOPers Say: Screenshots

“His Remark Was Not Intended To Be A Factual Statement”

Today’s Example Of Why Reasonable People Cannot Reasonably Believe What GOPers Say: Capitol Damage

Today’s Example Of Why Reasonable People Cannot Reasonably Believe What GOPers Say: Katy Kersten

Today’s Example Of Why Reasonable People Cannot Believe Anything A GOPer Says: Ben Golnik

Mitch Berg – The Poster Boy Of Why Reasonable People Cannot Reasonably Believe republiCons

You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different

– hat-tip to Sally Jo at BluestemPrairie; she’s been doing a great job covering the Deadbeat MNGOP and their nonpayment of their recount bills.

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