Faux News asked Scott “Baseball Bat” Walker:

Steve Doocy asked the governor if he thought the recall vote was a referendum on him and his policies.

Walker responded saying,

“Well, there is no doubt voters last November wanted us to focus on jobs, and fixing our budget, and we’ve done that.”

He went on to say,

“I think they [voters] affirmed that on Tuesday, and they said along the way, they want us to figure out ways to work together to do even more for jobs because it’s not happening Washington.”

Here’s just one example of Walker’s idea of “focusing on jobs”…

“Senator’s girlfriend had help getting job”
Daniel Bice, Milwaulkee Jorunal-Sentinel, 20 March 2011

Even though the state is supposedly broke, top officials in Gov. Scott Walker’s team were able to scrape together enough money to give a state job to the woman identified as Sen. Randy Hopper’s girlfriend.

Anything for a political ally.

Valerie Cass, a former Republican legislative staffer, was hired Feb. 7 as a communications specialist with the state Department of Regulation and Licensing. She is being paid $20.35 per hour. The job is considered a temporary post.

Cass previously had worked in the state Senate and for the GOP campaign consulting firm Persuasion Partners in Madison. She also was paid for campaign work for the state Republican Party and U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner before that.

(more, here)

The amazing thing, about that girl’s boytoy, GOPer State Senator, Randy Hopper?

GOPers voted for him in droves during last Tuesday’s recall election, and he dam near won.

Which just goes to show, once again: GOPers believe in the sanctity of marriage – by OTHERS.

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