I often say that today’s GOP Party is morally bankrupt, intellectually dishonest, and institutionally corrupt. All three are self-evident; for “morally bankrupt” (for starters) consider GOPers Mark “Is There A Page In The House?” Foely, “Diaper” David Vitter, and John “She’s My Best Friend’s Wife” Ensign. Remember, that’s just for starters, and keep in mind how many other GOPers covered for those miscreants.

For a few examples of the intellectually dishonest GOPers in today’s GreedOverPrinciples Party, look no further than Minnesota’s Tim “Any Way The Wind Blows” Pawlenty and Michele “Passing Out Pork Is A Happy Day” Bachmann, let alone the current crop of anti-intellectuals running for President, with the possible and notable exception of Jon Huntsman.

Today’s Example of the GOP Party’s institutionalized corruption goes back several years here in Minnesota; it was brought to light in a June 2007 story in the Star Tribune: “Internal complaints roil state GOP office”

Here’s the lede:

Staff members who asked the leadership to address questions of how money was used say they were ignored or faced retaliation.

The Strib story was brought to light by folk that worked for the Minnesota GOP.

Let me say that again – the Strib story was brought to light by folk that worked for the Minnesota GOP!!!

The Strib just reported the Federal Elections Commission Settlement in the case (brought to their attention by the good folks at Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington):

“Minnesota Republican Party to pay $170K fine for federal campaign finance violations”

So, what was the Minnesota GOP “leadership” response to getting whacked with a $170,000 fine? Remember, today’s GOP Party Chair – FEC Tony Sutton – was the then Party Treasurer….

Well, Spot MNObserver over at The Cucking Stool handled THAT one, earlier today – let’s look!!!

“A deal he couldn’t refuse”

By now, most have heard about the final resolution of the Republican Party of Minnesota’s numerous violations of federal election law that took place when its current chair, Tony Sutton, was holding down the fort as treasurer. We’ve highlighted this ongoing investigation here, here, here, and here. In a Conciliation Agreement with the Federal Election Commission, available as a pdf from the MPR website, the Party admitted to the violations and agreed to pay a fine of $170,000.
A simple mea culpa might be expected from a more thoughtful organization, but we’re dealing with Tony Sutton here. So of course we get the unsurprising bellyaching we’ve grown to expect from Mr. Sutton. In a press release issued to address the issue (also available from MPR), no blame is accepted and all manner of excuses offered.

First, he claims that the complaint was filed by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a “liberal organization,” implying that – heck, I don’t know – that the financial mess didn’t exist because some liberal organization pointed it out? Calling those who disagree with him names is nothing new to Mr.Sutton, so this is to be expected. Then, Chairman Sutton insists that the party has “proactively made changes to its FEC accounting and reporting processes.” Not so fast, Mr. Sutton. In the agreement, the FEC specifically found (Par. 17) that the “proactive” steps taken “did not disclose all previously undisclosed debt.” Nice try, but no dice.

Then of course, there’s the excuse that “this is complicated stuff!” as if that excused one from following federal law. Withholding money from employees’ paychecks and not depositing the funds where they belong isn’t complicated, Mr. Sutton. Recording your debts – especially if they amount to over half a million bucks – isn’t complicated either. Ask any bookkeeper – such things happen all the time in the mysterious world of accrual accounting.
(there’s more…)

Spot MNObserver nailed that one – FEC Tony crying “Me-a NOT-a Culpa!

This needs to be pointed out over and Over and OVER – FEC Tony blaming anyone and everyone for his financial misconduct.

You see, this isn’t the first time FEC Tony dodges blame – does everyone remember how his deadbeat GOP stiffed Minnesota counties over the 2010 Recount??!?

One person Sutton didn’t slime when good and decent Republicans questioned their party’s “stewardship” by party leaders such as republiCon Ron Carey and FEC Tony Sutton was an officer and a gentlemen that is in Snopes.com because the story is actually true – LTC (ret) Joe Repya. I wrote about this back in May of 2008, in a blogpost entitled “Enemies Of The Party”. I’d guess the reason Sutton didn’t slime Col. Repya is his boss, republiCon Ron Carey, did. Here’s what republiCon Ron sent to the party gullible “faithful” on July 25th, 2007:

“When we ought to be working to unite our Party and win Minnesota in 2008, Joe Repya has apparently decided to further attempt to divide us by sending a letter with inaccurate information and over-the-top attacks.”

Seems that with the news of the Mn GreedOverPrinciples Party’s settlement, FEC Tony has a few apologies to hand out.

But since his Mea Culpa came out as he intended – Me-a NOT-a Culpa – I’d guess Col. Repya ought not be waiting by the phone, expecting FEC Tony’s call.

In an honest organization, FEC Tony would have been sacked, years ago. Instead, he’s rewarded for the errors of his way – which just goes to show the latter of what I often say: today’s GOP Party is morally bankrupt, intellectually dishonest, and institutionally corrupt.

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