Yesterday, I ran a post entitled “Braxton Bullies: “We can’t HEAR you!!!”. One point of that post was the hypocrisy of a group complaining the Eden Prairie School Administration shuts them out and won’t listen to them, doing the same dam thing to THEIR critics. GOP Actvist Sheila Kihne best exemplifies this; she commented on that post – here, on MPP. The funny thing about that is Sheila banned me from her blog, a couple of years ago. Why? Because the ol’ TwoPutter took to poking holes in her tripe. Well, she also didn’t like how I was quoting Bush The Lesser, back when I was doing the “Countdown To The End Of An Error” series. Hmmm… Sheila objecting to using exact quotes… Hmmm… Sheila objecting, to using exact quotes….

Hey – just like some on the so-called “Eden Prairie School Board Accountability” objected because Jeff Strate was going to use exact quotes!

Here’s a quote from the Facebook page, read, that goes to that point:

Michelle Fourre If anyone would like to send their thoughts about this to the Dunn Bros Smith Douglas More location, their email is
Friday at 12:06am

OK, if you’ll note on the poster, above, the reading was held (and will be held again this Sunday!) at Camp Eden Wood. Why? Because there are people that pressured Dunn Bros Coffee to cancel Jeff ‘n Doug out; apparently, they didn’t want what they had written to be reread in public.

How’s THAT for “accountability”?

Here’s some more quotes. This by someone going by the nom de plume o’ “William Felt”:

William Felt, Facebook page – Oct 26, 2011
Compared to the last couple years, tonight [school] Board meeting was boring. For a change Patricia Magnuson didn’t lie, mislead, and misdirect the Board – as she didn’t attend.

Character assassination, by an anonymous poster – standard operating procedure on that Facebook page — as long as you’re ripping the proper person, of course….

Dunno if this is a real name or not, but here’s a beauty that was posted on the on-line Eden Prairie News:

« jkester wrote on Wednesday, Sep 21, 2011 at 01:39 PM » Eden Prairie News
You overpay some crazy liberal superintendant for years who develops an entitlement royalty personality, redistricts what was a nice place into some bizarre integrated social experiment, people are bailing out in droves, the superintendant packs her suitcase full of OUR TAX MONEY and leaves town. Then you sit around, look at each other and wonder, with that innocent passive aggressive Minnesota attitude “Why did this happen to me?” You get what you deserve, liberals, and if you want a social experiment, it can be FUN for you, BUT AS YOU ARE LEARNING ITS VERY EXPENSIVE…think what your beloved neighborhood will look like in 10 years …exactly..THE HOOD…

It’s too bad that guy didn’t say how he really feels….

OK, another!

ruphina Sep. 29, 1111:32 PM StarTribune
The improvements came as the schools got less integrated, by natural selection. That should suggest that segregating the schools by income level would increase results even more! But the God of Diversity demands that all “professional” education “leaders” bow down and chant the hallowed mantra of “We will balance each school, class, team, work group and play group by counting noses by skin color.” What a complete joke! Bill G.

It should be noted that when the School administration came up with the “controversial” school boundry changes, the rallying cry for those against was: “it’s NOT about race!!!”

Yeah, “right.”

Maybe that guy didn’t get the memo…

Another rallying cry is that the upcoming election isn’t about party affiliation. Some folk seem to feel differently:

dflleft Oct. 15, 11 9:59 PM Star Tribune
DFL LEFT THEORY is pretty much all this plan is; Krull is now gone and this election will do away with the plan. tip your hat to residents of EP who took back their school district. If you want to see what a DFL infested district looks like, Minneapolis and St Paul are 2 good examples; and who would want that?

And what’s the local GOP have to say, about the candidates running for election?

Disclaimer: The links above are provided for information purposes only. The Senate District 42 Republican Party has not officially endorsed any candidate or campaign.

Really? Go look for yourself.

For a comparison/contrast between the parties, good luck finding anything out about the candidates on the SD42 DFL webpage

Back to the readings!

posted by MuffyAl on Oct. 14, 10 at 8:11 AM Star Tribune
I moved there 20 years ago because of the class of people who lived there, the schools and the ammenities. The integrity of the city and the school district has gone down dramatically because of the increases in section 8 housing and open enrollment. Hey EP, how you going to get tax money out of the working poor that now flood the city?

wwallace67, Oct. 18, 10, 8:09 AM Star Tribune
Another consideration, in the minds of left wing social engineers, is to Americanize the children from a certain African nation. Disperse them to the winds, allow them to make friends with their iphone toting American counterparts. Destroy their culture.

Well, enough with the Strib, even though there was more read – AND UNREAD.

This one from the Facebook page, about the readings and before the readings were held:

Kenzie Carlson October 27 at 8:56pm Sick, just plain sick. Poking “fun” at our kids’ educational experience. Who could even THINK of doing such a thing?

Say, Kenzie? The “poking fun” was at the (alleged) adults….

I’m glad I went last night – and I wish there were more than the Baker’s Dozen that watched. If you get a chance, attend Sunday’s reading — time and place on the poster, above. I’m guessing Jeff ‘n Doug will go through some of the same, and some new ones. It’s not like there’s any shortage of unread material — like this one:

posted by mnmostlynice on Mar. 12, 11 at 8:45 PM Star Tribune
Whenever parents say it’s all about the kids…………it’s not about the kids.

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