… Today’s Example Of You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different

H/T to Eric Black at MinnPost!

Eric writes (in part):

Romney is gifted in a few of the categories. He exudes intelligence when he speaks. He is the current king of electability in the current Repub crop. But one of the keys to his electability — that he comes across as less of a right-winger than the others — is a serious problem as he seeks the nomination from a party dominated by its right wing. Romney actually currently has the currently acceptable conservative position on almost every issue. It’s just that some of those positions contradict positions he has held previously in his public career. Abortion is one of the big ones. Romney could not have been elected governor of Massachusetts if he had been an anti-abortion stalwart. And he wasn’t. And now he couldn’t hope to get the Repub nomination for prez unless he declares himself to be categorically “pro-life.” And he does. This is a potential killer problem as far as appealing to the social conservatives. And if he does get the nomination, it’s virtually an established fact that Pres. Obama will run against him as a candidate lacking core beliefs, willing to adopt whatever positions will appeal in the moment.

The YouTube in Eric’s post is from an interview Romney had with Seacoast Media Group, a Fox subsidiary. Romney is asked about his serial inconsistencies. Let’s watch Romney answer!!!

“I’ve been as consistent as human beings can be”??!?

No, “I’ve been as consistent as REPUBLICANS can be”!!!

Which, of course, is consistently INCONSISTENT.

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