Last Saturday in Iowa, a “conservative Christian” group held a “Thanksgiving Family Forum” in which 6 GOPers running for president attended. I’m guessing Mitt Romney ducked out declined to attend ’cause he figured – as a Mormon – he might not be welcomed with, shall we say, open arms? I saw the following YouTube on Crooks and Liars in a post titled “Gingrich Claims the U.S. Is ‘More Ruthless’ and ‘Tougher’ When Going to War Because We Send Our Family Members” and predicatbly, Newt got applause – let’s look!

“I think what makes us different and what makes us in some ways when we have good leadership, much more ruthless and much tougher than any other country in the world, is we don’t send soldiers and sailors and Marines and airmen to war.

We send our children. We send our fathers. We send our brothers and sisters. We send our mothers, and therefore there’s a preciousness to this decision, unlike any other country I know of. I think our position has been historic.”

So Newt “Is My Wife Well Enough To Divorce Yet?” Ginchrich – a former college history professor – thinks it’s only Americans on the battlefield that have children, fathers, brothers, sisters & mothers??!?

It should be noted that Gingrich himself, was never on a battlefield, let alone in uniform.

But this one, this one, is so typical of today’s GOPer: they just don’t care what others think:

“…and we frankly couldn’t care less what the rest of the world thinks.”

Why does serial adulterer and Chicken Hawk Newt get away with spewing that cr@p, before an alledgedly “conservative Christian” group, at an event titled “Thanksgiving Family Forum” – and get applause?

Because, as I always say: “Those that forget the lessons of history tend to vote GOP.”

Of course, another explanation is what Ronald Reagan told the adoring masses at the 1988 Republican National Convention: “Facts are stupid things.” Reagan said it, today’s GOP lives it.

And this sordid story is just anther example of You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different.

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