Zappadan commemorates the late composer/producer/musician Frank Zappa; it runs from December 4th – the day of Frank’s death in 1993 – through tomorrow, December 21st – the day of Frank’s birth in 1940. Zappadan is the blogger festival featuring all things Zappa. Frank took great delight in skewering hypocritical republiCons. Therefore, in his honor, today’s commemoration is the “Pew d’Etat” post! Recent hypocritical activities by certain members of Minnesota’s State Senate – GOPers, all of ‘em – have shown, once again, that the Party flying the “Family Values” flag believes in the sanctity of marriage (except when they don’t).

So today’s song choice, for the next to last day of Zappadan 2011, has to be “Dirty Love!” Now, Frank always had a “secret word” at his concerts, for fun and entertainment. With the sordid and scandalous behavior by drop trou GOPers at the Minnesota Senate, I picked this song cause there’s a secret word in it, too! Well, phrase, to be exact: “The poodle bites – c’mon Frenchy!” If what I’m hearing is correct, the significance of that “secret word” will become very apparent in just a pew, er, ‘scuse me, “few” days!

Which is why I added the “Pew d’Etat” to the title, there’s a new crew taking advantage and taking over the GOPer side o’ the aisle in the Minnesota State Senate! While past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, smart money is betting after their Pew d’Etate that it’ll just be SSDD….

Without any further ado – “Dirty Love!”

Frank Zappa tribute with ex-band members and many guests, recorded in November 1991 in New York City. Frank was too ill at this time, so he couldn´t attend.

Hope you enjoyed that; I’m sure Frank would be having a field day writing new songs based on the antics of Today’s GOP: Morally Bankrupt, Intellectually Dishonest, and Institutionally Corrupt.


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Where I get my Zappa music: The Electric Fetus

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