Whilst watching the tweets on #MNCaucus results, this one caught my eye:

That, Ladies and Gents, is a Tweet from the Independence Party Of Minnesota, the Party that (for now) has Major Party status.

Overwhelmingly, Democrats in Minnesota oppose the GreedOverPrinciples Party’s bigoted and hateful proposal to amend Minnesota’s Constitution by restricting the rights of our LGBT Brothers and Sisters. Specifically, they want to deny the right of our LGBT Sisters and Brothers to marry, thereby insuring Minnesota stays a state where marriage is an institution of “One Man And One Woman (at a time).”

And according to that tweet from the Independence Party, they reject Republican bigotry and hate, too.

Add into that Ron Paul’s strong showing in Minnesota last night, and it looks like Minnesota may be the very first state to reject an anti-LGBT amendment to a State Constitution!

To ensure defeat, there’s a lot of work to be done. Fortunately, Minnesotans United For ALL Families is out there working hard – I saw ‘em at my Caucus Precinct last night, and was told they were all over this great state.

Go show ‘em some love, would ya? When I pledge allegiance to the flag, it ends: “…with Liberty and Justice for all.”

Yes, “all” - which includes my LGBT Brothers and Sisters.

Yours, too.

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