Some Thoughts On GOPer Voting Fraud

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Jodi Boyne is the Public Affairs Director for the Minnesota House GOP, and she sent that tweet out just a few hours ago. On a straight party-line vote, Republicans voted to place a State Constitutional Amendment to enshrine Voter Suppression on the ballot this November.

I, of course, retweeted it – with #NotIntendedToBeAFactualStatement” preceding the “RT”!

Why? Because, Gentle Readers, the Republicans are hoping to disenfranchise as many people – students, elderly, the poor, etc etc etc – as they can. They want to put into the Great State of Minnesota’s Constitution a way to prohibit participation; something a little more subtle than the disenfranchisement they’ve been sticking to Ron Paul supporters already. And if they’ll do it to Ron Paul – ostensibly, a fellow Republican – you know dam sure they’ll do it to you.

So, what have they been doing to Ron Paul supporters? From Georgia, let’s look!

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OK, that one is a little long, but: if the GOP is doing everything they can to suppress the votes of people ostensibly within their own Party; why wouldn’t they suppress votes from people outside of their party?

And it’s not just Georgia. Just last month, in February 2012, there was a vote counting scandal in the Main Republican Straw Poll. Just the other day, Republicans actually had Ron Paul supporters arrested in Missouri for trying to follow the rules and get their people elected. And let’s not forget about the GOP’s vote counting scandal in Nevada; check out the links at the end of that story!

This kind of internal party suppression stuff isn’t new; I wrote about the 2008 Republican State Convention: “Fear And Loathing In Rochester”.

So when you have a PR Flack like Boyne pushing a Republican talking point – “Minnesotans deserve to know their votes count” – you can be dam sure that that’s NOT what it’s about.

And the scandals involving the Ron Paul 2012 Suppression are just another example of what I always say” “The Republican Party is morally bankrupt, intellectually dishonest, and institutionally corrupt.”

But hey – don’t just take it from me; remember what former RNC Chair Michael Steele said?

“You have absolutely no reason – none – to trust our words or our actions at this point.”

True then, true today, and you can bet it’ll be true tomorrow too.

This Republican Voter Surpression Amendment MUST be stopped.

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