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… Until They Quit Playing War With You”

The true cost of any war includes the care of the veterans that fought it for the next 40 to 60 years.

Go to any Veterans Administration hospital, such as the one off of Highway 55 by the airport in Minneapolis, and you’ll see this is true. You’ll see Veterans from World War II (not many, but you will), Korea, Viet Nam… you’ll see veterans from long ago conflicts. Well, and conflicts from not so long ago, too.

So while the current conflicts of Iraq and Afghanistan are costing billions and Billions and BILLIONS today, those are just today’s costs. The true costs of these wars will be incurred for years and Years and YEARS to come.

So, what is the current campaign motto of career politician Erik Paulsen, who’s voting record indicates he’s a Bachmann Clone?

“Spend Less”

And he really means that. Well, Paulsen really means: “spend less – ON OTHERS.” Not on himself; when it comes to spending taxpayer dough to promote himself, Paulsen is absolutely shameless.

So as the years go by, should Paulsen manage to keep his schtick up, Veterans can expect Paulsen to stick to his “Spend Less” motto. Hey, when it comes to Veterans, Paulsen has a record – let’s look!

Project VoteSmart links to a key vote Paulsen took, back in the day (2007) when he was a Mn State Rep: S.F. 1989 – a higher education bill that, among other things, would establish the Minnesota GI Bill program. So how did Paulsen vote on this bill, that would establish the Minnesota GI Bill? “Spend Less”.

Which means: “No.” Paulsen voted “no” to establishing the Minnesota GI Bill.

So Paulsen has a track record, and if you’re a Veteran, or have a veteran in your family, or know a veteran, or just simply care about veterans, career politician Erik Paulsen is NOT your friend — “Spend Less.”

Yeah, “right.” Paulsen’s rhetoric and actions are likely to end up with him an inductee here.

Mazar-e-Sharif. Nasiriyah. Fallujah. Al Qaim. Habbaniyah. Wanat. Dahaneh. These are some of the battles fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Those are some of the battles some Veterans will be fighting forever.

Back in the day, in a different war in a different part of the world, Stephen Stills wrote a song about those that the then career politicians ignored.

Someday, if “Spend Less” Paulsen has his way, someone will write a new song about those Veterans that career politicians like Paulsen ignored.

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen; let’s hope – and work – so that career politician Erik Paulsen is sent packing this November.

(lyrics here)

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