At the local watering hole, a guy who’s economy has been BushWhacked asked if the ol’ TwoPutter was gonna cover Willard’s #DineAndDashWithCash event at the Lafayette Club on Lake Minnetonka. These days, he commutes to work on a bicycle and wanted to catch a ride. No problemo! We met and left, arriving in the land of the one percent around 5pm; and twitter action commenced! Tweets with links to pictures, below.

I wasn’t planning on writing this up, but a blogpost, “An Evening With Mitt Romney”, by noted right winger John Hinderaker changed my mind.

I’m not going to fisk Hinderaker’s whole babbling; just a few lines. Here they are:

Rounding the corner to pull into the Lafayette Club’s parking lot, security was tight. Across the road, a pathetic, ragtag group of left-wing protesters were chanting, as usual, “We are the 99 percent.” There were conservative counter-protesters too; I couldn’t tell which group was more numerous. The largest sign said “Romney Creates Jobs.” I wanted to park my car, get out and confront the leftists, but unfortunately the security arrangements didn’t permit that. Otherwise, I would have approached some of them and taped interviews. The question I always want to ask is, “If you are the 99 percent, why are there only 11 of you?”(emphasis added)

As has been noted here on MPP before, most recently with regards to the GOP State Senate’s “Lunch Hour Lit Drop” scandal, right wingers seem to always say: “Who ya gonna believe – us, or yer lyin’ eyes?”

So let’s look at the tweets, and keep in mind what Hinderaker wrote, above!

@TwoPuttTommy KMSP TV covering protest at #Romney’s #DineAndDashWithCash event in #MN #StribPol #2012

(ok, to be fair – that may be where Hinderaker got his “only 11 of you?” line…)

@TwoPuttTommy 1st bus arriving with protestors at #Romney’s #DineAndDashWithCash event at Lafayette Club on Lake Mtka #2012 #StribPol

(clearly, there were WAY more than “only 11 of you?”…)

@TwoPuttTommy Protestors yelling “we are the 99%” at #Romney’s #DineAndDashWithCash event #2012 #Stribpol

(yep! Protestors did indeed yell that, as noted by Hinderaker…)

@TwoPuttTommy Another bus with protestors arriving at #Romney’s #DineAndDashWithCash event #2012 #StribPol

(“…only 11 of you?” Yeah, “right”)

@TwoPuttTommy Norm Coleman just arrived at #Romney’s #DineAndDashWithCash event! Think I saw McClung, too. #2012 #StribPol

(Normie, it should be remembered, is the The Court-Certified “4th Most Corrupt” Senator in Congress, which explains his popularity in today’s GOP – “Greed Over Principles” – Party)

@TwoPuttTommy And ANOTHER bus arrives with protestors at #Romney’s #DineAndDashWithCash event #1U #2012 #StribPol

@TwoPuttTommy Protestors at #Romney’s #DineAndDashWithCash event in MN have a message of him #1U #2012 #StribPol #p2

(ok, remember, above, “The largest sign said “Romney Creates Jobs.””? That’s the truth, the PARTIAL truth, and nothing BUT the partial truth. But, hey – who ya gonna believe, right winger Hinderaker, or yer lyin’ eyes??!?)

@TwoPuttTommy Workers at #Bain owned companies talking about #RomneyEconomy at Mitten’s #DineAndDashWithCash event #1U #StribPol #p2

TwoPuttTommy “what’s outrageous? #Bain Capital wages!” #Romney #DineAndDashWithCash event #1U #p2 #2012 #StribPol

@TwoPuttTommy #Romney motorcade arrives for #DineAndDashWithCash event, has to pass in front of protestors #1U #2012 #StribPol

OK, @JaviMorillo followed up that tweet; ya gotta see the picture!!!

@javimorillo Did Paul Ryan come with Mitt Romney to Minnesota? I think we just saw him drive by. #fb #stribpol Retweeted by Tommy Johnson

Had to put Javi’s tweet in here!!!

Anyway, the point of all this, is Hinderaker gives a GOPer “Point Of View” (think: “fact challenged”) on Willard’s #DineAndDashWithCash event; Willard didn’t take any time to meet with anyone that wasn’t willing to pay for that privilege. No surprise there!

And Hinderaker’s pathetic post is just today’s example of: You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different.

For the local Fox TV Station’s take on the event, link here. At the 1:06 mark? The guy I went there with, that’s been BushWhacked. And IMNSHO, he’s spot on, with his comment about Romney. Of course, he could have been referring to Hinderaker, too….

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