These days, republiCons are wailing and gnashing teeth over their belief that the media bends over backwards to push a liberal/leftist/socialist/french fry APPEASER narrative for the Democratic Party nationally, the DFL here in Minnesota, and all office holders and/or candidates with a “D” after their names. Indeed, noted local Gas Bag Of The Midway even has a blog category labeled “TC Media Bias”.

If that were true – which it is NOT – one would think that leftist local “traditional” (a/k/a, “MSM”) media would be all over a story about an incumbent Republican State Representative that owes over $140,000 in tax liens for failing to pay withholding taxes and sales/use taxes, yes?

After all, this story has been in the blogs, most notably at Left.MN (“GOP Rep. Ernie Leidiger owes over $144,000 in unpaid taxes”) and (“Do You Stand With Ernie Leidiger?”).

So, what does a just-completed google search turn up, about all the stories written by all those liberal/leftist/socialist/French Fry eatin’ APPEASER reporters, about Ernie? Let’s look!

OK, a different search (“web”) did turn up a recent commentary about Ernie in the Chanhassen paper, but: that had to do with Ernie’s boorishness, not his personal fiscal irresponsibility.

Ladies and Gentlemen, all the right wing ranting about “liberal bias” in the media can best be summed up by what I always say:

You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different.

Keep in mind, that the right wing nut job wailing and gnashing of teeth over their so-called media bias is, after all, coming from the Party Of Cooked Books and it’s apologists.

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