Last week, we reported on GOPer State Rep Kirk Stensrud’s misuse of the City of Eden Prairie’s logo (“GOP Rep Kirk Stensrud Misuses City Logo “. Now, Stensrud has been issued two “cease and desist” letters (that’s a quote from both) with regards to his recent (October 5th, 2012) campaign event, which his campaign billed as a “Senior Expo.” The first is from the City of Eden Prairie; the second is from Hennepin County. Let’s look at the first one, first!

“The City of Eden Prairie uses this mark on its letterhead and in all of its printed publications. The mark is recognized throughout the community as the mark and logo of the City of Eden Prairie. Citizens of the City and others with whom the City regularly transacts business trust that the use of the mark is authorized by the City and that the mark is an endorsement of the program or communication with which it is associated. It is therefore important for the City to protect the mark from unauthorized use. It has come to our attention that on October 5t you used the service mark in a brochure you distributed at the Senior Expo held in Eden Prairie. You did so without the City’s permission.

Your use of the City of Eden Prairie service mark constitutes infringement of the City’s legal rights. I request that in the future you cease and desist from using the City o f Eden Prairie service mark and further that you destroy all copies of the brochure that use the City’s mark. I acknowledge receipt of your October 16, 2012 email to the City Council where you state that ” [i]n retrospect this handout should not have included any logos without asking for permission.” I appreciate your coming forward with that statement. Based on your email I consider the matter resolved and that no further communication regarding this is necessary.” (emphasis added)

Pretty clear here, yes? A guy that should have known better did it anyway. What was his excuse for this? “(i)n retrospect….without asking for permission.”

Hennepin County’s letter is specific, on THAT excuse; let’s look!

“I write regarding Minnesota Representative Kirk Stensrud’s Senior Services Expo that was held on October 5, 2012. Our office has received a complaint regarding Hennepin County’s involvement in this Expo, which appears to be a campaign event that was paid for by the Friends of Kirk Stensrud campaign committee.

Our office has investigated this matter and believes that the Friends of Kirk Stensrud campaign committee improperly involved and entangled Hennepin County into this campaign event.
It is against the law for a candidate to state in written campaign material that they have the support of an individual or entity without first getting written permission. See Minn. Stat.211B.02 While the brochure does not explicitly state that Hennepin County, or any of the other entities listed, endorse or support Representative Stensrud’s campaign, the use of Hennepin County’s service mark may give some individuals that belief and at a minimum causes confusion and therefore is improper.

Third, Hennepin County participated in this Senior Services Expo because Hennepin County staff were contacted in late September and asked to participate in a Senior Services Expo “sponsored by Repreentative Sensrud.” At no time was staff informed that this was an event that was organized by Representative Stensrud’s campaign committee. Had this information been provided to Hennepin County, Hennepin County staff would not have agreed to participate in this political event.

Accordingly, I demand that if you have not done so already that you immediately stop distributing the Senior Service Expo brochure and case and desist in using the Hennepin County service mark in any campaign materials.” (empasis added)

Kirk Stensrud – another Republican; another scandal.

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