The picture to the right is Rep Tony Cornish, R=NRA, taken by Jim Ragsdale, a Capitol Reporter for the StarTribune. Yes, Cornish in addition to his usual lapel cuffs, Cornish now is a sporting new NRA tie and new bling, too: an assault weapon a loop-hole legal machine gun. That picture was taken at a Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee hearing yesterday, where the topic was (gasp!) legislation to improve public safety.

The pictures that follow are screenshots from yesterday on twitter. The first, by State Senator Roger Chamberlain, R=NRA, gives a “hint” of what this “debate” is really all about:

And if it’s *not* about “hunting” what could it possibly be?

The Gasbag Of The Midway, Mitch Berg, responds to my tweet, and makes it VERY clear what it’s all about:

Yep – Mitch says loudly and clearly that he and his ilk need their highpowered and loop-hole legal machine guns to shoot soldiers and cops *they* consider “tyrranical.”

Never one to fail to fall in line with current Right Wing Nut Job non-sense, Dave Thul jumps in:

Say, Dave? I wasn’t the one that said you need your loop-hole legal machine guns to shoot soldiers and cops your ilk tells you (remember, Dave always falls in line); YOU said that – in your own words.

Yes, Dear Gentle Readers, far too many of today’s “No New Gun Laws – PERIOD” deep thinkers (like Berg and Thul, et al; presumably, Cornish and Chamberlain, et al) are “Water The Tree Of Liberty” types, that think they need these loop-hole legal machine guns for the upcoming fight against “tyranny.”

As Thul and Berg clearly demonstrate, what they are saying is that when the day comes, they are willing and want to be ready and able to open fire with assault weapons loop-hole legal machine guns.

Think about it, for a minute – just who do these deep thinkers think will be their “tyrranical enemy” that they’re going to shoot – village dog catchers? City trash collectors? No, Gentle Readers – in their own words, they are willing and want to be able to open fire on soldiers and cops.

And if that doesn’t scare you enough….

… these “water the tree” types of GunNuts will tell you that there’s no reason – none, whatsoever – to ban the “semi-automatic” AR15 (and it’s variations).

Judge for yourself if the AR15 (and it’s variations) is really “semi-automatic”…

It’s scary enough that the crazies that shot up Columbine, Tucson, Oak Creek, Newtown, etc etc etc are out there and are getting acdess to guns.

Now we have to be worried about “water the tree” types, too. Armed, they insist, with loop-hole legal machine guns.

Not to mention, of course, meth-heads & meth dealers & meth cooks, etc etc etc figuring out that loop-hole, too.

The Thompson machine gun was banned decades ago. It’s time to ban these loop-hole legal machine guns too.

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