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(photo courtesy of Jack Tomczak, via Twitter) Last Friday night (08 Feb 2013), yours truly, the ol’ TwoPutter, was invited by Jack Tomczak & Ben Kruse to be on Late Debate to discuss guns with Andrew Rothman, who is with Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance. So I tossed on a shirt that’s guaranteed to raise the hackles and feed the paranoia of RightWingNutJobs everywhere (about that Tee Shirt, here), and headed to the studio!

I’d like to start this out by saying Jack & Ben are gracious hosts; they’ll ask the lefty that goes on the show some tough questions, but they’re always fair (well, to me and those lefty’s that I’ve heard ‘em interview). So I’ll give ‘em a shout-out; they’re doing everyone a service by putting opposing views on air, on their show. Plus, Jack and Ben can be really funny! If you have to listen to RightWingRadio, theirs is a show to listen to.

And I’d also like to say that as a person, I like Andrew Rothman – he’s a very articulate person that believes passionately in what he does. Some of which I happen to agree with; some of what I vehemently disagree with. But hey – this is America; disagreement is our tradition going way back to the days of The Founding Fathers. The point here is Andrew is someone reasonable people can (and should) like even while disagreeing with his positions.

Prior to that night’s radio gig, I’d never met Andrew. But, I’d heard him! On January 19th, GunNuts “rallied” at the Capitol in St. Paul; pictures and my comments in a Facebook Album titled “Guns Across America, St. Paul’s Circus Act”. Here’s what I said, back then, in a tweet: “Opening speaker at #GunNuts Rally: “No new #Gun Laws in #MN; gun laws don’t work” Yep – “right” out of the gate, and then repeated by speaker after speaker (including Tony Cornish, R=NRA) were “no new laws – PERIOD.”

So that’s the backdrop; yours truly, the ol’ TwoPutter, was headed to the studio — link to podcast and partial transcript follows!

You can link to the podcast here and listen along; the following transcript has to deal with finding common ground – that the idea anyone can go to a gun store, or under a tent at a gun show, and buy a machine gun is a really, Really, REALLY bad idea. Or, so I thought; starting at 7:05 into the show:

TPT: “We should actually start off, you know, and see if we can find any common ground. Now, you know, back in the 1930′s we had Al Capne and the bootleggers, yada yada yada. And in their infinite wisdom, (cross talk) let me finish, don’t start talking over me already; I know your style! We outlawed Tommy Guns. My question is: are you ok with that? Should sub-machine guns be illegal?

Rothman: No.

TPT: Alright, now we have it, folks! Now we’re getting ready to go!

Rothman: Let’s go back a little further. First we had Prohibition and it turns out that if we just prohibit something there won’t be any of it. We know this about the war on alcohol; we know this about the war on drugs. But we ended up with this huge bureaucracy of the, the uh, the Revenuers. And these folks did their very very best to win the war on alcohol. Failed miserably and creaed a huge market for crime in the process. When Prohibition was repealed, there was this whole federal bureaucracy with nothing to do. 1934 – the Gun Control Act (sic). So they had to do something about all those machine guns and all that crime which was caused by: Prohibition.

TPT: I just want to make sure all the listeners are very clear that Andrew, you just said that there should not be a prohibition on fully automatic AK-47′s, M-16′s, Thompson sub-machine guns, Uzi’s, yada yada yada. Is that really your position?

Andrew: That’s my position.

Ladies and Gents, you simply cannot make that up.

While reasonable people are trying to find reasonable solutions to curb gun violence, including banning Loop-Hole Legal Machine Guns, a leader of those opposing any – ANY – new gun law is very clear: fully automatic weapons should be readily available.

Listen to the podcast here; not only is it great radio, but you’ll gain insight into the thoughts of those that oppose any and all regulations on The 2nd Amendment, which reads:

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

* * *
I did the transcription, as best I could. Any error is inadvertent and will be corrected upon review; please suggest any such correction in the comments.
* * *

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I saw the tweet, way late last night while snowplowing:

What??!? Let’s look at that again:

“January gun death toll: 40 in Gun free Chicago. 0 in gun-toting Tampa. #stribpol”

No gun deaths in Tampa, for a whole month??!?

Having lived in Tampa, I just knew that couldn’t be true. Especially coming from The Gas Bag Of The Midway.

So I get home, and do a quick google search — Tampa murder — with the click on news. Sure enough, there it is – – first page, on google:

Tampa police dispatcher victim of apparent murder-suicide
By JOSÉ PATIÑO GIRONA | Tribune staff
Published: January 24, 2013

The sheriff’s office said Mendoza was confronted by her armed, estranged husband outside his mother’s home, 8361 Galewood Circle in Tampa.

A neighbor heard gunshots at about 9 a.m. and ran to the driveway to find Mendoza slumped over in the front seat and her husband, Pedro Mendoza, slumped over in the back seat of her Hyundai Sonata, said Cristal Bermudez Nuñez, a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s spokeswoman.

Why look any futher? First page of a google search, and Berg is already talking out of his… well, you get the idea.

So, I send this tweet the following tweet, and go to bed:

Retweeted it, around 11:00am this morning and Berg starts tap dancing! Basically whining “move along, folks – nothing to see here!” Let’s look:

Can’t make this up, folks!

And that’s the problem with people like Berg, shill for GunNuts everywhere: reasonable people have no reason to believe ‘em. Point out that they’re wrong, and they just ignore it and pretend nothing is wrong with what they’ve said.

It’s simply impossible to shame people that simply have no shame.

And it’s just another example of:
You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different

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Look closely, to the picture to the right: “legal to own and use.”

What that stock does, is change a semi-automatic weapon into what I refer to as a “loop-hole legal machine gun.”

Now, I’m not going to get into a circular argument about definitions; about what a “machine gun” & “sub-machine gun” & “automatic weapon” are and are not and other odd, assorted semantics (“it’s not called teh clip; it iz teh magazine!!”).

What I am going to point out is that sometimes, as most rational people know, technology DOES change – and technology has changed what an assault rifle is and what it now is legally capable of.

Watch the following three YouTubes – yes, it’s going to take more than just a few minutes – and then, in the comments, tell me what you think of what you just saw.

I’ve thought about this for quite a while, and here’s what I believe: any semi-automatic weapon that can be legally modified with a slide-style stock needs to be banned.

Excuse me: EVERY semi-automatic weapon that can be legally modified with a slide-style stock needs to be banned.

I know the Thompson submachine gun was banned decades ago; I believe it’s time to ban these loop-hole legal machine guns too.

This YouTube shows how to “bump fire” an AR15 without a slide stock:

This YouTube shows bump firing at the next level, with a slide stock:

This YouTube shows how easy it is, to put together the loop-hole legal machine gun:

Semantics? Could care less about ‘em. These are loop-hole legal machine guns.

Your thoughts? Comment here.

* * * Update * * *
Found this YouTube over on DailyKos….
and it’s only been viewed only 4,376,099 times….

“So you see with this thing you get some crazy rate of fire…”

This, Gentle Readers, is what the GunNuts want to keep legal.

It’s only a matter of time until AR15′s et al modified this way show up at a mall, hopefully not near you and you not in it….

….because, and make no mistake – the GunNuts think EVERYBODY has a right to have one (or more) of these, with no safety training required.

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The Natives Are Restless! Or…

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…”Money Down The Rathole!”

OK, deeply in debt, The Party Of Cooked Books sent out a tweet: “The MN DFL Chairman bragged that “never before has our party been more powerful.” Fight back! #mngop #mnleg #stribpol”. That link in that tweet? Takes folks to the MnGOP’s website (screenshot is to the right), where they’re asking folks for some dough. Except, some folks are not really happy with the MnGOP!

Here’s my favorite comment (so far), by “Larry” —

“Until the conservatives grow some balls, I will not give any more money to put down the rathole!”

Say, Larry? It’s not the lack o’ ‘nads that’s the real problem with today’s MnGOP that makes donating to it a “rathole” – it’s their Cooked Books that makes it a rathole; it’s things like this!

And, that’s just one of many the MnGOP cut to the Feds to pay for their past misdeeds.

That’s just the past; there’s mighty good reason to think that future donations from The Party Faithful will go to paying for past misdeeds yet again!

Today’s MnGOP is indeed a rathole, and it’s for the old-fashioned reason: they EARNED it.

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The picture to the right is Rep Tony Cornish, R=NRA, taken by Jim Ragsdale, a Capitol Reporter for the StarTribune. Yes, Cornish in addition to his usual lapel cuffs, Cornish now is a sporting new NRA tie and new bling, too: an assault weapon a loop-hole legal machine gun. That picture was taken at a Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee hearing yesterday, where the topic was (gasp!) legislation to improve public safety.

The pictures that follow are screenshots from yesterday on twitter. The first, by State Senator Roger Chamberlain, R=NRA, gives a “hint” of what this “debate” is really all about:

And if it’s *not* about “hunting” what could it possibly be?

The Gasbag Of The Midway, Mitch Berg, responds to my tweet, and makes it VERY clear what it’s all about:

Yep – Mitch says loudly and clearly that he and his ilk need their highpowered and loop-hole legal machine guns to shoot soldiers and cops *they* consider “tyrranical.”

Never one to fail to fall in line with current Right Wing Nut Job non-sense, Dave Thul jumps in:

Say, Dave? I wasn’t the one that said you need your loop-hole legal machine guns to shoot soldiers and cops your ilk tells you (remember, Dave always falls in line); YOU said that – in your own words.

Yes, Dear Gentle Readers, far too many of today’s “No New Gun Laws – PERIOD” deep thinkers (like Berg and Thul, et al; presumably, Cornish and Chamberlain, et al) are “Water The Tree Of Liberty” types, that think they need these loop-hole legal machine guns for the upcoming fight against “tyranny.”

As Thul and Berg clearly demonstrate, what they are saying is that when the day comes, they are willing and want to be ready and able to open fire with assault weapons loop-hole legal machine guns.

Think about it, for a minute – just who do these deep thinkers think will be their “tyrranical enemy” that they’re going to shoot – village dog catchers? City trash collectors? No, Gentle Readers – in their own words, they are willing and want to be able to open fire on soldiers and cops.

And if that doesn’t scare you enough….

… these “water the tree” types of GunNuts will tell you that there’s no reason – none, whatsoever – to ban the “semi-automatic” AR15 (and it’s variations).

Judge for yourself if the AR15 (and it’s variations) is really “semi-automatic”…

It’s scary enough that the crazies that shot up Columbine, Tucson, Oak Creek, Newtown, etc etc etc are out there and are getting acdess to guns.

Now we have to be worried about “water the tree” types, too. Armed, they insist, with loop-hole legal machine guns.

Not to mention, of course, meth-heads & meth dealers & meth cooks, etc etc etc figuring out that loop-hole, too.

The Thompson machine gun was banned decades ago. It’s time to ban these loop-hole legal machine guns too.

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“Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!”

The call went out, to far and wide (even Facebook!) for The WingNut Faithful to gather at a bar in Arden Hills (where presumably, they didn’t have to tip because Waitrons make $100,000 a year! for a special, heart-searching event: “MnGOP Panel: Where Do We Go From Here? – What went wrong in 2012, and moving forward in 2013″

And what a panel it was! “Moderated” by EXTREME right wingers Mitch Berg and Jeff Johnson, Senator Dave Thompson, Walter Hudson, Andy Parrish, Sarah Janecek, Dan “Dac” Severson, Marianne Stebbins and Mark Westphal were the main draws!

I didn’t go; watching the action on Twitter Hashtags #wdwgfh & #MnGOP13) was entertainment enough for yours truly, the ol’ TwoPutter!

And clearly, these assembled party faithful have not a clue.

Which, for a Progressive, is GREAT news! But, the best news, is the apparent formation of a “Draft Emmer” clown car – here’s the tweet that clued me in!!!


And here’s the photo in that tweet!

YES!!! That’s THE ticket!!!

Dear Tom Emmer – I hear Brad Biers is available! Of course, that might get Brad in a little hot water with his boss….

In all seriousness, I didn’t catch a tweet that got to the nub of what is wrong with today’s scandal-plagued Mn GOP; especially how you couldn’t trust the GOP then, you still can’t now, and tomorrow won’t be any different – “right”, Senator Hann?

For those that are interested in what’s REALLY wrong with today’s GOP, Hamline Professor David Schultz recently penned “The Moral Crisis of the Republican Party”. I highly recommend those reading this, read it.

Obviously, those in attendence last night hadn’t.

Here’s an example of the candidacy of Tom Emmer in 2010, and why those GOPers that are electable are not endorsable (and those GOPers endorsable are not electable) in today’s MnGOP – via YouTube:

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Monday morning, we did a post entitled Attila The Hann’s Comment On His Role In The Pew d’ Etat. Hann’s comment to the Star Tribune about the sacking of Amy Koch was, basically, “no comment.” And there’s a good reason for that, if you’re David Hann: the story he told at the infamous December 2011 Press Conference doesn’t add up (to put it nicely).

How do we know that? Because Monday afternoon, Minnesota Public Radio (“MPR”) did a story – let’s look!

If it smells like a power play…

Posted at 5:01 PM on January 28, 2013 by Bob Collins (9 Comments)
Filed under: Politics

Former Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch told WCCO Radio today she’s never watched (or listened to) the December 2011 press conference at which it was announced she’d resigned her leadership post because of an affair with a staffer.

She says she probably won’t ever watch it. That’s too bad, because looking back at it now, coupled with yesterday’s Star Tribune story, her claim that four of her male colleagues were staging a power play gains at least a fair amount of traction.
Even before Ms. Koch broke her silence with yesterday’s Star Tribune article, there was a stench around the story and timetable the Republican men — Sen. Chris Gerlach, R-Apple Valley, Sen. David Senjem, R-Rochester, Sen. Geoff Michel and Sen. David Hann, R-Eden Prairie — painted at the news conference announcing Koch’s resignation.
Compare that to what Sen. David Hann said when he was asked about the news conference announcing Koch’s resignation. “It’s a total surprise,” Hann told MPR News.

A surprise? It shouldn’t have been. Hann was one of the men who set Koch up at the Minneapolis Club.

The men insisted it was Koch who brought up the idea of resigning. But in her interview with the Star Tribune, that’s not how she remembers it:
(read rest of the story, here)

We know that at that infamous Gang Of Four (Hann, Michel, Gerlach & Senjem) Press Conference in December 2011, Michel clearly smiled at the cameras and proceeded to lie through his teeth.

Now Hann’s role in The Pew d’ Etat – the sacking of Amy Koch and Michael Brodkorb – is becoming clearer, and it sure looks like Hann smiled at the cameras and pulled a Michel.

GOP State Senator David Hann – the GOP’s Minority Leader in the State Senate – is rapidly becoming Minnesota’s most ethically-challenged politician.

Which, as stated in Monday’s post, should make Attila The Hann a shoo-in for the ethically-challenged MnGOP’s endorsement to run for governor in 2014….

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“No comment.” Well, to be completely accurate, here’s what it says in the Star Tribune story “Amy Koch: Affair gave GOP foes an opportunity; Ex-Senate leader accuses some of her most trusted allies of back-stabbing, lies.”: “Hann declined to comment for the story,…”.

Now, to me, The Sacking Of Amy Koch – a/k/a, “The Pew d’ Etat” – is NOT a scandal about sex, as salacious as sex is. This scandal is about a political power play – The Sacking Of Amy Koch (well, and Michael Brodkorb, too). And the real scandal is the brazen lying, which Koch talks about in the story. And we know there was lying going on; one member of the infamous Gang Of Four – then-GOP State Senator Geoff Michel(Attila David Hann, Chris Gerlach, and Dave Senjem being the other three) – lied to reporters at the December 2011 Press Conference talked about in the Star Tribune story liked to, above. And we know Michel lied; he later admitted it – basically saying “I only lied because I had to.”

So we know that at least one member of The Gang Of Four is an admitted liar. So we know that when Amy Koch alleges there’s some lyin’ goin’ on, well, we already knew that. And we also knew that David Hann, the now-GOP State Senate Minority Leader, was deeply involved involved with this sordid affair of calling the Press to attend a Press Conference where this Gang Of Four might tell some of the truth, but certainly some stuff that wasn’t the truth.

And Hann won’t comment.

Amy Koch has now commented; as has Michael Brodkorb previously.

Since December 2011, David Hann has been deeply involved in this Pew d’ Etat scandal, the infamous Lunch Hour Lit Drop scandal, and his personal conflict of interest scandal.

Which, of course, should make him a shoo-in for the ethically-challenged MnGOP’s endorsement to run for governor in 2014….

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RIP, Karl Bremer

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RIP, Karl. You will be missed.

Avidor writes here: Dump Michele Bachmann: Karl Bremer 1952 – 2013

Today is the end of Zappadan 2012; it’s Frank’s birthday. Well, and the end of the world too, if ya bought into that Mayan Calendar cr@p. So I figured “Inca Roads” would be a good way to end this year’s #Zappadan2012 series.

And rather than reinvent the wheel, I also figured I’d just repost a #Zappadan2011 post featuring “Inca Roads” – here it is!

Zappadan 2011, Day 6
by: TwoPuttTommy
Fri Dec 09, 2011 at 00:24:00 AM CST

I wanted to start this post out with a video of Frank playing “Inca Roads” – and I searched and I searched and I searched. And what I found was a tasty – TASTY! – version of a guitarist that played for Frank, Mike Keneally. And it’s awesome in more than one way; in this version, there’s just Mike and bassist Bryan Beller – let’s watch!!!

Back in 1991, when Frank was sick and everyone knew his touring days were over, there were two special shows performed and recorded – film, too! – at The Ritz in New York on November 7 and 8, 1991. Frank picked the songs and arrangements – Mike Keneally was the guitarist. The film was used for a PBS documentary; the CD was called “Zappa’s Universe” and it’s great. “Inca Roads” evolved over the years while Frank toured; as most songs did – arrangements depended on who Frank hired for the band. The “Zappa’s Universe” version is one of my favorites, even though it’s Keneally playing and not Frank. I couldn’t find a TouTube of it, or another rocker off that CD, “Hungry Freaks, Daddy.” It’s a great CD, and one every fan of Franks should own.

1988 was a monster year for Frank; he put out the single CD “Broadway The Hardway” – with a guest appearance by Sting and a few not-so-subtle jabs at Jimmy Swaggart – and two double CD’s – “The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life” and “Make A Jazz Noise Here.” All three CD’s are live recordings. It was an incredible band; they played stuff from a reggae version of Johnny Cash’s “Ring Of Fire” to Ravel’s “Bolero” to “Stairway To Heaven.” Here’s Frank’s composition, “Black Napkins.”

Mention “Frank Zappa” to most people, and if they recognize the name they’re more than likely to make a “yellow snow” comment, or some comment on lyrics. Frank more than once said his music didn’t need lyrics, except for one reason: had to have ‘em to sell records. Well, to rip politicians he didn’t like, too. But to his hardcore fans, many of the best songs are instrumentals. If you liked “Black Napkins” go down below and click on the “Watermellon In Easter Hay” link -same band, same venue!

Frank’s son Dweezil has been touring and playing Frank’s music for the past few years; he’s wrapping up a tour in England now and Dweezil’s website says he’s starting to line up the 2012 tour by inking some February shows in California. I’ve been lucky to see Dweezil play here in Minneapolis 3 times; the inaugural “Tour De Frank” at the Orpheum, at First Avenue, and again at the Orpheum. Where ever you are, if Dweezil is playing anywhere near – go see him! More Dweezil, later.

* * *

Previous posts referencing Frank are now in one convenient location, here – the new Zappadan page.