Ask any political pro what’s the most important thing in winning votes and they’re more than likely to tell you it’s conversations with voters.

In CD-3, that’s exactly what’s happening. Today the Amy Klobuchar, Brian Barnes, and Denise Bader campaigns joined together and knocked on over 600 doors in Mound. Today, the Brian Barnes and Denise Bader campaigns called over 800 voters on the phone.

This is the kind of cooperation and team work that wins in November. Nothing beats boots on the ground.

To help with Senator Amy Klobuchar’s campaign, link here. To help Brian Barnes knock off a guy that loves to spend your money on himself, link here. To help send Denise Bader to the State House for 33-B, link here. To find the folks in your local DFL Party, link here.

“We all do better when we all do better.” Wellstone said it because it’s true. It’s also true we all do better when we all work together. Today the Klobuchar, Barnes, and Bader campaigns are showing what that means. Get involved, and make a difference – you’ll be glad you did!

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