When Erik Paulsen first ran for Congress back in 2008, in his campaign announcement speech he said, and I quote: “Quite frankly, today, Congress as an institution, is broken and if elected I intend to help fix it.” (link to full announcement speech below)

So what did Paulsen do, once elected? Join the GOP Caucus Leadership Team. Well, “get selected” is actually more accurate. Here’s the complete MinnPost story, when Paulsen’s selection to the Congressional GOP Leadership Team occurred – and when you look at the date of the story, remember that Paulsen had only been elected few short months before:

Paulsen joins Republican Whip Team
By Cynthia Dizikes 01/23/09

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Freshman Rep. Erik Paulsen today was named to the Republican leadership team. House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) selected the Minnesota Republican to serve on the Republican Whip Team, an uncommon assignment for a first-year member of Congress.

Paulsen said he was “honored” to be a part of the team.

“Our country faces many challenges,” Paulsen said in a statement. “And I look forward to helping develop constructive solutions for the people of the Third District.”

As a deputy, Paulsen will help Cantor manage the legislative program on the House floor.
(emphasis added)(MinnPost.com)

OK, two points: 1) I normally don’t re-post other people’s work complete and verbatim (to wit: above); but that one is so short, how not to? and 2) Between November 4th, 2008 (Election Day) and January 23, 2009 (day of story, above), GOP “Leadership” in Washington, D.C. had seen enough of Erik Paulsen to know that he was one of theirs.

Let’s repeat that last line from that January 2009 story, shall we?

As a deputy, Paulsen will help Cantor manage the legislative program on the House floor.

And what a “legislative program” they’ve had! For instance, knowing full well that repeal President Obama’s Health Care Reform didn’t stand a chance in the Senate (let alone survive Obama’s veto pen), the “leadership” Paulsen belongs to has voted to repeal said law slightly less times than Doan’s has pills.

Even more offensive for women, or those married to women, or those who have friends that are women, or those that have daughters, mothers, grandmothers, etc is Paulsen’s “manage(ment of) the legislative program on the House floor” – as pertains to H.R. 3, which Paulsen voted for and passed. H.R. 3 is in the news these days because of the ignorant and offensive remarks of Paulsen’s fellow GOP Representative Todd Akin of Missouri, who recently claimed that, more or less, some forms of rape were “legitimate rape” (and therefore, a raped woman would have no need to rid herself from a rapist’s impregnation).

So, as a “leader” of the House GOP in Congress, that’s Paulsen’s deal. Unless, of course, he wants to NOW walk away from a leadership position he was picked for in January, 2009, and a vote he helped pass in May, 2011?

This is just the tip of the iceberg, Ladies and Gents: Paulsen, as a “Leader” in the Congress (that has, as of today, a 13.8% approval rating), has responsibility for each and every vote that has passed the House Of Representatives in Congress since John Boehner took over as speaker in January, 2011.

For instance, Paulsen’s tied to Paul Ryan at the top of the ticket, who wants to turn Medicare into “Coupon Care”. If that’s not changing “medicare as we know it” – what is??!?

The bottom line – Erik Paulsen, as a “leader” in today’s GOP-controlled House of Representatives, IS today’s GOP House of Representatives.

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(OK, Strate wrote the post – and directed the YouTube! But hey – I’m in it, so I’m posting it, too!)

by: JeffStrate
Mon Mar 26, 2012 at 13:39:39 PM CDT

DFL Senate District 48, March 24th Convention video with the Junk Yard Democrats watching and reacting to Right Wing World Television. Plus DFL SD 48′s Senate and House endorsements. Eden Prairie and Minnetonka rock!

(direct link to YouTube)

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H/T to Crooks And Liars! Their transcript, below.

“A sizable number of GOP primary voters are questioning President Obama’s faith and citizenship,” Stephanopoulos noted. “Can you state very clearly that President Obama is a Christian and he is a citizen of the United States?”

“Well, that isn’t for me to state. That’s for the president to state,” Bachmann said.

“Do you believe it?” Stephanopoulos pressed.

The Minnesota congresswoman continued to dodge the question.

“When the president makes his statements, I think they need to stand for their own,” she said.

“You can’t just sit there and declare the president’s a citizen and he is a Christian?” the ABC host asked again.

“You know, what I focus on today, George, is today is the two-year anniversary of the stimulus program, where we spent $1 trillion to make sure that unemployment wouldn’t go above 8 percent,” she replied.

Bachmann MotorMouth Overdrive; you can’t make it up!

Again, H/T to the fine folk at CrooksAndLiars.com.

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…and once elected, they prove it.

Do poor people cheat? Of course – just look at Denny Hecker, Tom Petters, Frank Vennes – the last two, noted pals of Michele Bachmann (well, Norm “Smokescreen” Coleman, too). People on welfare? Not so much pals of Bachmann (nor Norm), but yes, some of them have been known to cheat. And the State has been diligent in finding ways to prevent cheating, such as going from actual paper “stamps” in the “food stamp” program to using plastic “debit cards” – EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) Cards. Diligent as the State is, cheaters are equally diligent in finding ways to beat the system – which is why, for instance, that years ago the State quit allowing cash deductions from EBT cards at casinos.

I bring this up, because I saw this tweet:

It has to do with this map, that the GOPers hauled out at the State House yesterday:

That map shows that of almost $500,000,000 in assistance, about $10,000,000 was spent outside of Minnesota – with about half of that in neighboring states.

That map allegedly “supports” a bill introduced yesterday by Kurt Daudt, GOP=GreedOverPrinciples that is, in essence a solution in search of a problem. In other words, a waste of time. GOPers want to pass a law that money in an EBT account can only be spent in Minnesota – even though Federal Law says, for instance, that Food Stamp money, even in an EBT account, can be spent anywhere.

Tentherism” ring a bell, here?

The amount of money that could – and should – be tightened up out of that $10 million is only about $3 million, according to federal law. My point is that the time to take time and tighten that $3 million up, is AFTER the GOP has put their budget plan forward AND put their plan to put Minnesotans back to work.

It’s about priorities – and so far this session, the GOP priorities have been anything but putting a budget plan forward and planning to put Minnesotans back to work.

We are staring at a budget deficit of about $6 Billion, and these GOPer Tenthers are wasting time with a $3 million stunt like they did yesterday. But hey, why work on the big problems, when you can trot out the ol’ “welfare cadillac” canard?

Which is why I have to say, once again: Republicans run on the platform “Government doesn’t work!” – and once elected, they prove it.

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According to Professor Harry G. Frankfurt, liars lie deliberately; BSers simply don’t care. Professor Frankfurt wrote a book on this; it’s called “On Bullsh*t.” There’s a great discussion of this going in a post entitled “On (CowPuckey)” over at Barataria; Erik Hare starts out by asking:

Is it really a lie when the person making an outrageous statement doesn’t actually care if it’s the truth or not?

Simply not caring explains Michele Bachmann, a Finalist for Politifact.com’s 2009 Lie Of The Year. In fact, Politifact.com has examined 9 – NINE – statements from Bacnmann, and found all – ALL – of them “False” (four of those claims were actually rated “Pants On Fire” – as in “Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire”).

Bachmann still doesn’t care; just last month, as noted here, Bachmann went on a Sunday TV show and said some (stuff) that prompted a Pat Kessler “Reality Check”.

As noted:

And in Kessler’s “Reality Check” – on Bachmann’s outrageous fabrications concerning the economy – Kessler found Bachmann’s claims, and I quote: “That’s factually WRONG” and “This is FALSE” and “This starts with a kernel of truth, but is OUT OF CONTEXT” and “This is NOT TRUE.” (emphasis NOT added) (MnProgressiveProject.com)

So, what did Bachmann do, after getting Reality Checked by Pat Kessler? Went on stage at a GOPer rally with Sarah Palin, and repeated that same (stuff) Pat Kessler had found to be: “WRONG”, “FALSE”, “OUT OF CONTEXT”, and “NOT TRUE”.

That’s what BSers do, because they simply don’t care if something is true or not – they only care that the listener (in Bachmann’s case, “voter”) thinks it’s true.

Erik Hare will be joing The Big E and yours truly, the ol’ TwoPutter, this Saturday (May 15th) as I Guest Host “Radio Cafe with Cathy Hauser” from 2:00 to 3:00 pm on AM950 – KTNF. We’ll be talking about Professor Frankfurt’s book (“On Bullsh*t”), Erik’s post over at Barataria, this post (and any subsequent comments!), the media’s role in propagating/covering BS, and how BS seems to be the modus operandi of today’s Republican Party.

There’s a video interview of Professor Frankfurt discussing his book below the fold, plus an added bonus – a link to Jon Stewart interviewing Professor Frankfurt on “The Daily Show”!

Professor Frankfurt’s Book, “On Bullsh*t”, is available locally through Common Good Books in St. Paul; if you can’t make it in to the shop, you can order on line and they’ll ship.

A little bit about Emeritus Professor Harry G. Frankfurt of Princeton University, from Wikipedia:

On Bullshit is an essay by philosopher Harry Frankfurt. Originally published in the journal Raritan in 1986, the essay was republished as a separate volume in 2005 and became a nonfiction bestseller, spending twenty-seven weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list.[1]

In the essay, Frankfurt defines a theory of bullshit, defining the concept and analyzing its applications. In particular, Frankfurt distinguishes bullshitting from lying: while the liar deliberately makes false claims, the bullshitter is simply uninterested in the truth. Bullshitters aim primarily to impress and persuade their audiences. While liars need to know the truth to better conceal it, bullshitters, interested solely in advancing their own agendas, have no use for the truth. Thus, Frankfurt claims, “…bullshit is a greater enemy of the truth than lies are,” (Frankfurt 61).

This work laid the foundation for Frankfurt’s 2006 follow-up book, On Truth.

For a more entertaining, less scholarly interview of Professor Frankfurt, here’s the link to The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart!

The Daily Show – Professor Frankfurt

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There’s A Race, In The Sixth!

On March 9, 2008, in MN-06, by tommy

I had a funny feeling the race in CD3 was about over, so I thought I’d go up to Stillwater to see if they still had a race. And do they ever have a race! But before I did that, I wanted to see how the local GOPers were spending their time.

Fittingly, the SD42 Republicans were meeting at a church for their convention. I say this for two reasons: Grace Church is exceedingly fundamentalist, as are the Eden Prairie Republicans; and the Eden Prairie Republicans are going to need all the help they can get for Erik Paulsen in that quest for Congress. If GOPers can get endorsements from preachers that call on The Good Lord to have a hurricane smote New Orleans, who knows? Maybe they can one to get amnesia inflicted on CD-3 voters, thereby paving the way for The Hustler to avoid his record!

Last week, southern Minnetonka and Eden Prairie DFLers packed a high school cafeteria with party activists, well over 500 delegates strong. This week, the same area’s GOPers only needed a conference room at a church for their party’s faithful. OK, sure – it was kind of a large conference room, as far as conference rooms go, but while DFLers were filling “tables” as in “plural” to seat a precinct’s delegates, the GOPers were using a table – as in singular – to seat a precinct’s delegates – and not a big table at that.

I didn’t stay long; GOPer talking points defy credibility. Suffice it to say, if you want to read what the GOPer speakers were saying, just go to Minnesota Democrats Exposed to read the rhetoric the GOPers were parroting. The sad thing is, these GOPers still think reasonable people will believe it. What once was a proud party is now in the hands of extremists – extremists that helps keep the good folks at Snopes.Com in the business of debunking smears.

Stillwater beckoned – SD 52 and 56 were meeting less than a mile apart. And if these two Senate Districts are any indication, there is a real race for the privilege of taking out Michelle Bachmann. Team Franken has a solid lock on delegates, taking 10 delegates to JNP’s 3 with Cerisi being shutout. In 52, Franken took 10 to JNP’s 4 to Cerisi’s 1.

The House race is where it gets interesting. The only debate between El Tinklenberg and Bob Olson was way back in October, at St. Cloud State. For some reason, it seems Team Tinklenberg can’t find the time to debate. Why? Conventional wisdom dictated Tink had his delegates locked up; so why debate? Get the delegates locked, get through the SD conventions, take the endorsement at the CD Convention, and who remembers you wouldn’t debate the issues before?

Except, if 52 and 56 are any indication, Tinklenberg hardly has his delegates lined up, and the undecideds are getting more reasons to question Tink, then they are to vote for him. Olson’s speeches garnered a lot more applause than Tink’s.

I simply couldn’t believe that Tinklenberg, in his speeches, claimed, in essence, “all Minnesota’s DFL congressmen have endorsed me.” Betty? Sure. Oberstar? Of course! But Walz? Quite frankly, I didn’t think Congressman Walz had endorsed, so I called Mankato. Nope! was the answer; no endorsement. If I knew anyone in Peterson’s Office, I’d have called there, too. On this, and on a number of issues, Tink has some explaining to do. Too bad Tink won’t debate, so all could hear.

Quite frankly, Tinklenberg’s Pro-Life, yada yada yada conservative position didn’t fare well with a lot of the delegates. At both 52 and 56 there were subcacuses named “Franken – Olson – Women’s Issues” and they both took two delegates.

At 56, Tinklenberg took two delegates with his “Tinklenberg Kiss Bachmann Goodbye!” subcacuses, and one more with a “Tinklenberg – Labor” subcaucus.

Of 17 delegates, I have 56 down as 3 Tink, 2 Olson, 12 uncommitted – but I think Olson may have 4 more.

At 52, Tink took 2 delegates with a “Tinklenberg – Uncommitted” subcaucus, 1 with a “Franken – Tink” subcaucus – and possibly 4 more out of a Franken – Obama subcaucus; quite frankly I’m not sure but this probably will be scored 7 to 2, Tink over Olson. Even with that, it was quite surprising Tinklenberg didn’t have a tighter grip on the delegates and there’s still a race in the 6th.

With the 3rd all but over, with Madia’s Marauders performance today, the congressional race in the 6th should now be getting attention. I’ll be at conventions in the 6th next week, and will be talking more about this race.

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