On last Tuesday, I called the MN GOP to get Media Credentials for their State Convention; the nice person that answered the phone told me to talk to Mark Drake and gave me Mark’s email and patched me through to Mark’s voicemail. So, I left a message and sent an email. Didn’t hear back. So I called and emailed again yesterday – and didn’t hear back. So I emailed and called again today – and haven’t heard back.

So, will the GOPers give the ol’ TwoPutter media credentials?

Well, if The UpTake is any indication, don’t bet on it!

Take a look at what The UpTake.org posted earlier today:

Here’s The UpTake’s post, today, about that video:

Back in 2008 when he was a blogger, Michael Brodkorb told The UpTake how pleased he was that the DFL was giving him access and said that GOP conventions should give all bloggers and members of the opposition parties access.

Brodkorb told The UpTake in 2008 “I do believe, and I’ve said this before on my blog that I do believe that conventions should be open to the opposition and political parties. I think Republicans should let Democrat bloggers in and vice versa. From an openness standpoint that’s important to do”

But now that Brodkorb is GOP State Deputy Chair, his party has taken just the opposite stance. DFL officials report that they are being refused admission to the GOP party convention scheduled to begin tomorrow in Minneapolis. GOP Communications Director Mark Drake has even refused press credentials to The UpTake calling the non-partisan nonprofit that has streamed debates, thousands of hours of the legislature and every moment of the Norm Coleman/Al Franken Election Contest trial a “partisan DFL organization”.

DFL Communications Director Kristen Sosanie says all media that requested credentials for last week’s DFL convention in Duluth were given them. That includes the FOX News Network. However FOX News was asked to share video with one of the local TV stations instead of setting up its own camera and then decided not to attend the convention. She says “We did not turn anyone away and in fact did everything we could to accommodate even those TV and print journalists who did not RSVP but showed up the day of the convention.”

Sosanie points out that the DFL allowed Brodkorb and Drake to attend the DFL convention, a courtesy the DFL has offered to other Republicans in the past. But the DFL has not had equal treatment in return.

“They have said repeatedly that DFL staff will not be allowed into the GOP convention, and they kicked every one of our staff or volunteers out of all the local unit conventions as well. So it’s not just media they are keeping out, which leads to the question: what are they hiding?”

The UpTake will be covering the convention the best we can considering the circumstances. (UpTake.org)

I’ll be at the GOP Convention today; whether or not the GOP offers me media credentials remains to be seen.

Stay tuned!!!

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It seems that ol’ Smokescreen’s Landlord, the Chair of the GOPer National Convention, STILL has property tax problems. I just checked in with the W.D.C. property tax people, and Larson is still delinquent on property taxes for the place ol’ Smokescreen (allegedly) stays . I called, because here’s what the W.D.C. website has to say:

Property Detail – 0140 NORTH CAROLINA AV SE
SSL:0734 0085

Below is the most current billing information for the Real Property Tax on this property.

Current Balance $927.09

*The outstanding amounts displayed here reflect payments and credits which have been applied to this account as well as some Homestead Audit charges (emphasis added); however, the balance due may not include updated penalty and interest.
*For billing information contact OTR Customer Service at (202) 727-4TAX. (TaxpayerServiceCenter)

Well, well, well. The Chair of the RNC Host Committee, owing property taxes, because he in-fact was claiming a Homestead Exemption for his rental property that he was not entitled to.

And even though he knows about the problem, Jeff “Landlord” Larson doesn’t know enough that he ought to PAY HIS TAXES, and pronto.

Then again, republiCons are shameless, and Jeff “Landlord” Larson is simply proving again that:

“Hypocrisy, Thy Party Is GOP”

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