Ladies and Gentlemen, yours truly – the ol’ TwoPutter – is hosting tonight’s “Nancy Nelson Show” on AM-950 KTNF, The Progressive Talk Station! The show runs from 5:00 to 6pm. So, tune in your radio today to AM-950, or listen live on your computer, here.

I’ll be talking about, and asking listeners to call in about, particularly egregious examples of Republicans behaving badly during this election cycle. In particular, I’ll be singling out Republican State Representative Mary Kiffmeyer.

Here’s the artwork that once adorned a wall at Kiffmeyer’s failed bank; I call it “Jesus At The Closing Table”:

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I’ll also be joined by Spot from The Cucking Stool to talk about his video series “Standing on the Brink of Insurrection and Treason.” You thought GOPers were crazy? Wait’ll you here Spot discussing “Tenther” Tom Emmer’s thoughts!!!

We’ll also play “False Or False Witness!” where one lucky caller will have to correctly identify if a quote I read was actually uttered by Michele Bachmann (answer “False Witness!”) or if yours truly, the ol’ TwoPutter, simply made it up (answer “false”). The fabulous prize awarded, courtesy of show sponsor Common Good Books, is one copy of Bill Prendergast’s exceptional comic book: False Witness! The Michele Bachmann Story (Volume 3)!

So, again, tune in the radio today to AM-950, or listen live on your computer, here.

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Well, ok – I missed it last Tuesday, but: I caught it on CrooksAndLiars today!

The title? “Sarah Palin!” on This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow, July 14th, 2009

Wait’ll ya get a load o’ the last panel….

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