As noted by fellow MPP Blogger The Big E (Justice Page Got It Right), all four Pawlenty Appointees ruled as the majority today on lawsuits concerning Constitutional Amendments on November’s ballot. For this discussion, I’m going to focus on the decision regarding the ballot names for the amendments, and then discuss the Voter Suppression Amendment. Joining Justice Page in dissent on ballot names was Justice Paul Anderson (not to be confused with Pawlenty’s republican pick, G. Gordon “Barry” Anderson). Both of their dissents were blistering; I prefer Justice Paul Anderson’s – read them both here.

Be that as it may, the Pawlenty Appointees held court. So, now what? There’s only three things that can be done to limit the damage the GOP’s Voter Suppression Amendment will do, and I’ll count them down: 3) Take back the State House and the State Senate. The rules on how the Amendment are still to be written; the GOP basically said, to all of the objections: “Trust us.” Yeah, “right.” Trust the GOP, which as a party is so financially incompetent they can’t pay their rent??!? And that’s just for starters. Always remember this: You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different 2) Get rid of one of the four Pawlenty Appointees by voting for Dean Barkley, who is running against G. Gordon “Barry” Anderson. 1) Beat the damned Amendment in November.

For several reasons why this Voter Suppression Amendment is so noxious, here’s a recent interview of State Representative Steve Simon:

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Ladies and Gentlemen, yours truly – the ol’ TwoPutter – is Guest Hosting tonight’s Wednesday Edition of “Minnesota Matters” on AM-950 KTNF, The Voice of Minnesota! And we’re going to have two very special guests in studio – Toni Backdahl, the State Coordinator for the Minnesota Tea Party Patriots, and LTC(Ret.) Joe Repya, who recently suspended his bid for Governor under the Independence Party banner.

It should be a fascinating conversation, and I’m sure one of the subjects discussed will be Former Senator Dean Barkley’s invitation for the Tea Party to take over the IP Party.

The Listener Call-In Number is 952-946-6205, or, if you have a question you’d like me to ask of either Ms. Backdahl or Colonel Repya, submit it below in the comments section!

So, again, tune in the radio today to AM-950, or listen live on your computer, here.

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