On October 16th, I asked several fellow veterans about a comment the Republican Candidate for Governor in Minnesota – Tom Emmer – said to the Marshall Independent newspaper on 9/26/09. That quote by Emmer – “I don’t believe you can be a freedom-loving American and be a Democrat” was not widely reported in the allegedly “liberal” mainstream media.

This video documents a few Veterans responses to Emmer saying, essentially, that Democrats, even military veterans, can’t be real patriots.

I’d like to remind everyone that on 07 April 1775, Samuel Johnson said that “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

On 26 September 2009, Republican Candidate for Governor Tom Emmer demonstrated that he indeed is a scoundrel.

I paid for this with my dime. It’s not not approved by any candidate nor is any candidate responsible for it. It’s my deal and my deal only. Let’s look!

(YouTube direct link here)

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Whether the story broke here on MPP or over at The UpTake.org, clearly videographer Bill Sorem’s YouTube of Randi Reitan’s personal boycott of Target Corp has gone viral. Personally, it seems to me that it was Mike’s Blog Roundup that lit the firestorm:

MN Progressive Project: A Minnesota grandmother cut up her Target Card to protest Target giving $150,000 to RightWingNut candidate for governor Tom “I don’t believe you can be a freedom-loving American and be a Democrat” Emmer.

Traffic was heavy here all day while more and More and MORE places picked up the story and linked to the YouTube (many embedded it); at last check the YouTube has been viewed 59,089 times. The story has gone far beyond local, like the and been picked up all over; from ABCNews.com and CBSNews.com.

Some bloggers (such as LavenderLiberal) noted – and listed – those corporations donating to Emmer-backing MN Forward. Another interesting read is San Francisco Weekly’s take, which noted:

So, what about San Francisco? Are we still excited about the prospect of having access to discount prices, low-wage jobs, and tax revenue in light of what we are learning about Target? The development of this story is like licking the outside of a Tootsie pop and getting to the middle only to discover a turd has taken the place of the delicious chocolate.

To be sure, this is not a new phenomenon and it’s also one that we can get used to hearing more of now that the U.S. Supreme Court has opened the floodgates to even more corporate involvement in politics.

But that doesn’t mean we have to accept every chancre-ridden Trojan horse that pulls up to the gates of our city promising to bring us bargains and jobs and tax dollars. This story is about more than whether or not politicians (or a CEO) supports same-sex marriage. This is about associations much worse than simple bible thumpers.

The leader of the You Can Run ministry, Bradlee Dean, applauds the execution of gays. The group is closely associated with the Minnesota Republican Party and has attracted the support of the Party’s candidate for governor. These people aren’t just political hacks being provocative — they are spewing some rabid, hate-filled rhetoric that has consequences for LGBT people; not just at the ballot box but also on the street.

Target gave money to a PAC that ran ads for the supremacist politician who keeps company with a right-wing fringe group; a group whose rhetoric is more KKK than it is Carrie Nation. Two days ago Target defended its contribution.
(San Francisco Weekly)

OK, listings of “who gave” and a weekly that notes ties to the Minnesota state GOP….


Who is missing from that list of donors?

FEC Tony’s tacoteria!!!

So, why did Target pony up $150,000, but Tony Sutton’s Baja Sol didn’t?

Not sure.

One guess is “leadership” – or, more specifically, lack thereof.

Was FEC Tony waiting to see if there was any carnage before he put his money where his mouth is?

IMNSHO, yep.

After all, ChickenHawks are virtually all republiCons, and if anyone is a republiCon, it’s FEC Tony.

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A Strib Front Page Story

On May 3, 2010, in Candidates, Media, rightwingnuts, by tommy

It’s no secret to people closely following politics that the extreme right wing GOPer named Tom Emmer was quoted in the Marshall Independent newspaper on September 26th, 2009 as saying:

“I don’t think you can call yourself a freedom-loving American and be a Democrat.”

That quote, by Emmer, was used against him by supporters of his opponent for the endorsement for Governor in The Small Tent Party, Marty Seifert. Seifert, it should be noted, was nominated at the Convention by former GOP Chair Bill Cooper, who called Seifert a “radical conservative” – so, calling Emmer “extreme right wing GOPer” is something the Delegates were looking for, and Emmer fits that bill.

Last Saturday’s Strib ran a front page story about the endorsement of Emmer, at the Convention. When I read this:

Emmer, who had to confirm his conservative credentials again and again to win endorsement, said he could easily appeal to Democrats and independents in a general election.

“We are going to get to know Minnesota, we’re going to let Minnesota get to know us better,” he said. “We are going to talk about values we believe are important for the state, and that’s smaller government, individual liberty and economic freedom. And we will win.” (Strib.com)

I paged back to the front page, to see who wrote that. Because, how does Emmer tell that to a reporter, when said reporter should dam-well know about:

“I don’t think you can call yourself a freedom-loving American and be a Democrat.” — Tom Emmer, 9-26-09 (MarshallIndependent.com)

When Emmer said he could “easily appeal to Democrats and independents ” – that reporter should have immediately followed up with that quote, and asked how Emmer could square “easily appeal” to voters a few months earlier Emmer dam-near called traitors.

Emails to the reporter, and a Twitter DM, were not returned.

Over at The Cucking Stool, Spotty has a piece on how Emmer can “easily appeal to Democrats and independents” — Emmer stabs those that endorsed him in the back.

At the Strib, not challenging Emmer with such a divisive comment, is stabbing readers in the back.

I often say that the reason politicians – and especially politicians in the GreedOverPrinciples Party – lie to reporters, is because they can.

Emmer, with his “easily appeal” comment, got away with that one.

Because it’s not going to be easy getting votes from people Emmer thinks don’t love freedom (i.e., Democrats) – unless, of course, they don’t know about what Emmer said.

Sure, Emmer’s quote was buried elsewhere in the paper – but it wasn’t in the story that started on the front page.

It should have been.

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Dusty Trice got the scoop! Here’s what Dusty has to say about his video, as posted on YouTube:

EXCLUSIVE: Ron Paul explains why the MN GOP suddenly needs his help: “They Want My Money.”

The MN GOP blocked Ron Paul from speaking at their 2008 convention in Rochester, MN. But on Sept. 25, 2009 the MN GOP sponsored an appearance by Dr. Paul at Northrup Auditorium in what was billed as a joint town hall with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

What’s behind the MN GOP’s sudden change of heart? According to Ron Paul, “They want my money. They want to get a little bit of influence from our supporters, too.”

I think this says a lot about Ron Paul, who’s been a consistent voice for what he believes in, so much so that he was willing to forget the past troubles with the MN GOP.

I also thinks this speaks volumes about the MN GOP. Their leadership realizes that they have alienated roughly 15% of their party. Now they realize that Michele Bachmann is actually in trouble and the only way to save her is to turn to the person they publicly shunned and beg for his money and help.

The MN GOP is exploiting Ron Paul because they are terrified without his support they will lose and lose big.

On a side note, I’d like to thank Congressman Paul for taking moment to speak with me. (DustyTrice)

Let’s watch!!!

I’ll have my own thoughts about Dusty’s breaking story later, for now, link here for Mary Lahammer’s May 30th, 2008 report from the 2008 MnGOP State Convention – the footage of the floor scuffle between a Ron Paul supporter and a McCain suporter is “must see TV” – great job by Mary Lahammer and the Twin Cities Public Television team!!!

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She Won Big – And How!

On November 6, 2008, in Maria Ruud, by tommy

State Rep. Maria Ruud, D-42A, won her third election on Tuesday. On her first, she scored a huge upset by knocking off the Republican incumbent by a mere 239 votes. In 2006, Maria defended her seat, and her victory margin jumped to 1,732 – 10 points. This year, she won by 3,650 – 16 points. Not only did she win big, Maria swept every precinct. Yes, that’s correct – Maria tossed a shutout by winning 17 of 17 precints.

So, how does she do it, in a district once thought of as rock-solid-red? Let’s look!

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Click on the thumbnail, and note all those Republican lawn signs: Paulsen, Coleman, McCain/Palin, and Aho. And also note the one non-Republican lawn sign, in between the Coleman and McCain signs, circled in red…

…that’s Maria Ruud’s sign!

Maria is easily one of the most accessible elected officials I’ve ever met. She works hard at being involved in the community. She listens to all sides of issues. Maria is more than willing to work with Republicans when required. And in a district located in southern Minnetonka and northern Eden Prairie, home to many Republicans, she often does – as all those signs on that lawn attest to. “Finding Common Ground” is more than a campaign motto for Maria – it’s how she works to solve problems. Maria Ruud has proven progressive politics and policy – practiced with respect, grace, and dignity – is a winning combination.

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