The endorsement came in the form of a Letter To The Editor in the local paper; published 18 October 2012.

Now, that’s a nice letter, talking about the great job (“huge contributions”) Hann is doing – seen by the residents that subscribe to the local paper right before election day. But nowhere does Mr. Tyler, of Boys and Tyler Financial, disclose that there might just be a slight conflict of interest: Hann works for Tyler.

One would think the voters of Eden Prairie and Minnetonka, in Senate District 48, should know that.

Should Hann be re-elected, Hann will go back to the State Capitol, in the Legislature, where he’s the Chair of Health and Human Services (HHS) Committee. Why is that committee important? Because it oversees and writes legislation affecting the health insurance industry; the industry Mr. Tyler’s company (Boys & Tyler Financial) is in, which is the company Hann works for. How convenient – for them.

In the story “Conflict of Interest? David Hann, GOP Health Insurance Salesman” (25 Oct 2012), we posted a picture of “an ‘invitation-only” event hosted by the Republican Health Care Task Force (RHCTF) of the MN GOP at the State Capitol on November 3, 2011.” In the caption above the picture, it’s noted that NOT pictured are John Tyler, and David Hann.

We know by this screen shot that Tyler and Hann were scheduled for another health care forum, on 17 October 2012.

Tyler and his employee, Hann, have been involved in working on health care legislation for at least a year. What we don’t know is how long Hann has been an employee of Tyler. In fact, Tyler’s Letter to the Editor failed to disclose Hann even is an employee.

Hann needs to come clean and clear the air.

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Watching the GOP’s state convention on Saturday, I heard the name “Craig Westover” during some debate from the floor. “Craig Westover”? The “Craig Westover” that bloviates at the right-leaning Pioneer Press?

Yep! THAT Craig Westover; the Craig Westover that has the following at the bottom of his columns in the Pioneer Press:

Craig Westover is a contributing columnist to the Pioneer Press Opinion Page and a senior policy fellow at the Minnesota Free Market Institute (

Does anyone see anywhere in that “inComplete Disclosure” that Craig Westover is not only involved in republiCon party polics, he’s managed to make his way to the rarified air of the State Central Committee?

I don’t, and I remember that in 2006, Craig “Firmly Embeded” Westover was not only “contributing” at the PiPress, Craig Westover was part of the PiPress’ candidate endorsement screening process.

Hmmmm… I remember from back in the day, when I was a GOPer, how hard it was to get elected just from BPOU to District; I can’t imagine that these days it’s any easier to go from District to State (especially what with all that ideological purging for purity’s sake in the GreedOverPrinciples party) and I really can’t believe some newbie – say, since December 2006 – goes from bein’ NOT involved in party politics and goes all the way to State Central Committee participant.

Bottom line? I guessed Craig Westover was up to his neck in partisan party politics when the Pioneer Press had him involved in its endorsement process.

So, I asked the PiPress the pointed question:

How aware of Craig Westover’s party activism was the Pioneer Press back in 2006, when the Pioneer Press involved Craig Westover in its endorsement process?

Here’s the thoughtful and complete answer I got:


Aware enough.


The Pioneer Press was aware of Craig “Firmly Embedded” Westover’s partisan political activism, and let him participate in candidate endorsement anyway ??!?

No wonder “journalism” is held in such low esteem, these days.

I thought I’d give the PiPress another shot, so I sent in reply:

(redacted)you want to make an official, “for quote” statment before I start writing?

How about you, Craig?

Craig’s in there, because I started out asking Craig about his involvement in partisan party politics, and CC’d the PiPress. Mr. Firmly Embedded seemed to get a little nervous as my questions became more pointed, at which point I switched tacks and asked the pointed question, above, to the PiPress and cc’d Craig.

Here’s what I got back, from the PiPress, after asking if they wanted to give a “for quote” statment:


Nope. Write whatever you want. First Amendment’s a beautiful thing.

Apparently, the PiPress knows that “journalistic integrity” isn’t incorporated in the First Amendment – because it isn’t.

And neither is “inComplete Disclosure.”

Those of you reading this, that are involved in campaigns, may want to remember this sordid little story next year, during endorsement screening time.

The Pioneer Press is going to ask you to be open and honest.

Remember that they weren’t.

Oh, and For The Record – here’s Mr. Firmly Embedded’s response to the request for quote:

“For the record, Prior to the 2008 election cycle, I was a casual GOP caucus attendee. I got active in the 2008 cycle so I could go to the state convention as a Ron Paul delegate and really got active after the 2008 convention. I have not written anything for the PiPress promoting a partisan issue other than the principles I have always pushed.” — Craig Westover, 15 June 2009

Yeah, “right.” Go with that, Craig. I have no way to verify it, but: it sounds like Fishsticks to me.

Oh, speaking of Fishsticks: apparently, I wasn’t the only one that noticed Mr. Firmly Embedded’s party activism – Spot over at The Cucking Stool noticed, too. Spot takes a look at Mr. Firmly Embedded’s backing Michele Bachmann’s “Gangster Government” rantings, and – most appropriately – includes pictures of Tom DeLay and Jack Abramoff.

I’m guessing Craig “Firmly Embedded” Westover didn’t do much writing about Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay, nor The K Street Project.

Come to think about it, the Pioneer Press didn’t publish much about those three, either.

Well, to the Pioneer Press and Craig “Firmly Embedded” Westover, I’m sure it was the “right” thing to do…..

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