GOP Senator Dan Hall is one of the “new breed” of Republicans “serving” in St. Paul; first elected in 2010 he seems to be tossin’ his hat into the ring to replace RWNJ Mike Parry in the next session. Look at this tweet Hall recently sent out; it says: Why is it you never see an American flag where you see a Vote No for the Mn #Marriage Amendment sign? #mngop

So, if you disagree with Senator Dan Hall’s religious beliefs, you’re un-American??!?

Not surprising, from a guy who said last year: “I watched Minneapolis get destroyed, so I not only didn’t want my kids in the school system… I took them out of Minneapolis because they ruined our neighborhoods with integration and segregation.”

Reading Hall’s tweet, that those that will vote no this November are essentially un-American, reminds me of what Samuel Johnson wrote in 1775: “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

And Dan Hall is making a bold play to replace Mike Parry as the GOP Senate Caucus’ premier Right Wing Nut Job.

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Yesterday, I covered DFL Endorsed Congressional Candidate Brian Barnes at the 2012 DFL State Convention. Closely! Rode down to Rochester with him; covered him while working the Delegates there – before, during, and after his speech. And it was a really, Really, REALLY good speech – let’s look!

Ladies and Gents – we have an excellent candidate for Congress in MN-03; Brian Barnes.

At the end of the speech, Brian asked:

“If you’re labor, or support labor – stand up!”
“If you support choice, equal pay for women and Planned Parenthood, stand up!”
“If you want to protect social security or are collecting social security, stand up!”
“If you support equality for all, stand up!”
“If you support having the best schools in the world, stand up!”
“Stand up; stand up and be counted!”

And everybody there stood up! Brian had everyone on their feet. For the rest of the day, I saw and heard people walking up to Brian and talking about his speech; I heard people talking to each other about his speech.

This election is going to be about turnout. The bigger the number of people voting the better the DFL Candidate’s chances.

Brian Barnes has been, is, and will continue to work hard to inspire people and Get Out The Vote.

If you want to help Brian beat a guy that thinks taxpayers should pay for his campaign mailers, then you should Link to and help Brian buy a few stamps. And buttons. And bumper stickers. And yard signs. And all the other things it takes to beat a guy with over a million bucks in his campaign warchest, but can’t help himself from abusing the taxpayers anyway.

So help Brian out, will ya? Stand UP!

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“It’s Not Over…”

On May 30, 2012, in Erik Paulsen, Veterans, Videos, by tommy

… Until They Quit Playing War With You”

The true cost of any war includes the care of the veterans that fought it for the next 40 to 60 years.

Go to any Veterans Administration hospital, such as the one off of Highway 55 by the airport in Minneapolis, and you’ll see this is true. You’ll see Veterans from World War II (not many, but you will), Korea, Viet Nam… you’ll see veterans from long ago conflicts. Well, and conflicts from not so long ago, too.

So while the current conflicts of Iraq and Afghanistan are costing billions and Billions and BILLIONS today, those are just today’s costs. The true costs of these wars will be incurred for years and Years and YEARS to come.

So, what is the current campaign motto of career politician Erik Paulsen, who’s voting record indicates he’s a Bachmann Clone?

“Spend Less”

And he really means that. Well, Paulsen really means: “spend less – ON OTHERS.” Not on himself; when it comes to spending taxpayer dough to promote himself, Paulsen is absolutely shameless.

So as the years go by, should Paulsen manage to keep his schtick up, Veterans can expect Paulsen to stick to his “Spend Less” motto. Hey, when it comes to Veterans, Paulsen has a record – let’s look!

Project VoteSmart links to a key vote Paulsen took, back in the day (2007) when he was a Mn State Rep: S.F. 1989 – a higher education bill that, among other things, would establish the Minnesota GI Bill program. So how did Paulsen vote on this bill, that would establish the Minnesota GI Bill? “Spend Less”.

Which means: “No.” Paulsen voted “no” to establishing the Minnesota GI Bill.

So Paulsen has a track record, and if you’re a Veteran, or have a veteran in your family, or know a veteran, or just simply care about veterans, career politician Erik Paulsen is NOT your friend — “Spend Less.”

Yeah, “right.” Paulsen’s rhetoric and actions are likely to end up with him an inductee here.

Mazar-e-Sharif. Nasiriyah. Fallujah. Al Qaim. Habbaniyah. Wanat. Dahaneh. These are some of the battles fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Those are some of the battles some Veterans will be fighting forever.

Back in the day, in a different war in a different part of the world, Stephen Stills wrote a song about those that the then career politicians ignored.

Someday, if “Spend Less” Paulsen has his way, someone will write a new song about those Veterans that career politicians like Paulsen ignored.

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen; let’s hope – and work – so that career politician Erik Paulsen is sent packing this November.

(lyrics here)

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In today’s print edition of the Strib, former Eden Prairie school board member and current Eden Prairie math teacher AND parent of an Eden Prairie student Ann Haines has an Op/Ed: “Ousted Eden Prairie school leader charted the right course”. I happen to agree with some of it, disagree with some of it, and unequivocally agree with this:

“There have certainly been voices of opposition along the way, but, as a former school board member, I know that the vicious personal attacks and public vilification damaged and continue to diminish one of the district’s most valuable assets: its reputation.”

Especially the “vicious personal attacks” part.

Apparently, the this Op/Ed went on-line yesterday, as the predictable smears from the so-called “Eden Prairie School Board Accountability” kicked in. You’ll note the very first comment on Ms. Haines’ Op/Ed is from one of the ring leaders “moderators” of the so-called “Eden Prairie School Board Accountability” – and it’s posted, above.

Let’s look at the very first thing Debbie Finch Brandt says:

“Would someone, anyone, take responsibility for “the vicious personal attacks and public vilification” of parents by the district?”

Say, Debbie? Perhaps you – YOU – might want to take a little responsibility, perhaps?

After all, it’s that facebook page, where you’re one of the ring leaders “moderators” that inspired Jeff Strate to collect and publicly read exact and verbatim quotes in a piece called “Eden Prairie Political Poppycock”. Well, and to post the video, “They Live Among Us”. And, of course, my posts, “Braxton Bullies: We Can’t HEAR You!!!” and “Braxton Bullies: We Can’t HEAR You!!! Part 2″.

If Ms. Finch Brant wishes, she can come here and respond to this – an accommodation to her, that she won’t reciprocate.

Why, just yesterday, Debbie Finch Brandt posted, and I quote:

Now, I’m not going to call Debbie Finch Brant a “liar” – but make no mistake: she is not telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. What’s the first line of Debbie Finch Brandt’s facebook post, on the so-called “Eden Prairie School Board Accountability” say?

“I’m now receiving personal e-mails through FB from Tommy Johnson…”

Let me be very clear: there have only been two facebook direct-messaging exchanges; with a grand total of ten messages in the two exchanges. In fact, the very first interaction I had with Debbie Finch Brandt via facebook direct messaging, was a message from her. Yes, Gentle Readers, she initiated messaging – to me. Here’s how it went down: she sent me a message, I responded. She responded; I responded. She responded; I responded. Total of 6 messages – 3 each.

The only other interaction via facebook direct messaging was just the other day, prior to posting “Braxton Bullies: We Can’t HEAR You!!! Part 2″. The way that went down, is I sent her a message, she responded – TWICE – and I responded to her second response. Total of 4 messages; 2 each.

The one – ONE – time I contacted Debbie Finch Brandt via facebook, was prior to a post. That contact, via facebook, was only only after she had contacted me via facebook first. But, what did Debbie claim, again?

“I’m now receiving personal e-mails through FB from Tommy Johnson…” (emphasis added)

Here’s another line:

“…if you keep contacting me personally.”

That simply is not the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Actually, it’s complete BS – Debbie is implying something that simply is not there. What IS there, is the ol’ double-standard: it’s ok for HER to initiate contact, but dammit – don’t contact her back if she doesn’t like what you have to say.

Which shouldn’t surprise those paying attention to the double-standards and other cr@p spewed on the facebook page where Debbie is a ring leader “moderator.” What makes this even worse, is this little exchange during our first of only two facebook messaging exchanges:

Debbie: “…Honestly, and I am fully aware that this conversation might be made public by you….”

TPT: “…oh – and private conversations stay private by me. YMMV”

Bottom line? I told Debbie during our first of only two facebook messaging exchanges that I’d keep private what we discussed; I still will – for her, and for everyone else that wants to have a confidential exchange.

What I won’t do is allow her to essentially perpetrate a fraud – the implication that I’m some kind of stalkarazzi. And again: I’m not going to call Debbie Finch Brant a “liar” – but make no mistake: she is not telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And if she’s not telling the truth about me, what else isn’t she telling the truth about?

I also won’t stand by while the “the vicious personal attacks and public vilification” Ms Haines talked about in her Op/Ed in the Strib continue on the so-called “Eden Prairie School Board Accountability” facebook page.

Again, if Ms. Finch Brant wishes, she can come here and respond to this – an accommodation to her that she won’t reciprocate.

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I read a lot of smug, self-serving posts, comments, etc while blogging. Occasionally, one jumps out and demands attention – like the following, from one of the ring leaders “moderators” of the so-called “Eden Prairie School Board Accountability”:

Now, here’s the part that got me: “…our freedoms to do things like have this open forum, vote, disagree,…”

Yeah, “right.”

As noted in Braxton Bullies: “We can’t HEAR you!!!” a couple of weeks ago:

I hadn’t gone back to that Facebook page, for months and Months and MONTHS – until just the other day, when I got a phone call that said they were trashing me on it. So I went and looked – and to be quite honest, it was pretty tame ‘n lame – local GOPers have done and said MUCH worse. But what got me very quickly was how quickly I noticed that in that barnyard, some animals were more equal than others. Some folk there think is just swell to rip other people and candidates, but – BUT – they turned out to have a real thin-skin when the ol’ TwoPutter took issue with what they wrote and commenced to ripping them.

Which, by the way, is the classic definition of a bully – can dish it, but slinks and whines when what they done did, is done unto them.

So, how did they handle ol’ TwoPutter pointing out the hypcrisy, in addition to encouraging blatant lawless electioneering for their favored candidates?

Yep – that’s a screen shot of their Facebook page; you’ll note that the ol’ TwoPutter has done been kicked out.

The Braxton Bullies, in a nutshell? “We can’t HEAR you!!!”

Seriously, you can’t make this up – a moderator, patting herself on the back for “openness.” OK, it’s clear that they do allow disagreement (except when they don’t). Remember what I wrote back then? “Some folk there think is just swell to rip other people and candidates, …”

Let’s take a look at a recent comment by someone (really, “someone”) the moderator apparently approves of – the anonymous (how’s THAT for “open”?) commentator that goes by the pseudonym “William Felt” (those familiar with Nixon might get the connection) on a recent Katherine Kersten rant:

Really? REALLY??!?

These GroupThinkers actually believe what they write.

Of course, it’s a whole-lot easier when you’re so open that you don’t allow those that pop balloons, pop yours; you don’t allow people that disagree with you, disagree with you – in your “open” forum.

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Yesterday, I ran a post entitled “Braxton Bullies: “We can’t HEAR you!!!”. One point of that post was the hypocrisy of a group complaining the Eden Prairie School Administration shuts them out and won’t listen to them, doing the same dam thing to THEIR critics. GOP Actvist Sheila Kihne best exemplifies this; she commented on that post – here, on MPP. The funny thing about that is Sheila banned me from her blog, a couple of years ago. Why? Because the ol’ TwoPutter took to poking holes in her tripe. Well, she also didn’t like how I was quoting Bush The Lesser, back when I was doing the “Countdown To The End Of An Error” series. Hmmm… Sheila objecting to using exact quotes… Hmmm… Sheila objecting, to using exact quotes….

Hey – just like some on the so-called “Eden Prairie School Board Accountability” objected because Jeff Strate was going to use exact quotes!

Here’s a quote from the Facebook page, read, that goes to that point:

Michelle Fourre If anyone would like to send their thoughts about this to the Dunn Bros Smith Douglas More location, their email is
Friday at 12:06am

OK, if you’ll note on the poster, above, the reading was held (and will be held again this Sunday!) at Camp Eden Wood. Why? Because there are people that pressured Dunn Bros Coffee to cancel Jeff ‘n Doug out; apparently, they didn’t want what they had written to be reread in public.

How’s THAT for “accountability”?

Here’s some more quotes. This by someone going by the nom de plume o’ “William Felt”:

William Felt, Facebook page – Oct 26, 2011
Compared to the last couple years, tonight [school] Board meeting was boring. For a change Patricia Magnuson didn’t lie, mislead, and misdirect the Board – as she didn’t attend.

Character assassination, by an anonymous poster – standard operating procedure on that Facebook page — as long as you’re ripping the proper person, of course….

Dunno if this is a real name or not, but here’s a beauty that was posted on the on-line Eden Prairie News:

« jkester wrote on Wednesday, Sep 21, 2011 at 01:39 PM » Eden Prairie News
You overpay some crazy liberal superintendant for years who develops an entitlement royalty personality, redistricts what was a nice place into some bizarre integrated social experiment, people are bailing out in droves, the superintendant packs her suitcase full of OUR TAX MONEY and leaves town. Then you sit around, look at each other and wonder, with that innocent passive aggressive Minnesota attitude “Why did this happen to me?” You get what you deserve, liberals, and if you want a social experiment, it can be FUN for you, BUT AS YOU ARE LEARNING ITS VERY EXPENSIVE…think what your beloved neighborhood will look like in 10 years …exactly..THE HOOD…

It’s too bad that guy didn’t say how he really feels….

OK, another!

ruphina Sep. 29, 1111:32 PM StarTribune
The improvements came as the schools got less integrated, by natural selection. That should suggest that segregating the schools by income level would increase results even more! But the God of Diversity demands that all “professional” education “leaders” bow down and chant the hallowed mantra of “We will balance each school, class, team, work group and play group by counting noses by skin color.” What a complete joke! Bill G.

It should be noted that when the School administration came up with the “controversial” school boundry changes, the rallying cry for those against was: “it’s NOT about race!!!”

Yeah, “right.”

Maybe that guy didn’t get the memo…

Another rallying cry is that the upcoming election isn’t about party affiliation. Some folk seem to feel differently:

dflleft Oct. 15, 11 9:59 PM Star Tribune
DFL LEFT THEORY is pretty much all this plan is; Krull is now gone and this election will do away with the plan. tip your hat to residents of EP who took back their school district. If you want to see what a DFL infested district looks like, Minneapolis and St Paul are 2 good examples; and who would want that?

And what’s the local GOP have to say, about the candidates running for election?

Disclaimer: The links above are provided for information purposes only. The Senate District 42 Republican Party has not officially endorsed any candidate or campaign.

Really? Go look for yourself.

For a comparison/contrast between the parties, good luck finding anything out about the candidates on the SD42 DFL webpage

Back to the readings!

posted by MuffyAl on Oct. 14, 10 at 8:11 AM Star Tribune
I moved there 20 years ago because of the class of people who lived there, the schools and the ammenities. The integrity of the city and the school district has gone down dramatically because of the increases in section 8 housing and open enrollment. Hey EP, how you going to get tax money out of the working poor that now flood the city?

wwallace67, Oct. 18, 10, 8:09 AM Star Tribune
Another consideration, in the minds of left wing social engineers, is to Americanize the children from a certain African nation. Disperse them to the winds, allow them to make friends with their iphone toting American counterparts. Destroy their culture.

Well, enough with the Strib, even though there was more read – AND UNREAD.

This one from the Facebook page, about the readings and before the readings were held:

Kenzie Carlson October 27 at 8:56pm Sick, just plain sick. Poking “fun” at our kids’ educational experience. Who could even THINK of doing such a thing?

Say, Kenzie? The “poking fun” was at the (alleged) adults….

I’m glad I went last night – and I wish there were more than the Baker’s Dozen that watched. If you get a chance, attend Sunday’s reading — time and place on the poster, above. I’m guessing Jeff ‘n Doug will go through some of the same, and some new ones. It’s not like there’s any shortage of unread material — like this one:

posted by mnmostlynice on Mar. 12, 11 at 8:45 PM Star Tribune
Whenever parents say it’s all about the kids…………it’s not about the kids.

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As Jeff strate noted in his post “Eden Prairie Political Poppycock”, there’s a Facebook page set up by a group of Eden Prairie residents – and they actually have the cajones to call it “Eden Prairie School Board Accountability”. In Jeff’s video, Jeff refers to the “Braxton Bullies” – hence the title of this post.

A little background:

I went K through 12 in the Eden Prairie School District; one kid did the same – but one did not. We made the choice to put one in a private school. Eden Prairie, like so many other schools, has been under attack by “constitutional conservatives” that believe in the constitution (except when they don’t). The constitution referred to here, is Minnesota’s Constitution, which declares (and I quote):

Article 8

Section 1. The stability of a republican form of government depending mainly upon the intelligence of the people, it is the duty of the legislature to establish a general and uniform system of public schools. The legislature shall make such provisions by taxation or otherwise as will secure a thorough and efficient system of public schools throughout the state.

To make a long story short, it’s not a real “uniform” system in Eden Prairie – nor is it throughout the entire state, where nearly 1 in 3 school districts have a referendum on the ballot – they are going to the local taxpayers to pay for what the Republicans in St. Paul won’t. So we put a kid in private school, to meet her needs that public education in Eden Prairie couldn’t (because GOPers don’t want to PAY for what it takes for a constitutional educational system).

To be fair, the other kid excelled – I mean really, Really, REALLY excelled – in Eden Prairie. At her college’s “Parent Orientation/Freshman Class Registration” it literally went: “You took that class at EP, you don’t have to take this class here.” For several classes.

So I’ve been aware for a long time about the problems with a school system that tries to do the best it can with the limited resources it has. Resources, on the other hand, have nothing to do with the poor communications coming from the District’s administration; a district that threatened to trespass the local Sun newspaper. I could go on; suffice it to say the district’s communications guru – isn’t.

Anyway, back in January I read on that Facebook page that the Koch Brothers “American Majority” was holding a training session for City Council and School Board candidates. On that link, you’ll read a comment by Sheila Kihne, noted GOPer activist in CD3 and a resident in Eden Prairie:

Sheila Kihne said, I posted this up on the Eden Prairie School Board Accountability web page- we need conservative leadership here!

So I went. And they made no bones about it, this training was about getting conservatives elected at the local level so they could move ‘em up the political ladder.

There was one guy there from Eden Prairie that wanted to be a candidate; he’s not now on the ballot for November 8th. And another guy there for training as a staffer; not sure if he’s working on anyone on the ballot or not. But one has to wonder. And it kind of blows a hole in that Facebook’s claim that they want to keep politics out of the school board election.

I hadn’t gone back to that Facebook page, for months and Months and MONTHS – until just the other day, when I got a phone call that said they were trashing me on it. So I went and looked – and to be quite honest, it was pretty tame ‘n lame – local GOPers have done and said MUCH worse. But what got me very quickly was how quickly I noticed that in that barnyard, some animals were more equal than others. Some folk there think is just swell to rip other people and candidates, but – BUT – they turned out to have a real thin-skin when the ol’ TwoPutter took issue with what they wrote and commenced to ripping them.

Which, by the way, is the classic definition of a bully – can dish it, but slinks and whines when what they done did, is done unto them.

So, how did they handle ol’ TwoPutter pointing out the hypcrisy, in addition to encouraging blatant lawless electioneering for their favored candidates?

Let’s look!

Yep – that’s a screen shot of their Facebook page; you’ll note that the ol’ TwoPutter has done been kicked out.

The Braxton Bullies, in a nutshell? “We can’t HEAR you!!!”

Well, that’s ok – others will.

They’ve endorsed Karla Bratrud and Dave Espe and John Estall and Holly Parker – the so-called “B.E.E.P” ticket. If you’re eligible to vote on November 8th, a question you may want to ask is how they’re going to deal with these bullies if they get elected.

And bullies they are; they’ve already bullied one local establishment into cancelling a public reading Jeff Strate was going to do.


Because Jeff Strate (along with Doug Lind) has the audacity to do a public reading of the exact words these bullies have used in the past.

And Lord knows, there’s nothing a conservative and/or bully hates more, than being accurately quoted…..

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Wednesday’s Strib had a story about financial problems in some K-12 school districts here on the frozen tundra; “Elk River looks for more school aid”. In it, was this:

Elk River schools officials are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to pry some more funding out of the Legislature.

Two bills have been introduced this session that would help offset the heavy amount of debt the district took on for major school construction and renovation that has occurred since 2001.

In other words, they’re looking for a bail out. Yes, a bail out.

The Cucking Stool took a closer look at who wrote those bills and wrote about it yesterday: Koch and Kiff: “cuts for thee, but not for me”. The bottom lines, there?

Operational starvation comes to Elk River schools as well as, say, Minneapolis schools, on the per pupil formula, but we’ll figure out a way to help the schools in Koch and Kiffmeyer’s districts – and Pat Garafalo’s, too, incidentally – but certainly not in Minneapolis.

Republican legislative leaders obviously recognize the inadequacy of education funding, but seem only willing to address it in weasely ways for favored districts. Disgusting.


Why might the Elk River school District be looking for that bailout now? Well, let’s take a look back in time:

Elk River likely to hold school levy vote in November

west today, Star Tribune
Last update: June 23, 2010

The district has had a mixed record in getting voters to approve levy and bond requests.

Voters turned down a $133 million bonding request three years ago to build a new high school and new K-8 school, among other things. They also rejected one $5.1-million-a-year levy request since Bezek started four years ago.

A year and a half ago, voters approved renewal of an expiring levy that provides $1.6 million a year.

In the past 15 years, the fast-growing Elk River district has held eight bond referendums to raise money for school construction and renovation. Three of those passed. In the same time span, the district posed 11 levy questions to voters, and won approval on six.

So, how did that levy request last November turn out?

New $3 million-a-year operating levy for 10 years to reduce the need for future budget cuts. Estimated tax impact on home with $150,000 assessed value: $74 a year.

Yes – 8,197 (33%)
No – 16,279 (67%)

To recap: as of June 2010, over a 15 year time span, local residents voted town 5 of 8 bond referendums and 5 of 11 property tax levy referendums; they voted – overwhelmingly – last November to turn down another property tax levy.

So now comes along Amy Koch and Mary Kiffmeyer riding to the rescue, asking the State’s Taxpayers to pay for what the Local Taxpayers won’t??!?

This stuff cannot be made up.

Nothing should be surprising coming from Kiffmeyer. Kiffmeyer, Gentle Readers, belongs to the GOP , which is always claiming “government should be run like a business.” And how did Kiffmeyer run one o’ her businesses, Riverview Community Bank in Otsego (a/k/a, “The bank that God built”) where that picture to the right (“Jesus At The Closing Table”) once adorned a wall?

“Into the ground” might be one description:

October 23, 2009

Riverview Community Bank, Otsego, Minnesota, was closed today by the Minnesota Department of Commerce, which appointed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as receiver. To protect the depositors, the FDIC entered into a purchase and assumption agreement with Central Bank, Stillwater, Minnesota, to assume all of the deposits of Riverview Community Bank. (

Now, I’m writing that Kiffmeyer owned Riverside Community Bank, but that’s only because Kiffmeyer reported to the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board that she was the owner; in a letter to the editor Kiffmeyer also claimed she wasn’t the owner (see “Was Mary Kiffmeyer Lying Then, Or Is She Lying Now?”).

And this little side trip of looking back at Kiffmeyer talking out of both sides of her mouth (“I owned it/no, I didn’t own it”) in conjunction with Koch and Kiffmeyer’s bailout bills is just another pathetic example of You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different.

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There’s a hashtag RightWingNuts and other odd and assorted defenders of Wisconsin Governor Scott “Baseball Bat” Walker are using on Twitter, #UnionThug.

Do these people not realize that the “Union Thugs” they’re figuratively bashing are their kid’s teachers??!? Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, in a democratically elected union, (and that’s EXACTLY what Teacher’s Unions are), local Union Reps are indeed among the teachers that greet the kids at the schoolhouse door.

I saw the following, and thought it pretty much summed up today’s RightWingNuts:

Perhaps someone can tell me: who is the thug?

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(cartoon by Mike Tompson; used without permission via “Fair Use” as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.)

“Rarely is the questioned asked: Is our children learning?”

—President George W. Bush, Florence, S.C., Jan. 11, 2000

Ladies and Gentlemen, today brings us another Double Dose Of Dumbya:

”Then you wake up at the high school level and find out that the illiteracy level of our children are appalling.”— Washington, D.C., Jan. 23, 2004

Yep – that is a question rarely asked. Four years later, almost to the day, Boy Blunder utters a statement, rarely made. Fortunately, there’s only 171 days left, until The End Of An Error.

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