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by: JeffStrate
Mon Mar 26, 2012 at 13:39:39 PM CDT

DFL Senate District 48, March 24th Convention video with the Junk Yard Democrats watching and reacting to Right Wing World Television. Plus DFL SD 48′s Senate and House endorsements. Eden Prairie and Minnetonka rock!

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Some GOPers have been claiming that Chambers of Commerce are non-partisan because they endorse candidates from both parties.

Yeah, “right.”

Let’s see if you, the Gentle Reader, can identify the Democrats endorsed in the following lists: endorsements from the Eden Prairie Chamber Of Commerce, the TwinWest Chamber, and the State Chamber.

Good luck!

Happy hunting!!!

(extra points if you can find the Democrats endorsed that AREN’T incumbents)

Eden Prairie Chamber Of Commerce endorsements:

Donna Azarian – City Council
David Hann – State Senate
Jenifer Loon – State Rep
Kathy Nelson – City Council
Kirk Stensruud – State Rep

TwinWest Chamber Of Commerce endorsements:

State House
33A – Steve Smith
32B – Kurt Zellers
33B – Connie Doepke
42A – Kirk Stensrud
43A – Sarah Anderson

State Senate
32 – Warren Limmer
33 – Gen Olson
42 – David Hann
43 – Terri Bonoff
45 – Ann Rest
46 – Linda Scheid

Erik Paulsen

Minnesota Chamber Of Commerce endorsements:

Governor – Tom Emmer

Attorney General – Chris Barden

Minnesota House
4A Mr. Richard Lehmann
8B Mr. Roger Crawford
10A Representative Bud Nornes
10B Representative Mark Murdock
11A. Representative Torrey Westrom
11B Ms. Mary Franson
13A Representative Paul Anderson
14A Mr. Tim O’Driscoll
14B Mr. Tom Ellenbecker
15A Representative Steve Gottwalt
15B Mr. King Banaian
16A Ms. Sondra Erickson
16B Representative Mary Kiffmeyer
17A Mr. Kurt Daudt
17B Mr. Bob Barrett
18A Representative Ron Shimanski
18B Representative Dean Urdahl
19A Representative Bruce Anderson
19B Mr. Joe McDonald
21A Mr. Chirstopher Swedzinski
21B Representative Paul Torkelson
22A Mr. Joe Schomacker
22B Representative Rod Hamilton
24A Representative Bob Gunther
25B Mr. Kelby Woodard
26B Mr. Daniel Kaiser
28A Representative Tim Kelly
28B Representative Steve Drazkowski|
29A Mr. Duane Quam
30A Mr. Charlie O’Connell
32B Representative Kurt Zellers
33A Representative Steve Smith
33B Representative Connie Doepke
34B Representative Joe Hoppe
35A Representative Mike Beard
35B Representative Mark Buesgens
36B Representative Pat Garofalo
37A Representative Tara Mack
37B Mr. Kurt Bills
38A Ms. Diane Anderson
38B Mr. Doug Wardlow
40A Ms. Pam Myhra
41B Mr. Pat Mazerol
42A Mr. Kirk Stensrud
42B Representative Jenifer Loon
43A Representative Sarah Anderson
48A Representative Tom Hackbarth
49A Representative Peggy Scott
50B Mr. Russell Bertsch
51A Representative Tim Sanders
52A Representative Bob Dettmer
52B Representative Matt Dean
53A Ms. Linda Runbeck
53B Representative Carol McFarlane
56A Representative Julie Bunn
56B Ms. Andrea Kieffer
57A Mr. John Kriesel
57B Representative Denny McNamara

Minnesota Senate
4 Mr. John Carlson
12 Mr. Paul Gazelka
14 Senator Michelle Fischbach
15 Mr. John Pederson
17 Mr. Sean Nienow
18 Mr. Scott Newman
19 Senator Amy Koch
21 Mr. Gary Dahms
22 Representative Doug Magnus
24 Senator Julie Rosen
25 Mr. Al DeKruif
26 Senator Mike Parry
28 Mr. John Howe
29 Senator David Senjem
30 Ms. Carla Nelson
31 Mr. Jeremy Miller
34 Senator Julianne Ortman
35 Senator Claire Robling
36 Mr. Dave Thompson
37 Senator Chris Gerlach
38 Mr. Ted Daley
39 Senator Jim Metzen
41 Senator Geoff Michel
42 Senator David Hann
43 Senator Terri Bonoff
45 Senator Ann Rest
47 Mr. Benjamin Kruse
48 Senator Mike Jungbauer
52 Senator Ray Vandeveer
53 Mr. Roger Chamberlain
56 Mr. Ted Lillie
56 Senator Kathy Saltzman

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…what do you do, and how do you square it with the Citizens United v. FEC Supreme Court Case?

Reason I ask, is I saw the following tweet from the current stooge running the cut ‘n paster over at Brodkorb’s Blog:

@LukeHellier It’s refreshing to see a group endorse candidates from both partied while @ABetterMN, EDMinn, & the rest stick to DFLers. Thanks @MNForward
34 minutes ago via UberTwitter


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This one just in:

HOPKINS—Teamsters Joint Council 32, which represents 62,000 active and retired members across Minnesota, has endorsed Maureen Hackett, a DFL candidate in the 3rd Congressional District. The vote was unanimous by the Teamsters Joint Council 32 DRIVE Commission and immediately affirmed by the Joint Council 32 executive board.

“Erik Paulsen has failed working people miserably in the 3rd Congressional District, so it’s time for some common sense to common issues that plague working people,” said Sue Mauren, President of Teamsters Joint Council 32. “We’re proud to support Maureen Hackett and we know she won’t waiver in supporting policies that put people back to work, build our Middle Class and create a more secure future for American families.”

Full Press Release, below the fold

Teamsters Joint Council 32 Backs Hackett in CD-3

JC 32 President: Paulsen’s ‘Failed Working People Miserably’

For Immediate Release

Contact: Christopher Truscott



HOPKINS—Teamsters Joint Council 32, which represents 62,000 active and retired members across Minnesota, has endorsed Maureen Hackett, a DFL candidate in the 3rd Congressional District. The vote was unanimous by the Teamsters Joint Council 32 DRIVE Commission and immediately affirmed by the Joint Council 32 executive board.

“Erik Paulsen has failed working people miserably in the 3rd Congressional District, so it’s time for some common sense to common issues that plague working people,” said Sue Mauren, President of Teamsters Joint Council 32. “We’re proud to support Maureen Hackett and we know she won’t waiver in supporting policies that put people back to work, build our Middle Class and create a more secure future for American families.”

Hackett, who has also been endorsed by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Minnesota State Council and the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 82, said organized labor plays an even more critical role during tough economic times.

“Paulsen’s had 15 years to stand up and do right by Minnesotans and he’s failed every time,” Hackett said. “He hasn’t offered solutions—just more of the same failed GOP policies that lost American jobs in the 2000s, created record deficits, sent the stock market into a tail spin and crippled our Middle Class. We can do better than that and by standing together we will. I will never shy away from telling the simple truth that a strong labor movement raises the value of work, strengthens our Middle Class and expands opportunity for all Americans.”


Hackett is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine and served seven years as an active duty officer in the U.S. Air Force. She now has a private forensic psychiatry practice and is a member of the Hennepin Faculty Associates at Hennepin County Medical Center. Her husband, Roman, runs a Minnetonka-based software business that now employs 90 people.

More information is available online at www.hackettforcongress.org.

For The Record: I previously endorsed Dr. Hackett, here.

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The End Of The Quarter

On March 28, 2008, in Candidates, by tommy

Yes, it’s that time on the ol’ campaign calendar – the rush to get every last dime in the bank. If you’re like me, you’re getting a LOT of requests in your e-mail in-box. Well, here’s a personal appeal: I’m proud to be co-hosting an event on Monday, March 31st for Captain Madia, and I’d like to see you there!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is going to be a great event! Details are as follows:

Please join host Major General Harry Sieben, Jr.,
former Speaker, Minnesota House of Representatives

and several other supporters, to meet
congressional candidate J. Ashwin Madia.


Monday March 31st . 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Nick and Eddie Restaurant Bar
1612 Harmon Place, Minneapolis (on Loring Park)

Host Committee
Barbara Anderson . Jessica Anderson . Victoria Ames . Scott Benson . Tom Berg . Dennis Bless . Brian Thorson
Patricia Bloodgood . Chris Cleveland . Jane Bremer . Bill Davis . John Derus . Katherine Doerr . Linda Eller
Marna Ericson . Dan Eulberg . Collin Foulds . Tommy Johnson . Charlie Leck . Lee Lynch . Darwin Lookingbill . David Potter . Virat Madia .
Ken Martin . Doré Mead . Gene Merriam . Laura Nelson . Laura Nevitt . Natalie Parsons . Tony Parsons . Christian Sande . Gary Schiff . Carla Smith . Steve Silton . Heidi Silton . Shivanthi Sathananda . John Sullivan . Gavin Sullivan . Bob Walser . Darrell Thompson . David Waterbury . Ruth Waterbury

A Political Newcomer

With little fanfare, Ashwin Madia,
an Iraq War veteran and attorney,
entered the race for the DFL endorsement in the 3rd Congressional District on Oct. 23, 2007.

He emerged as a top-tier challenger after a well-received performance in a December foreign policy debate.

Set a Fundraising Record

Ashwin Madia set a state record for a first-time candidate, raising $166,000 in the final two months of 2007. But his status as a “political unknown” didn’t last long. His fundraising success has continued in 1Q08, and he will announce a strong number in April.

Leading in Endorsements

Madia has won the backing of the DFL Veterans Caucus, eQualitygiving.org, VoteVets.org, U.S. Rep. Mike Honda,
State Sen. Mee Moua, State Sen. Satveer Chaudhary, State Rep. John Lesch, Teamsters Local 120, the Minnesota United Auto Workers Union and countless activists from throughout the 3rd District and the Twin Cities metro area.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to be very clear – I personally did not care who got the CD-3 endorsement to take on and take out Erik “The Hustler” Paulsen. Mayor Jim Hovland, State Senator Terri Bonoff, and Captain Madia are all fine candidates, each with unique strengths that would give the DFL a win in November, had they gotten the endorsement.

It is clear to me, that by winning all those Senate Districts; by building the grass-roots team; Captain Madia will be the endorsed candidate.

So I’m now firmly in the ranks of Madia’s Marauders.

I hope you join up, and are at this event on Monday, March 31st.

Come help celebrate Captain Madia’s candidacy, and add to his 1st Quarter Totals!

And one of the highlights of this event? We don’t have to ask Gavin Sullivan to cover it; he’s a Co-Host!!!

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That Was Then. This Is Now.

On March 12, 2008, in John Kline, MN-06, Veterans, by tommy

I personally don’t care who takes Bachmann out; I just want her out. I honestly cannot find one good thing to say about her. Just last week, following in the traditions of John Kline and Mark Kennedy, she blew off the Disabled American Veterans. No surprise there!

Every year, the non-partisan Disabled American Veterans has their annual Mid-Winter Convention in Foggy Bottom. Every year, Minnesota sends its Legislative Committee to talk to Minnesota’s Congressional Delegation, about legislation to help disabled American veterans lead productive lives.

Two years ago, John Kline told these Disabled American Veterans he wouldn’t co-sponsor legislation written by democrats. Period. End of story. When this news was reported, Kline’s reaction was predictable. Last year, he didn’t meet with them. Nor this year.

Thanks, John. NOT.

Two years ago, Mark Kennedy wouldn’t even let the veterans into his office.

Mark Kennedy got his just rewards.

Michelle Bachmann needs to get hers, too. So, really – I don’t care who takes out Bachmann. The reality is, though – whoever does, has to be on their “A” game. And from what I’ve seen so far, that ain’t El Tinklenberg.

Why, the reasonable, concerned citizen might ask? Credibility. And the Tink campaign lost it, for me. Take the issue of “endorsements” – Team Tink has put out in print, and in speech, endorsements they simply do not have.

Yes, “endorsements”. As in “plural”. Two that I know of; one a congressman, the other a well-known former candidate. I called another congressman’s office, two days ago, and asked a real simple question, Here’s the cut ‘n paste:

My name is (the ol’ TwoPutter’s given name); I’m a member of the DFL Veteran’s Caucus and live in (city). I also blog on the website www.MnBlue.com .

I am wondering who, if anyone, Representative Peterson has endorsed in CD-06?

Has Representative Peterson endorsed either Bob Olson, or El Tinklenberg?

Thank you for your response!

(the ol’ TwoPutter’s given name)

I followed it up with a phone call, and was told I’d get a reply, when they got an answer. No answer, last Monday. So I e-mailed and called again, yesterday morning, and again, yesterday afternoon. Still no answer. So I followed up again, this morning. As of this minute, still no answer.

Now, the reasonable citizen might assume that anyone a Congressman has endorsed, the Congressman would be quick to confirm the endorsement. So, is it unreasonable to assume that Tinklenberg did NOT receive the endorsement?

Yesterday, I had a telephone conversation with Tinklenberg’s Campaign Manager, who claimed Representative Peterson in fact “endorsed” Tinklenberg; further, she promised me she’d e-mail me written confirmation of said “endorsement.” No e-mail in the ol’ in-box, yesterday. This morning, I followed up with a voice mail, asking for the promised verification of Representative Peterson’s “endorsement. I followed up with another voice mail. So far, no e-mail in the ol’ in-box.

What is the reasonable citizen to assume?

And quite frankly, I’m not even gonna get into the parsing of words and hair-splitting Tink’s campaign manager engaged in, with regards to Congressman Walz’ NON-endorsement of Tink.

Quite frankly, I felt like she was insulting my intelligence – not that I have a lot. I don’t understand why she didn’t simply state: “Hey – we made a mistake; we’re sorry, we’ll fix it.” And then actually did fix it. Why this campaign put Sergeant Major Walz in the position they did, is inexcusable, IF they didn’t apologize. They haven’t; it isn’t. And I don’t like gettin’ the run-around from a campaign manager from my party. Or, for that matter, the run-around Wodele gave me, yesterday. I expect straight talk. I haven’t gotten it.

In my first post on the race in CD-6, I affirmed I had no dog in the hunt. That was then.

This is now.

I’m not a rocket scientist, and I understand Tink isn’t either, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out taconite does NOT belong in roadways. Period. End of story.

And I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve seen enough to recognize a lobbyist when I see one. Not that there’s anything wrong with lobbyists; there isn’t. As long as they’re upfront. And I have a strong indication who isn’t being up-front.

And I happen to think my wife and daughters are smart enough to know what they should, or should not, do with their bodies. Apparently Tink does not. Or, does. Or, doesn’t. What day is it today?

And I happen to believe in “liberty and justice for ALL.” Not “some”. Not “liberty and justice, if you’re ‘straight’.”

And I happen to believe I should get honest answers, and discussions, from campaign staff.

Therefore I happen to believe Bob Olson is the candidate to take out Michelle Bachmann. With Bob, you KNOW where HE stands.