I read the article from yesterday’s ArmyTimes.com with interest; it’s been a topic of disagreement/discussion at the VFW Post where I’m a member for quite some time. Here’s the lede:

Traditional vets groups turn to social media
By John Ryan – Staff writer
Posted : Sunday Nov 21, 2010 8:28:29 EST

Some traditional veterans’ groups have updated their recruiting campaigns, using social media to attract younger veterans.

Groups have opened Facebook and Twitter accounts and written blogs to connect with roughly 4.3 million veterans who have served since the Persian Gulf War — and to replenish a steep decline in membership.

Lost membership and dues have forced groups like the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars to close down some social clubs across the country, as about 1,650 veterans from World War II and the Korean and Vietnam wars die each day.

Organizations have turned to Internet-wired veterans to help keep their national networks of posts intact, community and soldier programs running, and their voices relevant on Capitol Hill.

But organizations founded before 1990 are losing the social media battle to recent upstarts such as Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, according to figures on Facebook.
(rest of story at ArmyTimes.com)

What can we – as Progressives that embrace social media – learn from it?

The point to me, as a Member of the VFW, is that it doesn’t matter that the older Veterans don’t do social media; it DOES matter that younger Veterans do. And to reach them – to get your message to them; to have a conversation with them – you simply have to communicate with them in the form they are most comfortable with.

We’ve had this discussion for months and Months and MONTHS at the local VFW: older veterans that say they don’t want to implement social media because THEY don’t use social media.

That the older Veterans don’t use social media doesn’t matter to the younger Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan; these returning Veterans do use social media. And the VFW and the American Legion have found out the hard way that if they won’t use social media, the younger veterans will join the Veteran Organizations that are – such as the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

Let’s take that example and compare it to a discussion we social media types have been trying – TRYING – to have with DFL Powers That Be; “Powers That Be” that have been discouraging DFL candidates from using social media while at the same time, the GOP has been encouraging candidates to be using social media.

Simply put, the GOP Leadership views social media as a tool while current DFL Leadership views social media as a social disease.

And just as VFW and American Legion National Leadership has come around and are now embracing social media because they’ve been forced to; the younger upstarts are man eaters that are eating the oldster’s dinner.

It’s clear to me that the GOP is using social media to reach our younger Veterans. If we want to complete for these younger veterans, we’re going to have to use social media to do so. We simply must have DFL Leadership that understands this – starting with the Chair.

The younger Veterans insist on it – as the VFW and American Legion have found out.

And does anyone doubt that the younger non-veterans insist on it, too? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a college kid reading a dead-tree edition of a newspaper….

It’s really rather patheic, that the old-school Veterans Organizations are getting with the program before the od-schoolers on Plato and elsewhere are.

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Earlier today, the “macro” was looked at, pointing out the pathetic GOPer machine and the tragic campaign of the extreme rightwingnut the GOPers endorsed for Governor, Tom “I cannot tell the truth” Emmer. I didn’t get into Tenther Tom’s radical and illogical picking and choosing which parts of the Constitution he’d ignore; that bizarre legal “reasoning” has been analyzed at lenght by the experts over at The Cucking Stool. I did cover Emmer calling Democrats un-American, and the Facebook pictures Tom Emmer wishes you hadn’t seen.

Oh – and GOP State Party Chair Tony Sutton’s “quislings” comment, too.

Now it’s time to look at the why there isn’t an incumbent for the Mayor’s Office in Eden Prairie. The Mayor’s seat is empty due to the decision not to run by the should have been nearly indicted for felony – yes, FELONY – prosecution, incumbent (and GOPer-endorsed) Mayor Phil Young. The sordid saga became public last spring, and as it played out, local GOPers – including GOP SD 42 Vice Chair Kevin Schultz (Schultz claimed he was speaking only for himself; yeah, “right”) – defending the indefensible: GOPer Phil Young falsifying reimbursement forms by filling out for meetings he never attended. Under penalty of perjury. Well, mileage reimbursements, too. For meetings he never attended.

But, has anyone heard anyone from GOPer “leadership” speak out about Young’s behavior, behavior that almost landed lawyer Young on the wrong side of a felony prosecution?

Of course not.

After all, what’s a little perjury among GOPer pals?

A point that’s been raised, but never addressed or even acknowledged by the local GOPer “leadership” is that similar behavior by a City of Eden Prairie employee would have resulted in immediate dismissal. Do not pass go; do not collect Golden Parachute – clean your desk/locker out and get out. NOW.

But, GOPers always seem to tolerate behavior among themselves that is NOT tolerated by the working stiffs, the middle class, the lunch-bucket crowd. All too often, GOPers believe rules simply doesn’t apply to them.

So, the taxpayers of Eden Prairie are stuck with GOPer Young until the end of December, when the next mayor will be sworn in. For the closest look at GOPer Young’s objectionable activities, link here.

From it:

(Plymouth Police Detective) Hultgren filed his final report July 12.

That report shows that for 20 consecutive months, the mayor of Eden Prairie filed claims for reimbursement, $35 each time, for attending meetings of the Regional Conference of Mayors, including three meetings that hadn’t occurred at all. He attended, by his own admission according to the transcripts, “two or three.”

At the end of the report, Hultgren notes that he had heard further allegations that the mayor may not have attended meetings of the Eden Prairie Foundation for which he was reimbursed. “Due to the reasons given by both the County and City attorney for declining to prosecute, these allegations were not investigated. Finding a few more meetings not attended by the Mayor would not change the basic facts of the case thus it would not result in a different finding by the County and City attorney.”

The mayor’s seat is vacant because disgraced GOPer endorsed Mayor Phil Young isn’t running for re-election.

And the local GOP “leadership” has been awfully quiet about it.

And they’ve also been mighty quiet about the cut ‘n pastes from disgraced GOPer Phil Young’s 2006 campaign website to the GOPer-endorsed for City Council Donna Azarian website .

Over the next few days, I’ll take a look at the races for Mayor and City Council.

The point for now, is that the last candidate for mayor the GOPers gave the citizens of Eden Prairie hasn’t worked out so well.

And the local GOPer “leadership” hasn’t said squat about it.

In February 2009, Republican National Party Chair Michael Steele said “You have absolutely no reason – none – to trust our words or actions at this point.”

It was true then; it’s true today, and tomorrow won’t be any different until good and decent Republicans toss today’s GOP “leadership” out.

And two weeks from today, on November 2nd at the ballot box, is a good place to start.

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Two weeks from tonight is shaping up as a disaster for Minnesota Republicans; I’m going to recap a few reasons why. Sure, odds are that they’ll hold Kline’s, Paulsen’s, and Bachmann’s seats in Congress, but that’s about it. For Governor, place your bets on Dayton. And look for a clean sweep for the DFL in all of the rest of the Constitutional Offices, too. So, why is the tragc and deeply-flawed extreme rightwing ideologue GOPer Tom Emmer trailing? One reason is Emmer’s pathetic and pathological inability to tell the truth. Another reason, according to the Minnesota Conservatives blog, is:

After receiving the endorsement at the state convention, the Emmer campaign was very badly run indeed. MC didn’t stay on the sidelines because the stakes of losing were too high. We thought the month of July would never end: 100K earning servers, tip-credit, a town hall forum/seppuku replete with a shower of pennies played endlessly on tv and the internet. Some of this was called a teaching moment. We called it political malpractice if not suicide. MC can’t bring itself to recount the various DUIs that cropped up.

“…the Emmer campaign was very badly run indeed.”


For instance, they’ve never gotten in front of Emmer calling Democrats un-American, and they’ve never gotten in front of the Facebook pictures Tom Emmer wishes you hadn’t seen.

That Minnesota Conservatives post, “MN-Gov Race: Prepositioning the Scapegoats” is a good read. One thing they missed in their discussion of the GOP Party, was Tony Sutton’s Hatch-like moment – calling the the thirteen former GOP state legislatiors that endored IP Candidate Tom Horner “quislings”.

Sutton said “There’s a special place in hell for these quislings.” Sutton later backed off by saying he only meant to call those 13, including WWII Veteran George Pillsbury and Korean War Veteran Bill Belanger “traitors”.

If the race tightens up, and Dayton wins in a squeaker, Dayton’ll have Tony Sutton to thank.

This afternoon, I’ll write a recap of the local races in Eden Prairie,
where the radicals controlling the local GOP has done their cynical worst “best” to mimic their bizarre bosses at the state and national level. How bizarre? So bizarre that it can only be mocked, ridiculed and scorned. Which, of course, Jon Stewart excells at! Stewart points out GOP “leadership” really is shameless. Let’s look!

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
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This video is just another example of why I say: “reasonable people can no longer reasonably assume Republican “leadership” is telling the truth.”

(link to “The Daily Show” here)

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src="http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs672.snc4/61249_1538438573666_1015922670_1570172_4792978_n.jpg"> As been reported over and Over and OVER, Republican Candidate for Governor Tom Emmer – and his team – has had legal problems related to alcohol. Emmer himself has had 2 DWI arrests; former campaign manager David Fitzsimmons got a DWI while on Team Emmer as did his replacement, State Rep. Mark Buesgens (Buesgens got an Open Bottle to boot); campaign staffer, and son, Tripp Emmer has alcohol and other issues (his infamous Facebook picture and the Strip Club Incident).

Anybody else see a pattern, here?

So, when I read this…

ST. PAUL, MN — The Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association has created a new political organization, SMART PAC. The acronym stands for Supporting Minnesota’s Alcohol Retailing Tradition.

“We were going to call it 6 PAC; or 12 PAC,” says Frank Ball, the MLBA’s executive director. “But my board said stop being so cute.” (Politics In Minnesota)

…I have to wonder: how soon until SMART PAC endorses GOPer Tom Emmer?

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On September 8, 2010, in Emmer, Family Values, GreedOverPrinciples, Where NOT To Shop, by tommy

Where I got it isn’t important, but what is important is where I didn’t get it from: Best Buy. Why? Take a close look at the picture on the “right” – “featuring” paid campaign staffer Tripp Emmer, son of GOP Endorsed candidate for Governor Tom Emmer.

Over the years, my family has bought plenty from Best Buy; last Christmas it was a big freakin’ flat screen.

Those days are over.

As has been pointed out over and Over and OVER, the issue with Tripp is NOT a little underage drinking (For The Record: I have long advocated a drinking age of either obtaining a high school diploma or obtaining 18 years of age – whichever comes later; any law that is routinely ignored – such as underage drinking – only undermines law and order); the issue a paid campaign staffer’s treatment of an obviously incapacitated woman.

Further, to me, it Target’s and Best Buy’s direct financial support of Tom Emmer’s campaign. Hey, if Target and Best Buy and Red Wing Shoes and Holiday Gas Stations want to further Tom Emmer’s capaign, that’s their business. Where I buy stuff is mine, and I’m not about to support a business that supports Tom Emmer.

Let me be very clear: I highly doubt Best Buy, after a background check, would hire private citizen Tripp Emmer after finding that facebook photo. And I highly doubt Team Emmer, after a background check, would hire a non-related Tripp Emmer after finding that facebook photo.

And I have to wonder if Target would hire Tripp to do a little “facepainting” at their upcoming Children’s Book Festival

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