To the far right is what the “about” section of GOP State Senator David Hann’s campaign website looked like just the other day.

Then the stories about his conflict of interest began hitting:

“Conflict of Interest? David Hann, GOP Health Insurance Salesman” — 5:00am, Thursday October 25th, 2012

“When is a Conflict of Interest, a Conflict of Interest? You Decide.” — Thursday, October 25th, 2012

“What does Sen. David Hann do for a living?” — 7:55pm, Thursday October 25th

“Fox9 News Scandal Coverage: “What does Sen. David Hann do for a living?” — 10:41am, Friday, October 26th

“TV station sees conflict of interest for Sen. Hann, others” — 2:12pm, Friday, October 26th

What’s a politician from “The Party Of Personal Responsibility” to do, when caught in a scandal of his own making?

Well, scrubbing his website is a good guess, so: let’s look!

What a surprise! This is what Hann’s “about” website looks like now, to the right. What’s the difference between a couple of days ago, and now? Then: “He is now a business process consultant…” Now: “He is now a partnering agent with Boys and Tyler Financial Group Inc.”

OK, that’s a start to a good whitewash; Hann’s now actually admitting who he works for.

But it’s a little incomplete, yes?

“business process consultant” to “partnering agent” – what does that really tell his constituents?

What it tells me is how serious Hann realizes his conflict of interest is.

Hann’s homepage has been scrubbed too; link here to see what it was just a couple of days ago; compare that with the shiny new scrubbed look!

I’ll tell you what you WON’T see on the “shiny new scrubbed look!” that WAS on the “pre-caught” version – this:

We can do better by ensuring that all Minnesotans have choice and control over their health care, and expanding the market for innovative insurance products so it is affordable for all.

Hann needs to come clean, and a quick scrub of his website is clearly not enough.

But it’s a start when you’re a high ranking member of “The Party Of Personal Responsibility” and you’re desperately trying to avoid any “personal responsibility” at all.

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Saw the “story” on Fox9 Noise “News” yesterday morning; it said Governor Scott “Baseball Bat” Walker would be in Hudson and the event would be open to the public. Hey – I’m in! Except it wasn’t open to the public; thankfully I’m a member o’ the media – so I still got inside!

Because the “event” wasn’t “public” – unless you’re a rightwingnut that picks ‘n chooses which part o’ the Constitution you support, and believe pro-democracy protestors don’t have the right to peacefully assemble on puplic property anymore. Fox9 Noise “News” continued that meme after the event:

Walker spoke at Empire Bucket (1360 Livingstone Road, Hudson) at 1:55 p.m. The event was open to the public, and was attended by supporters and protestors alike. (

Apparently, to Fox9 Noise “News” — “open to the public” means “stand on the street behind police barricades.” Whatever – the point is reasonable people have good reason to figure that what’s on Faux Noise isn’t quite accurate – but it is “right”!

Once inside, Ol’ “Baseball Bat” Walker spoke to a couple dozen employees. It seemed that they weren’t really thrilled to be seeing/listening to him – we’ll get to that. I had a video camera (it’s not the best, but hey – on a blogger’s salary, at least I got one!), and I simply had to stop taping to send a tweet:

Yep! That’s what Ol’ Baseball Bat Claimed!!! Here’s the exact quote (with a YouTube of it!):

“We did all these things in the first four, five weeks in office. So we got active right away and sent a clear message. The good news even in talking about it in November and December about what we were going to do and then doing it, we’ve already seen success. Last Wednesday we announced numbers statewide for the first month of the year. The private sector created more than 10,000 new jobs in the state of Wisconsin. More than 10,000 new jobs. Much better than the national trend. Much better than nearly every other state across the country. On top of that we saw our unemployment rate go down to 7.4%” — Governor Scott “Baseball Bat” Walker (R=Rightwingerstan) (emphasis added)

Seriously, you can’t make that stuff up. “…numbers statewide for the first month of the year…” Say what??!? So those 10,000 new jobs – AND lowered unemployment – are the result of what Ol’ BaseballBat simply TALKED about, in November and December 2010 – BEFORE he took office??!? Let’s look!

(direct link to YouTube) was there, they have video too:“Scott Walker Opponents Outnumber Supporters 300-8 in Hudson Today”.

Now, at the end of Ol’ Baseball Bat’s talk to the employees, you may have noticed something; I sure did – which resulted in this tweet!

The videos clearly show “no standing o’s” for Ol’ Baseball Bat inside, and protesters clearly outnumbered those duped by the republiCons. When I got to Hudson, I counted 7 there that were blinded by the “right” ( 2 or 3 carried printed signs prepared by “AmericanMajority”) – and when I walked down the line after Ol’ Baseball Bat skeedaddled, I counted 8.

Here’s a sign that tells those opposed to Ol’ Baseball Bat exactly what they need to do:

And Hudson GOPer State Senator Sheila Harsdorf might be recalled, too – along with 7 other Wisconsin GOPer State Senators…

…just don’t expect to see any accurate reporting from Fox9 Noise “News” about it.

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