Dusty Trice got the scoop! Here’s what Dusty has to say about his video, as posted on YouTube:

EXCLUSIVE: Ron Paul explains why the MN GOP suddenly needs his help: “They Want My Money.”

The MN GOP blocked Ron Paul from speaking at their 2008 convention in Rochester, MN. But on Sept. 25, 2009 the MN GOP sponsored an appearance by Dr. Paul at Northrup Auditorium in what was billed as a joint town hall with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

What’s behind the MN GOP’s sudden change of heart? According to Ron Paul, “They want my money. They want to get a little bit of influence from our supporters, too.”

I think this says a lot about Ron Paul, who’s been a consistent voice for what he believes in, so much so that he was willing to forget the past troubles with the MN GOP.

I also thinks this speaks volumes about the MN GOP. Their leadership realizes that they have alienated roughly 15% of their party. Now they realize that Michele Bachmann is actually in trouble and the only way to save her is to turn to the person they publicly shunned and beg for his money and help.

The MN GOP is exploiting Ron Paul because they are terrified without his support they will lose and lose big.

On a side note, I’d like to thank Congressman Paul for taking moment to speak with me. (DustyTrice)

Let’s watch!!!

I’ll have my own thoughts about Dusty’s breaking story later, for now, link here for Mary Lahammer’s May 30th, 2008 report from the 2008 MnGOP State Convention – the footage of the floor scuffle between a Ron Paul supporter and a McCain suporter is “must see TV” – great job by Mary Lahammer and the Twin Cities Public Television team!!!

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I had the honor and privilege of observing the 2008 Spring Awards Luncheon of the 420th Air Force ROTC Detachment at the University of Minnesota – Duluth today. And an honor and privilege it was, to break bread with our Future Defenders Of Freedom.

There are those that recognize the ol’ TwoPutter frequently refers to the Current Occupant Of The Oval Office by names such as Bush The Lesser and Boy Blunder, among others. These are the young men and women who will be defending my right, as an American, to do so.

Over 40 of these fine young Americans (along with family, friends, and supporters) gathered to celebrate the end of the year and recognize those who earned and deserve special recognition. Awards included Meritorious Service for outstanding performance for exemplary acts of achievement, Academic Honors for carrying a high GPA, and Physical Fitness (self explanatory). Community sponsored awards varied from the Veterans Of Foreign Wars, Military Order Of The Purple Heart, and American Legion to Daughters Of The American Revolution and Society of the War Of 1812 Award. Those chosen and honored displayed high academic achievement, and exceptional moral and ethical performance.

Above all, all understand they will be charged, upon commissioning as officers in the United States Air Force, to supporting and defending the United States Constitution – the document that allows me, a veteran and American citizen, to state without qualification (or fear!) that the ChickenHawk-In-Chief, George aWol Bush, should be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. This, these fine young ladies and gentlemen clearly understand. They know their duty is to follow orders while old folks and young folks use their constitutional rights – such as to peaceably assemble and petition our government for redress of grievances, among others. Theirs is not to question why; that’s the job of agitators such as I. And, hopefully, you.

Prior to the Presentation of Awards, Detachment 420 performed the POW MIA Ceremony. This is a ceremony that never fails to move me, and reinforces my remembrance of “There but by the Grace Of God, go I.”

To make this story short, in every Veterans Of Foreign Wars post, there is one special table. It is a small table, with special settings, and it represents those soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who are Prisoners of War and/or Missing In Action. They cannot join us; we will not forget them. Their place is waiting for them upon their return.

I looked on YouTube for a performance similar to the ceremony I witnessed today. This ceremony recognizes the sacrifice some have paid; some are paying, and – unfortunately – the sacrifice some of those in Air Force ROTC Detachment 420 may someday pay. These young men and women willingly have volunteered to defend our country – defend our way of life – knowing that they may make the ultimate sacrifice of their lives; that they may make the sacrifice of becoming a POW or becoming MIA – and the ceremony some of them participated in today, the ceremony they all witnessed today, may someday be a ceremony for them.

Please take the time to witness the POW MIA Ceremony, very similar to the Ceremony performed in Duluth today, by linking here:

YouTube, POW MIA Ceremony

Ladies and Gentlemen, these fine young Americans deserve our respect, support, and admiration. They are America’s Future Defenders Of Freedom.

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