Last weekend, Brian hosted a One Day United For All House Party to defeat the ugly, hateful and bigoted marriage discrimination constitutional amendment GOPers stuck on the ballot next November.

Today State Rep Steve Simon endorsed Brian Barnes to defeat Erik Paulsen for Congress in Minnesota’s 3rd District. This is a BIG endorsement for several reasons – and one has to do with equal rights/equality under the law, which is why I started this post reminding about that House Party hosted by Brian a week ago.

Steve Simon made national news for his comments about the GOP’s bigoted constitutional amendment – the YouTube of those comments is currently over 540,000 views. Let’s look!!

Erik Paulsen tries to avoid news about where he stands on the issues – especially this one. But he’s not afraid to go behind closed doors to take a “Friend of the Family” “award” not too long ago from Jack Abramoff’s old pal, Ralph Reed.

Let’s be clear on where Paulsen stands — he’s a “friend” of SOME families, and NOT those families with LBGT family members.

The contrast cannot be clearer: Brian Barnes and Steve Simon standing for ALL families; Erik Paulsen and Ralph Reed standing for SOME families.

Compete text of Rep Steve Simon’s endorsement letter follows:

# # #

Dear Friends,

It’s a great honor for me to write to you today about my friend Brian Barnes, who’s running for Congress against Republican Erik Paulsen.

Brian’s a great Democrat. He’s someone I’ve always been able to count on and he’s always been there for our party. In good times and bad, Brian has stood with Democrats throughout the West Metro.

He’s also a great progressive. While Washington Republicans do their best to roll back half a century of progress, Brian hasn’t backed away from standing up for the values that make America great.

You can trust Brian to stand up for the Middle Class, for marriage equality, and for a tax code that rewards hard work instead of those who can afford the best accountants.

Brian’s running a great campaign based on the issues that matter most.

He’s the best choice among the candidates running in the 3rd Congressional District.

Please visit Brian’s website today to find out how you can help.

Thanks for all you do. Together, Democrats will win in 2012.


State Rep. Steve Simon

Donate Now

# # #

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Ever since Target decided to wade in on the MN-GOV election last year with a big check for notoriously anti-gay Tom Emmer, I haven’t shopped there. And I’m hardly the only one; for instance, check out the YouTube below.

Why Target’s CEO – Greg Steinhafel – hasn’t been fired is beyond me. And it’s not that Steinhafel – personally – is a big donor to the Mn GOP and GOP candidates – it’s his money, and it’s his right to donate to who he wants. It’s that Steinhafel is the guy who apparently has “The Buck Stops THERE!!!” sign on his desk. Steinhafel has given me no reason to once again shop at Target; if anything, his actions make me more determined that until Steinfels goes, I don’t go to Target.

Steinfel’s latest Mea Nota Culpa? From

Now, CEO Gregg Steinhafel is telling Target shareholders that the company isn’t taking a position on the gay marriage ban campaign now getting cranked up ahead of the 2012 elections.

“We are going to be neutral on that particular issue, as we would be on other social issues that have polarizing points of view,” Steinhafel says.

So, why is that a complete BS? From the Strib:

(Steinhafel) said Target will stay politically neutral when it comes to social issues such as gay marriage but wants “a seat at the table” when it comes to business issues such as credit-card swipe fees, health care, tax and trade issues.

“…business issues…”? “…BUSINESS ISSUES..”??!?

Apparently, in the cruel and cold-hearted conservative world Steinhafel lives, the happiness and well-being of employees that happen to love someone of the same sex and want the same right to wed as everyone else isn’t a “business issue.”

Maybe Steinhafel thinks The Bradlee Dean Anti-Marriage Amendment is a “social issue” – I think not. It’s a human rights issue.

If Steinhafel wants Target Corp’s Corporate Treasury donating to candidates based on their business beliefs, he better be sending Target dough to help defeat The Bradlee Dean Anti-Marriage Amendment.

Or he’d better not be sending anything from Target Corp’s Corporate Treasury to anybody.

Once Steinhafel quits these flip-flopping “contortions” (that’s what CityPages calls ‘em; go on over there for their take AND links to some coverage City Pages has given Steinhafel’s FUBAR) he might just mend a few fences and regain a few customers.

Of course, if Target Corp simply decided to (stuff)-can Steinhafel, and replace him with someone that isn’t the cold-hearted conservative Steinhafel is, they might regain a lot.

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