To the far right is what the “about” section of GOP State Senator David Hann’s campaign website looked like just the other day.

Then the stories about his conflict of interest began hitting:

“Conflict of Interest? David Hann, GOP Health Insurance Salesman” — 5:00am, Thursday October 25th, 2012

“When is a Conflict of Interest, a Conflict of Interest? You Decide.” — Thursday, October 25th, 2012

“What does Sen. David Hann do for a living?” — 7:55pm, Thursday October 25th

“Fox9 News Scandal Coverage: “What does Sen. David Hann do for a living?” — 10:41am, Friday, October 26th

“TV station sees conflict of interest for Sen. Hann, others” — 2:12pm, Friday, October 26th

What’s a politician from “The Party Of Personal Responsibility” to do, when caught in a scandal of his own making?

Well, scrubbing his website is a good guess, so: let’s look!

What a surprise! This is what Hann’s “about” website looks like now, to the right. What’s the difference between a couple of days ago, and now? Then: “He is now a business process consultant…” Now: “He is now a partnering agent with Boys and Tyler Financial Group Inc.”

OK, that’s a start to a good whitewash; Hann’s now actually admitting who he works for.

But it’s a little incomplete, yes?

“business process consultant” to “partnering agent” – what does that really tell his constituents?

What it tells me is how serious Hann realizes his conflict of interest is.

Hann’s homepage has been scrubbed too; link here to see what it was just a couple of days ago; compare that with the shiny new scrubbed look!

I’ll tell you what you WON’T see on the “shiny new scrubbed look!” that WAS on the “pre-caught” version – this:

We can do better by ensuring that all Minnesotans have choice and control over their health care, and expanding the market for innovative insurance products so it is affordable for all.

Hann needs to come clean, and a quick scrub of his website is clearly not enough.

But it’s a start when you’re a high ranking member of “The Party Of Personal Responsibility” and you’re desperately trying to avoid any “personal responsibility” at all.

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Last week, we reported on GOPer State Rep Kirk Stensrud’s misuse of the City of Eden Prairie’s logo (“GOP Rep Kirk Stensrud Misuses City Logo “. Now, Stensrud has been issued two “cease and desist” letters (that’s a quote from both) with regards to his recent (October 5th, 2012) campaign event, which his campaign billed as a “Senior Expo.” The first is from the City of Eden Prairie; the second is from Hennepin County. Let’s look at the first one, first!

“The City of Eden Prairie uses this mark on its letterhead and in all of its printed publications. The mark is recognized throughout the community as the mark and logo of the City of Eden Prairie. Citizens of the City and others with whom the City regularly transacts business trust that the use of the mark is authorized by the City and that the mark is an endorsement of the program or communication with which it is associated. It is therefore important for the City to protect the mark from unauthorized use. It has come to our attention that on October 5t you used the service mark in a brochure you distributed at the Senior Expo held in Eden Prairie. You did so without the City’s permission.

Your use of the City of Eden Prairie service mark constitutes infringement of the City’s legal rights. I request that in the future you cease and desist from using the City o f Eden Prairie service mark and further that you destroy all copies of the brochure that use the City’s mark. I acknowledge receipt of your October 16, 2012 email to the City Council where you state that ” [i]n retrospect this handout should not have included any logos without asking for permission.” I appreciate your coming forward with that statement. Based on your email I consider the matter resolved and that no further communication regarding this is necessary.” (emphasis added)

Pretty clear here, yes? A guy that should have known better did it anyway. What was his excuse for this? “(i)n retrospect….without asking for permission.”

Hennepin County’s letter is specific, on THAT excuse; let’s look!

“I write regarding Minnesota Representative Kirk Stensrud’s Senior Services Expo that was held on October 5, 2012. Our office has received a complaint regarding Hennepin County’s involvement in this Expo, which appears to be a campaign event that was paid for by the Friends of Kirk Stensrud campaign committee.

Our office has investigated this matter and believes that the Friends of Kirk Stensrud campaign committee improperly involved and entangled Hennepin County into this campaign event.
It is against the law for a candidate to state in written campaign material that they have the support of an individual or entity without first getting written permission. See Minn. Stat.211B.02 While the brochure does not explicitly state that Hennepin County, or any of the other entities listed, endorse or support Representative Stensrud’s campaign, the use of Hennepin County’s service mark may give some individuals that belief and at a minimum causes confusion and therefore is improper.

Third, Hennepin County participated in this Senior Services Expo because Hennepin County staff were contacted in late September and asked to participate in a Senior Services Expo “sponsored by Repreentative Sensrud.” At no time was staff informed that this was an event that was organized by Representative Stensrud’s campaign committee. Had this information been provided to Hennepin County, Hennepin County staff would not have agreed to participate in this political event.

Accordingly, I demand that if you have not done so already that you immediately stop distributing the Senior Service Expo brochure and case and desist in using the Hennepin County service mark in any campaign materials.” (empasis added)

Kirk Stensrud – another Republican; another scandal.

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I called the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce today. Their Communications Manager, Samantha Dummel, answered. Asked her when the Chamber was going to announce their endorsements for City Council, State House & Senate, and Congress. She passed me off to the Chamber President, Pat MulQueeney – voice mail left. Followed up with an email; let’s look!

Mr. MulQueeney,

My name is Tommy Johnson; I’m a blogger and resident of Eden Prairie.

Is the EP Chamber planning to endorse for City Council, State House & Senate, and Congress this year?

If so, when are the screenings scheduled, and when does the Chamber plan on announcing the endorsements?

I’m planning on writing about this tomorrow; a reply today would be appreciated.

I’ve also read that the Chamber is in support of SouthWest Light Rail and was supportive of the new Vikings football stadium bill; please reply with a statement for publication if the preceding is incorrect.

Tommy Johnson

Not to my surprise, The Chamber never replied.

But Candidates did! I’ve just learned Candidates were told there were not going to be endorsements this year; only a questionnaire the Chamber would post on-line.

Why would the Chamber refuse to endorse, and do a questionnaire?

Is it because GOP State Senator Hann and GOP Rep Kurt Stensrud opposed the Vikings stadium (“Winter Park” – the Vikings Headquarters – is located in Eden Prairie)?

Is it because GOP State Senator Hann and GOP Rep Kurt Stensrud opposed SouthWest Light Rail Transit, which the Chamber supports?

Is it because GOP State Senator Hann and GOP Rep Kurt Stensrud are so extreme, so beholden to Party Uber Local Issues, even the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce couldn’t go that far?

Stay tuned!

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These days, republiCons are wailing and gnashing teeth over their belief that the media bends over backwards to push a liberal/leftist/socialist/french fry APPEASER narrative for the Democratic Party nationally, the DFL here in Minnesota, and all office holders and/or candidates with a “D” after their names. Indeed, noted local Gas Bag Of The Midway even has a blog category labeled “TC Media Bias”.

If that were true – which it is NOT – one would think that leftist local “traditional” (a/k/a, “MSM”) media would be all over a story about an incumbent Republican State Representative that owes over $140,000 in tax liens for failing to pay withholding taxes and sales/use taxes, yes?

After all, this story has been in the blogs, most notably at Left.MN (“GOP Rep. Ernie Leidiger owes over $144,000 in unpaid taxes”) and (“Do You Stand With Ernie Leidiger?”).

So, what does a just-completed google search turn up, about all the stories written by all those liberal/leftist/socialist/French Fry eatin’ APPEASER reporters, about Ernie? Let’s look!

OK, a different search (“web”) did turn up a recent commentary about Ernie in the Chanhassen paper, but: that had to do with Ernie’s boorishness, not his personal fiscal irresponsibility.

Ladies and Gentlemen, all the right wing ranting about “liberal bias” in the media can best be summed up by what I always say:

You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different.

Keep in mind, that the right wing nut job wailing and gnashing of teeth over their so-called media bias is, after all, coming from the Party Of Cooked Books and it’s apologists.

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Absolutely shameless – that’s today’s Republican Party. It’s bad enough that The Party Of Cooked Books is shameless enough (see the screenshots, below) to claim that they stand for “Fiscal Responsibility” (yeah, “right”); I’m not even going to get into the “Personal Responsibility” claim – there simply isn’t enough space here to document all their scandals. Both at the national and state level, there’s a reason for the acronym IOKIYAR. After all, imagine the GOP’s faux outrage had, say, the DFL put out a fundraiser email exploiting 9-11….

But, hey – when you have no shame, as the Mn GOP has clearly demonstrated over and Over and OVER again, why not send out a fundraising email to exploit 9-11, on 9-11? Here’s the screenshot of the email header:

Sending out a fundraising email, at a little after noon on 9-11? Classless. Totally (cheney)in’ CLASSLESS. Here’s a screenshot of where that fundraising email links to:

(sorry, couldn’t screenshot the whole thing; here’s the bottom half)

Earlier today, Bill Prendergast put up a post, “Presidential Contest 2012: Mitt Romney is even worse than anyone thought”.

With their fundraising email exploiting 9-11, the Republican Party of Minnesota is even worse than anyone thought.

And that’s saying a lot. Always remember: You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different.

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As noted by fellow MPP Blogger The Big E (Justice Page Got It Right), all four Pawlenty Appointees ruled as the majority today on lawsuits concerning Constitutional Amendments on November’s ballot. For this discussion, I’m going to focus on the decision regarding the ballot names for the amendments, and then discuss the Voter Suppression Amendment. Joining Justice Page in dissent on ballot names was Justice Paul Anderson (not to be confused with Pawlenty’s republican pick, G. Gordon “Barry” Anderson). Both of their dissents were blistering; I prefer Justice Paul Anderson’s – read them both here.

Be that as it may, the Pawlenty Appointees held court. So, now what? There’s only three things that can be done to limit the damage the GOP’s Voter Suppression Amendment will do, and I’ll count them down: 3) Take back the State House and the State Senate. The rules on how the Amendment are still to be written; the GOP basically said, to all of the objections: “Trust us.” Yeah, “right.” Trust the GOP, which as a party is so financially incompetent they can’t pay their rent??!? And that’s just for starters. Always remember this: You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different 2) Get rid of one of the four Pawlenty Appointees by voting for Dean Barkley, who is running against G. Gordon “Barry” Anderson. 1) Beat the damned Amendment in November.

For several reasons why this Voter Suppression Amendment is so noxious, here’s a recent interview of State Representative Steve Simon:

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At the local watering hole, a guy who’s economy has been BushWhacked asked if the ol’ TwoPutter was gonna cover Willard’s #DineAndDashWithCash event at the Lafayette Club on Lake Minnetonka. These days, he commutes to work on a bicycle and wanted to catch a ride. No problemo! We met and left, arriving in the land of the one percent around 5pm; and twitter action commenced! Tweets with links to pictures, below.

I wasn’t planning on writing this up, but a blogpost, “An Evening With Mitt Romney”, by noted right winger John Hinderaker changed my mind.

I’m not going to fisk Hinderaker’s whole babbling; just a few lines. Here they are:

Rounding the corner to pull into the Lafayette Club’s parking lot, security was tight. Across the road, a pathetic, ragtag group of left-wing protesters were chanting, as usual, “We are the 99 percent.” There were conservative counter-protesters too; I couldn’t tell which group was more numerous. The largest sign said “Romney Creates Jobs.” I wanted to park my car, get out and confront the leftists, but unfortunately the security arrangements didn’t permit that. Otherwise, I would have approached some of them and taped interviews. The question I always want to ask is, “If you are the 99 percent, why are there only 11 of you?”(emphasis added)

As has been noted here on MPP before, most recently with regards to the GOP State Senate’s “Lunch Hour Lit Drop” scandal, right wingers seem to always say: “Who ya gonna believe – us, or yer lyin’ eyes?”

So let’s look at the tweets, and keep in mind what Hinderaker wrote, above!

@TwoPuttTommy KMSP TV covering protest at #Romney’s #DineAndDashWithCash event in #MN #StribPol #2012

(ok, to be fair – that may be where Hinderaker got his “only 11 of you?” line…)

@TwoPuttTommy 1st bus arriving with protestors at #Romney’s #DineAndDashWithCash event at Lafayette Club on Lake Mtka #2012 #StribPol

(clearly, there were WAY more than “only 11 of you?”…)

@TwoPuttTommy Protestors yelling “we are the 99%” at #Romney’s #DineAndDashWithCash event #2012 #Stribpol

(yep! Protestors did indeed yell that, as noted by Hinderaker…)

@TwoPuttTommy Another bus with protestors arriving at #Romney’s #DineAndDashWithCash event #2012 #StribPol

(“…only 11 of you?” Yeah, “right”)

@TwoPuttTommy Norm Coleman just arrived at #Romney’s #DineAndDashWithCash event! Think I saw McClung, too. #2012 #StribPol

(Normie, it should be remembered, is the The Court-Certified “4th Most Corrupt” Senator in Congress, which explains his popularity in today’s GOP – “Greed Over Principles” – Party)

@TwoPuttTommy And ANOTHER bus arrives with protestors at #Romney’s #DineAndDashWithCash event #1U #2012 #StribPol

@TwoPuttTommy Protestors at #Romney’s #DineAndDashWithCash event in MN have a message of him #1U #2012 #StribPol #p2

(ok, remember, above, “The largest sign said “Romney Creates Jobs.””? That’s the truth, the PARTIAL truth, and nothing BUT the partial truth. But, hey – who ya gonna believe, right winger Hinderaker, or yer lyin’ eyes??!?)

@TwoPuttTommy Workers at #Bain owned companies talking about #RomneyEconomy at Mitten’s #DineAndDashWithCash event #1U #StribPol #p2

TwoPuttTommy “what’s outrageous? #Bain Capital wages!” #Romney #DineAndDashWithCash event #1U #p2 #2012 #StribPol

@TwoPuttTommy #Romney motorcade arrives for #DineAndDashWithCash event, has to pass in front of protestors #1U #2012 #StribPol

OK, @JaviMorillo followed up that tweet; ya gotta see the picture!!!

@javimorillo Did Paul Ryan come with Mitt Romney to Minnesota? I think we just saw him drive by. #fb #stribpol Retweeted by Tommy Johnson

Had to put Javi’s tweet in here!!!

Anyway, the point of all this, is Hinderaker gives a GOPer “Point Of View” (think: “fact challenged”) on Willard’s #DineAndDashWithCash event; Willard didn’t take any time to meet with anyone that wasn’t willing to pay for that privilege. No surprise there!

And Hinderaker’s pathetic post is just today’s example of: You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different.

For the local Fox TV Station’s take on the event, link here. At the 1:06 mark? The guy I went there with, that’s been BushWhacked. And IMNSHO, he’s spot on, with his comment about Romney. Of course, he could have been referring to Hinderaker, too….

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When Erik Paulsen first ran for Congress back in 2008, in his campaign announcement speech he said, and I quote: “Quite frankly, today, Congress as an institution, is broken and if elected I intend to help fix it.” (link to full announcement speech below)

So what did Paulsen do, once elected? Join the GOP Caucus Leadership Team. Well, “get selected” is actually more accurate. Here’s the complete MinnPost story, when Paulsen’s selection to the Congressional GOP Leadership Team occurred – and when you look at the date of the story, remember that Paulsen had only been elected few short months before:

Paulsen joins Republican Whip Team
By Cynthia Dizikes 01/23/09

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Freshman Rep. Erik Paulsen today was named to the Republican leadership team. House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) selected the Minnesota Republican to serve on the Republican Whip Team, an uncommon assignment for a first-year member of Congress.

Paulsen said he was “honored” to be a part of the team.

“Our country faces many challenges,” Paulsen said in a statement. “And I look forward to helping develop constructive solutions for the people of the Third District.”

As a deputy, Paulsen will help Cantor manage the legislative program on the House floor.
(emphasis added)(

OK, two points: 1) I normally don’t re-post other people’s work complete and verbatim (to wit: above); but that one is so short, how not to? and 2) Between November 4th, 2008 (Election Day) and January 23, 2009 (day of story, above), GOP “Leadership” in Washington, D.C. had seen enough of Erik Paulsen to know that he was one of theirs.

Let’s repeat that last line from that January 2009 story, shall we?

As a deputy, Paulsen will help Cantor manage the legislative program on the House floor.

And what a “legislative program” they’ve had! For instance, knowing full well that repeal President Obama’s Health Care Reform didn’t stand a chance in the Senate (let alone survive Obama’s veto pen), the “leadership” Paulsen belongs to has voted to repeal said law slightly less times than Doan’s has pills.

Even more offensive for women, or those married to women, or those who have friends that are women, or those that have daughters, mothers, grandmothers, etc is Paulsen’s “manage(ment of) the legislative program on the House floor” – as pertains to H.R. 3, which Paulsen voted for and passed. H.R. 3 is in the news these days because of the ignorant and offensive remarks of Paulsen’s fellow GOP Representative Todd Akin of Missouri, who recently claimed that, more or less, some forms of rape were “legitimate rape” (and therefore, a raped woman would have no need to rid herself from a rapist’s impregnation).

So, as a “leader” of the House GOP in Congress, that’s Paulsen’s deal. Unless, of course, he wants to NOW walk away from a leadership position he was picked for in January, 2009, and a vote he helped pass in May, 2011?

This is just the tip of the iceberg, Ladies and Gents: Paulsen, as a “Leader” in the Congress (that has, as of today, a 13.8% approval rating), has responsibility for each and every vote that has passed the House Of Representatives in Congress since John Boehner took over as speaker in January, 2011.

For instance, Paulsen’s tied to Paul Ryan at the top of the ticket, who wants to turn Medicare into “Coupon Care”. If that’s not changing “medicare as we know it” – what is??!?

The bottom line – Erik Paulsen, as a “leader” in today’s GOP-controlled House of Representatives, IS today’s GOP House of Representatives.

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GOP Senator Dan Hall is one of the “new breed” of Republicans “serving” in St. Paul; first elected in 2010 he seems to be tossin’ his hat into the ring to replace RWNJ Mike Parry in the next session. Look at this tweet Hall recently sent out; it says: Why is it you never see an American flag where you see a Vote No for the Mn #Marriage Amendment sign? #mngop

So, if you disagree with Senator Dan Hall’s religious beliefs, you’re un-American??!?

Not surprising, from a guy who said last year: “I watched Minneapolis get destroyed, so I not only didn’t want my kids in the school system… I took them out of Minneapolis because they ruined our neighborhoods with integration and segregation.”

Reading Hall’s tweet, that those that will vote no this November are essentially un-American, reminds me of what Samuel Johnson wrote in 1775: “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

And Dan Hall is making a bold play to replace Mike Parry as the GOP Senate Caucus’ premier Right Wing Nut Job.

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… or, “MnGOP Senate Caucus’ Lunch Hour Lit Drop Update.” In Part 1, we looked at a cardinal rule for politicians dealing with the press: do not – DO NOT – tell ‘em whoppers. Ever. Period. End of story.

Except, that sure looks like that’s EXACTLY what the Mn GOP Senate did; hence, the clowns image on that – and this! – post. Because, when KMSP-TV Investigative Reporter Tom Lyden went to talk to the Senate GOPers, he already had the email they went out to their staffers (and each and every one of their GOP elected Senators, too). And in the original story, aired last Tuesday night, the staffer that sent the email – Maureen Watson – denied there was any electioneering being staged out of that office in the Capitol. And yesterday, GOP Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem doubled down; telling Minnesota Public Radio there was none o’ that stuff going on – “that he was aware of.”

Yeah, “right.” It’s not like this is the first time a GOPer Senate “Leader” has told a whopper to reporters, “right”? But I digress. Let’s take a quick look at a part of the email, dated August 9th, that Lyden had in hand when he first talked to staffer Watson:

Wanted to thank all of you who were able to help out this week with our lunch hour lit dropping and phoning! We had over 40 people out over the three days – so super turn out.

Pretty clear so far, yes?

We have a similar plan in store for next week – going out lit dropping on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Well, not to nitpick, but: I’d call it a “scheme.” Bottom line, so far? “We did it, and we’re gonna do it again.”

If you are new to our Caucus and to our Lunch Hour Lit Drops – please consider joining us. It really helps out our Caucus and it is fun. If you have someone to pair up with great – if not, just show up in 208 about 10:45/11 – and you can join one of the groups.(full email here)

Not to beat it into the ground, but: it’s pretty obvious that THEY knew what THEY were doing. And again, this went out to a whole bunch of staffers and EACH and EVERY elected GOP Senator. Now, what happened at the next regularly scheduled “Lunch Hour Lit Drop” last Tuesday? Well, Shawn Towle of was there too, and set up a camera to record the shenanigans. Which was the basis for Reporter Lyden’s story Tuesday night. And one guy that showed up for that “Lunch Hour Lit Drop” – where, according to GOPer Senjem, none o’ that “Lit Drop” was going on, is a guy, sources tell me, by the name of Craig Sondag – let’s look!

OK, so who is Craig Sondag? Well, a quick google search tells us, in a story by The Rochester Democrat Newspaper that Sondag is an “experienced campaign field staffer” former Majority Leader Amy Koch hired in 2010 for that election. And while he’s listed as a Senate Staffer on the Senate’s website as a researcher, he also recently showed up on the Mn GOP Senate Caucus’ (“Senate Victory Fund”) Campaign Finance Board Report as a salaried employee as of June 29th, 2012. So, why would an employee of the GOP’s Caucus’s political arm, the “Senate Victory Fund”, be showing up to a “Lunch Hour Lit Drop” at the Capitol, if it wasn’t to do a “Lunch Hour Lit Drop”? Oh, wait – Senjem says there WASN’T any campaigning at the “Lunch Hour Lit Drops” – that he was aware of….

Yesterday, after Senjem told Minnesota Public Radio that there was none of that campaigning going on at the “Lunch Hour Lit Drop,” DFL Chair Ken Martin held a presser. Tom Lyden did a follow up story, and it’s a must see/must read.

The bottom line?

Just who do these GOPers think they’re fooling??!?

No campaigning going on at continuing events they called “Lunch Hour Lit Drops”?

Don’t believe ‘em – it simply isn’t credible. There’s an email; there’s a video.

The new GOP motto should be: “Who ya gonna believe – us, or yer lyin’ eyes?”

And remember: You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different.

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