The same day – this Saturday – DFL CD3 Delegates gather to endorse the person that’s going to beat Erik Paulsen, R=Bachmann, CD3 GOPers are meeting to re-endorse Postage-Stamp Paulsen. So I took a quick look at the GOP CD3 website, and what did I see?

Let’s look!!!

So, to make sure he’s not primaried by Tea Party Republicans, ol’ Postage Stamp Paulsen (who allegedly really, Really, REALLY hates “gov’t waste!”) has gone all-in on the Ryan Budget.

Which is really rather funny; way back when – when he first ran for the congressional seat Jim Ramstad vacated via retirement – Paulsen claimed he was a “moderate” in the mold of Frenzel and Ramstad. It’s a schtick he recently tried to peddle again last September, at a Town Hall in Mound. It’s a fine-line Paulsen toes; having to go all-in to appease the Right Wing Nut Jobs while trying to convince the electorate he’s really just, well, “not”.

And appease he does! You’ll see posts down the road, comparing Paulsen’s votes to, say, Bachmann – for just one! “Talks like a moderate; votes like a Bachmann!” might just be a common theme!

Back to Paulsen’s post to the RWNJ’s in the GOP’s 3rd CD: What is this noxious and vile Budget Ryan wrote, and Paulsen is all-in on? From National Public Radio:

President Barak Obama: “It is a Trojan horse. Disguised as deficit reduction plans, it’s really an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country. It is thinly veiled social Darwinism.”

And in Paulsen’s world, that’s just fine.

Here on terra firma? Not so much.

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On the day Erik Paulsen, R=TargetCorp, announced his candidacy to run for Congress, Paulsen claimed he was a moderate in the mold of Bill Frenzel and Jim Ramstad.

Yeah, “right.”

Anyone paying attention knows the LAST thing the former State House Majority Leader is, is a “moderate.”

And Paulsen’s inaction on holding Town Halls clearly indicate he’s anything but out of Ramstad’s mold. Here’s what Jim Ramstad said in an interview, before he left office:

“I have had regular town meetings all 18 years I have been in office.” (

Which is true. Twice a year, Ramstad would hold a series of Town Halls in different cities at different times and usually on different days so everyone – EVERYONE – got a chance to see and hear and maybe even get to ask their Congressman a question.

So, when Paulsen didn’t hold any Town Halls last spring, there was muttering. When Paulsen didn’t schedule any before starting the August Recess, there was more.

Then along came MudSlingerMike, Deputy Chair of the Minnesota GOP, making it worse for Paulsen. Brodkorb ripped Democrat Colin Peterson for not holding a Town Hall – even though, at that time, neither Michele Bachmann nor John Kline nor Erik Paulsen had scheduled any. It was hypocrisy epitomized – so, let’s watch it again!!!

“If you don’t want to be asked questions, if you don’t want to interact with the public, if you don’t want the opportunity to get a tough question, don’t run for office.” – MudSlingerMike, 29 July 2009

After MudSlingerMike spouted off, criticism got heavy, especially from bloggers like Gavin Sullivan and Dusty Trice and, of course, yours truly – the ol’ TwoPutter.

Still, no Paulsen Town Halls. Sure, pawlenty plenty of closed events; such as the one at an auto dealer where a citizen journalist was refused entry – but, no Town Hall.

Dusty caught up with Paulsen at the State Fair – and “right” after (coincidence? I think NOT), Paulsen announced a Town Hall, held last Friday. Now that that one is out of the way?

“Business” as usual – take care of the base! Gotta dance with them that brought ya, doncha know?

From the Bloomington Chamber Of Commerce:

Governmental Forum: Mr. Paulsen Goes to Washington
Friday, September 18, 2009
7:30 AM to 9:30 AM

Price: Member $20 Non-Member $40

So, if you can get the time off of work, for a mere forty smackers you, too, can watch Paulsen perform for the Captains of Industry – them that bought brought him.

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On March 7, 2008, in GOP Hypocrisy, Michael Brodkorb, ol' Smokescreen, by tommy

By Michael B. Brodkorb | March 6, 2008

“McIntosh said the Frankens never received the nearly one dozen notices that New York officials had sent them since April 2005.

‘Had they gotten the notices, you know they would have paid them,’ McIntosh said. ‘The Republicans were going to jump on this eventually, so it wouldn’t have been politically expedient [for the Frankens] to wait for that to happen.’

Franken, Nelson-Pallmeyer and Ciresi are vying for the DFL Party endorsement to challenge Republican Sen. Norm Coleman. The insurance dispute was first reported Tuesday on the Minnesota Democrats Exposed website, run by Republican blogger Michael Brodkorb.” Source: Star Tribune, March 6, 2008

Click here for the complete story.


This post also appears on Blogs for Norm!, an online community and blog covering the 2008 U.S. Senate campaign in Minnesota. The primary goal of Blogs for Norm! is to organize bloggers who support U.S. Senator Norm Coleman.

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el presidente Says:
March 6th, 2008 at 10:42 pm
Does Franken’s SPOKEwoman, as you put it, work in a bicycle shop?

Michael B. Brodkorb Says:
March 6th, 2008 at 10:45 pm
Nice catch, the post has been corrected. Thanks.

el presidente Says:
March 6th, 2008 at 10:46 pm
What about the other one?

TwoPuttTommy Says:
March 6th, 2008 at 10:49 pm
***“Other campaigns have been cited and fined for failing to provide workers’ comp coverage, including that of Third District Rep. Jim Ramstad, Second District Rep. John Kline, and Sixth District Rep. Mark Kennedy, all Republicans, and gubernatorial candidates Roger Moe, a DFLer, and Tim Penny of the Independence Party.“***

Say, Michael?

Didn’t you work for Little Markie?

Were YOU covered??!?

el presidente Says:
March 6th, 2008 at 10:50 pm
You’ll be able to locate the other SPOKEwoman’s twin in the title at: March 6, 2008, 10:31 a.m.

Michael B. Brodkorb Says:
March 6th, 2008 at 10:52 pm
TPT: I was a part-time consultant during Kennedy’s campaign for the U.S. Senate. I believe the article is referring to Kennedy’s campaigns for the House.

TwoPuttTommy Says:
March 6th, 2008 at 10:56 pm
Say, Michael?

Which campaigns were they referring to, for Kline?

How ’bout Rammers?

Probably federal, doncha think?

Michael B. Brodkorb Says:
March 6th, 2008 at 10:59 pm
I’m not sure. I would suggest you contact the reporter.

TwoPuttTommy Says:
March 6th, 2008 at 11:06 pm
Michael, just outa curiosity:

Do you remember any campaigns that Kline and Ramstad ran, that weren’t for federal office?

Eighteen threads on the worker’s comp deal, and the only thing we now know is that Kennedy, Kline, Rammer, and Franken all got something in common?

Michael – you should really be proud….

Michael B. Brodkorb Says:
March 6th, 2008 at 11:10 pm
TPT: Ramstad was a state senator before he ran for congress.

TwoPuttTommy Says:
March 6th, 2008 at 11:21 pm
So, Michael – just when DID Ramstad get in trouble with “worker’s comp” – state office, or federal?

Michael B. Brodkorb Says:
March 6th, 2008 at 11:22 pm
TPT: As I wrote before, I have no idea. If you have questions, please contact the reporter.

TwoPuttTommy Says:
March 6th, 2008 at 11:24 pm
Well, Michael – at least you’re admitting, you’re no definitive source….


The “Hustler”

On January 29, 2008, in Erik Paulsen, by tommy

At his announcement, Erik Paulsen claimed to have, and I quote from his press release: “…years of working in bipartisan fashion, across the aisle, to get results in the business world and in the Minnesota legislature.”

Yeah, “right.” Anyone even slightly paying attention understands Erik Paulsen did not rise to Republican state House leadership position by being “bi-partisan.”

Right out of the box, Paulsen forces the interested citizen to question his credibility.

The very first line of the press release says, and again I quote: “Saying ‘Congress is broken, I will work to fix it,’ Erik Paulsen….”

Just who does Erik Paulsen think he’s kidding?

Jim Ramstad tried to fix it, and for that he was rewarded by GOP Leadership with backbench status.

If Jim Ramstad couldn’t fix it, what reasonable person could possibly believe Erik Paulsen could?

Newt Gingrich’s “Contract With America” fundamentally changed how power is structured in the Republican Party, in Congress.

Serious academics can explain exactly how power was removed from committees and placed in party leadership, leading to things such as the strong-armed ouster of Gingrich and the installation of Dennis Hastert as Speaker, with Tom DeLay the muscle. Not to mention the Abramoff Scandal, the K-Street Project, etc etc etc.

To the layman, the following explains it clearly: when it comes to Republican Congressmen, “the people elect them, but the GOP Leadership directs them.”

Paulsen’s claim he’s going to “work to fix it” is simply not credible.

Like Erik Paulsen is really – as a freshman congressman – going to take on and challenge John Boehner and Roy Blunt’s power and authority?

Quite frankly, in a one page press release, Paulsen seems to have a knack of saying things that simply don’t ring true.

Consider this: “Failed ideas and yearning for the past stand in the way of change. So do the politics of blame, division and partisan spin. Minnesotans are weary of this brand of politics.” (emphasis added).

Say, Erik?


Especially in Eden Prairie, in Paulsen’s home town. Paulsen’s party’s website is the epitome of blame, division, and partisan spin.

Gentle readers, that’s the local GOP website that blamed the DFL and spun the per diem issue; that put Erik Paulsen (along with David Hann) in the position of: “Well, I voted against it, before I profited from it.”

And that per diem issue is but one example of the “blame, division, and spin” Paulsen’s party’s website is known for; not to mention dirty politics and distortion.

Is Erik Paulsen really condemning his party, here?

Right before he’s going to ask them for their endorsement of his campaign?

Will reasonable people really think Erik Paulsen is being sincere?

Just who does Erik Paulsen think he’s kidding??!?

In his speech, Paulsen claimed to be the moderate candidate, like Frenzel and Ramstad, that accurately represents this district, Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District.


Erik Paulsen, “moderate”??!?

Ladies and gentlemen, Erik Paulsen is no moderate. He represents the extreme right wing of the GOP. He always has. If Erik Paulsen is saying he’s a “moderate”, I’m asking “since when – tomorrow?”

At the end of his speech, Erik Paulsen stated:

“I will not be out-hustled in this campaign.”

Clearly, those that look into Erik Paulsen’s past – his verifiable record – and compare that to what Erik Paulsen said on Sunday, can only conclude that Erik Paulsen is indeed a hustler.

Because he certainly isn’t believable.

This is crossposted at The Eden Prairie News

Ladies and Gentlemen, many of you have heard the term “neo-conservative”, and wondered what it meant. For the sake of discussion, let’s compare/contrast in a “republiCon” versus “Republican” method. For instance:

Ronald Reagan = Republican
George W. Bush = republiCon

Whether you liked President Reagan or not, whether you liked his politics or not, most reasonable people will agree that President Reagan was authentic, consistent, and principled. When his administration got caught up in the Iran-Contra Scandal, President Reagan spoke to the nation and accepted responsibility. What President Reagan said, is well-worth hearing again:

“I’ve studied the Board’s report. Its findings are honest, convincing, and highly critical; and I accept them. And tonight I want to share with you my thoughts on these findings and report to you on the actions I’m taking to implement the Board’s recommendations. First, let me say, I take full responsibility for my own actions and for those of my administration. As angry as I may be about activities undertaken without my knowledge, I am still accountable for those activities. As disappointed as I may be in some who served me, I’m still the one who must answer to the American people for this behavior. And as personally distasteful as I find secret bank accounts and diverted funds—well, as the Navy would say, this happened on my watch.”

Compare President Reagan’s words with the flip-flopping of Bush The Lesser with regards to the disclosure of a CIA agent’s identity. At first, Bush The Lesser said, in essence, he’d fire anyone “involved” with the leak; later he morphed that to “convicted”. At no time did Bush The Lesser ever accept responsibility for those under him; rather, he speculated that the leaker would never be caught. Bush The Lesser said everyone in his administration would “fully cooperate”; his spokesperson claimed no one was involved because “he had asked.” Yet when convicted, Libby’s prison sentence was excused via Bush’s presidential pardon.

In the administration of Bush The Lesser, those that make mistakes are promoted; those who make catastrophic mistakes are awarded medals, and Libby, who made a criminal mistake, was rewarded with a “get out of jail” card.

President Reagan was solid and consistent and a Republican; Bush The Lesser is consistently inconsistent and a republiCon. Reagan was seen as believable and credible, Bush is seen as neither.

There are more examples.

Senator Boschwitz is a Republican; Norm Coleman is a republiCon. If Norm Coleman doesn’t agree with you today, don’t worry – sooner or later, he will.

Former Governor Arne Carlson is a Republican, as is current Governor Tim Pawlenty; candidates Jon Grunseth and Allen Quist are republiCons.

Congressman Jim Ramstad is a Republican; Congressman John Kline is a republiCon. Every year, Jim Ramstad willingly meets his constituents in a series of Town Hall Meetings; citizens can and do ask unscripted questions from the floor. Congressman Ramstad wants to know what the people think. John Kline had to be shamed into holding his only Town Hall Meeting. John Kline could care less what the people think.

When activists protesting the occupation of Iraq conducted “sit ins” in all of Minnesota’s congressional offices, Congressman Ramstad’s staff treated them courteously, listened to them, and even provided coffee and other refreshments. Kline called the cops. The difference cannot be starker: Congressman Ramstad seeks to govern by the consent of the people – he is a Republican; Kline seeks to rule by the force of government – he is a republiCon.

Barry Goldwater wrote “The Conscience Of A Conservative” and was clear and unabashed about what he felt the conservative philosophy is and where it should take government. Mayor Phil Young and Council Members Brad Aho and Jon Duckstad speak in rhetoric but deny where their alleged philosophy would take this city. Goldwater was a Republican; Young, Aho, and Duckstad are republiCons.

The point here is that as the current leadership of the GOP Party in large part is controlled by the neo-con movement, most of today’s GOP Leadership cannot be called “Republican” by most reasonable people. I use the term “republiCon” where it is clear and appropriate, and I do not apologize for this. I call republiCons “republiCons” for the old-fashioned reason: they’ve EARNED it.

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No Info, But Send Dough

On January 10, 2008, in Erik Paulsen, Media, by tommy

I have the distinct misfortune of being aware of Erik Paulsen’s less than stellar “service” in the state house. For those wondering what he’s like, I’ve heard a good analogy – reflecting Paulsen’s desire to go to W.D.C. – “If you liked Bush, you’ll LOVE Paulsen.”

It was recently brought to my attention that Paulsen has a website that’s, well, “unique”.

“Unique” as in “there’s no info, but you can send dough.”

So I thought the locals in Eden Prairie should be reminded of what I said about Paulsen in the local paper, just a couple of years ago. Here’s what I cross-posted over at :

It is interesting to note that while the three announced candidates for Jim Ramstad’s seat have active websites and are out generating excitement, Eden Prairie’s Erik Paulsen is not. He does, however, have a website:

And on Mr. Paulsen’s website is no information. However, Mr. Paulsen does offer the opportunity to donate. Why you should donate he does not say; but donate you can.

So in the spirit of providing historical information on what Mr. Paulsen’s candidacy for congress represents, I thought this would be a good time to go back into the “Letters To The Editor” of The Eden Prairie News, and reprint what I wrote about Mr. Paulsen, back when he led this state to a government shutdown.

Letters from the July 14, 2005 News
Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Not represented

South Dakotans have twice tossed U.S. senators out of office when they felt the senators became big-shots, no longer representing them, but instead representing the party’s other officials and special interests. Both McGovern and Daschle came to be seen as getting too big for their britches by not listening to what the locals had to say, let alone taking care of what the locals needed done. We have a state representative that reminds me of those South Dakota senators, and that’s House Majority Leader Erik Paulsen.

Most folks I meet on and around the prairie are reasonable people, and feel that the gay “marriage” issue could and should be settled reasonably. Many personally know gays and lesbians; for instance, the family down my block has a lesbian daughter. Who cares? Not me. Not my neighbors. But, Michelle Bachman does. In Mr. Paulsen’s leadership position, he represents fear-mongers like Michelle Bachman. Actually, in his position, he LEADS them.

Most folks I meet on and around the prairie are sick of staying stuck in traffic; business folks losing money from employees idling away in a jam (by the way, for many businesses it’s cheaper to pay the nickel a gallon “user fee” than the wages of the employees); commuters losing precious time with family in the same jam. Would you pay a nickel a gallon more to get home quicker? Most folks I talk to would. And I don’t care where you go; it’s a jam – for much of the day. Yet Erik Paulsen, in his “leadership” position in the House, can’t get a compromise out of the governor – one simple nickel.

Most folks I meet on and around the prairie willingly compromise, go along to get along, and don’t feel they have to get it all. Politics is the art of negotiation and compromise – something Mr. Paulsen in his position of House majority leader clearly has demonstrated he cannot and/or will not do. Last year, he wouldn’t compromise and get the bonding bill done. This year, he wouldn’t compromise and get a budget passed, despite TWO deadlines.

For these reasons, it’s clear to me that Majority Leader Paulsen does not listen to the reasonable people on the prairie. He might hear the reasonable people, but he doesn’t listen. He’s listening to somebody else, representing somebody else, and leading somebody else. I personally don’t care who runs against Erik Paulson; the same way South Dakota voters really didn’t care who ran against Daschle or McGovern. It’s quite apparent he has become beholden to his party’s special interests, and no longer represents the average citizen of Eden Prairie. I trust the citizens of Eden Prairie will give Mr. Paulsen the same lesson South Dakotans give their elected officials that no longer represent them.

Thomas Johnson
Eden Prairie

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