In Part 15 of this continuing Cooked Books series, we looked at former candidate for GOP State Chair Joe Repya’s acceptance of current State GOP Party Finance Chair Bill Guidera’s challenge: to pay for a forensic audit of the State GOP Party’s cooked books.

Repya set up a website to collect donations to pay for the audit, but: Repya also set a deadline for the State GOP to accept his offer to finance the audit.

Which brings us to a press release just received:

August 16, 2012



On July 23, 2012, Minnesota Republicans for Financial Accountability and Justice, LLC made a legitimate, legal and generous offer to conduct a forensic audit of the Republican Party of Minnesota’s (RPM) financial books at no expense to the RPM. The sole objective of the Minnesota Republicans for Financial Accountability and Justice, LLC was to restore fiscal honesty and transparency to the RPM and hold those who had fiduciary responsibility for party finances accountable. Unfortunately the RPM has refused to discuss our offer or provide their financials for an audit.

Effective immediately, Minnesota Republicans for Financial Accountability and Justice, LLC has withdrawn its offer to audit the RPM financial books.

We regret the action of the Republican Party of Minnesota. We have been told by confidential sources in the RPM that a small number of major donors were afraid that a forensic audit would possibly uncover additional misappropriations of party funds and thus cause additional embarrassment to the party image prior to the November 2012 elections. One must conclude that the RPM believes it has more scandals to hide from the public. We fear their actions will result in the voters of Minnesota holding all Republican candidates accountable in November.

All donations to Minnesota Republicans for Financial Accountability and Justice, LLC will be returned to the appropriate donors. As a result of the overwhelming volume of donations by Minnesota voters we anticipate it will take three to four weeks to return those funds. We thank the voters of Minnesota for their kind support.

Joe Repya

Pretty much says it all, yes?

Books will stay cooked, cover up continues, and:

It’s today’s example of:

You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different.

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In Part 14 of this continuing Cooked Books series, we looked at the first 16 pages of the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board’s “Findings and Order in the Matter of the Complaint of Common Cause Minnesota regarding the Republican Party of Minnesota and others” dated 13 July 2012; ending where the CFB concluded:

To summarize, in 2010 the RPM had a finance director, who was recently promoted from telemarketing and who testified that he knew next to nothing about Campaign Finance Board reports and professed that it was not his job to review the reports in preparation for the treasurer’s signing them. The RPM had a chair who was busy with fundraising and his own business and believed that the finance director and the party unit’s compliance company were responsible for preparation of the reports. The RPM had a compliance company that disavows any responsibility for campaign finance reports other than to put data into a system and print out the reports. And finally, the RPM had a treasurer who placed all of his reliance on these three individuals. Given that situation, it is no surprise that the RPM reports were inaccurate.

“…it is no surprise…”

Yep! No surprise there!

And the Mn GOP’s Party “Leadership” is just fined fine with that.

In Part 14 of this continuing Cooked Books series, we noted, from page 6:

During the course of this investigation, the Board requested and received various records from the RPM, including accounts payable aging reports and invoices. However, the RPM is not able to produce records or worksheets that would allow the Board to reconcile amounts from the payables aging reports to the federal and state reports of unpaid obligations. As a result, the Board is not confident that even the RPM’s amended reports are accurate.

“…the Board is not confident that even the RPM’s amended reports are accurate.”

And the MnGOP is adamant that they are NOT going to pay for a forensic adudit to get to accurate reports.

Enter former candidate for MnGOP Chair Joe Repya, in an OpEd in today’s Strib; let’s look!

Let’s audit those state GOP finances

Article by: JOE REPYA

The Republican Party of Minnesota seems to have adopted its own policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell” when it comes to investigating its multimillion-dollar financial mismanagement scandal.

A number of weeks ago, the party’s finance chairman, Bill Guidera, challenged me, stating: “If you want a forensic audit of the RPM financial books, why don’t you pay for it?”
People who have nothing to hide do not object to a thorough investigation.

Mr. Guidera, it is time we clean and sanitize our GOP house and drain the swamp. So I take up your challenge.

A group of concerned Republicans will personally raise the money necessary to conduct a thorough and transparent forensic audit of the Republican Party of Minnesota financial books dating back to 2007.

We have established Minnesota Republicans for Financial Accountability and Justice LLC to solicit funds for that purpose. Anyone is welcome to donate, be they Republicans, Democrats or independents. You can donate either via P.O. Box 22306, Eagan, MN 55122-0306, or on our website,, using PayPal.

That, Gentle Readers, is Joe Repya tossin’ down the gauntlet!

But, that’s just one o’ the gloves; here’s the other!

If you have contributed to the Minnesota Republican Party during the period of 2007 through 2011 and wish to be part of a class action suit against the RPM for their mismanagement of your donations, please send your contact information (name, address, phone number & e-mail address) to joerepya(at)yahoo(dot)com and our attorney will be in contact with you!

That’s from the website Repya set up to fund the forensic audit o’ the MnGOP’s Cooked Books!!!

Not only is Repya and other like-minded Republicans willing to get to the bottom of the mess, there is the possibility of a class action lawsuit by folks whose donations were, well, used for who knows what rather than the intended purpose?

Can’t wait to see how the Cooked Books chefs try to get around these gauntlets!!!

Stay tuned!

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On June 3rd, 2007, Dan Browning and Pat Doyle broke a story that rocked Minnesota’s political world and would have repercussions we’re still feeling today; it dealt with the now-infamous “Tostenson Memo”. Written by long-time MN GOP Finance Director Dwight Tostenson, it detailed the financial shenanigans – “Cooked Books” if you will – of the party, and became the basis for the Federal Election Commission’s near-record $170,000 fine last year. The GOP is still paying that fine off (unlike their rent). That newspaper story came out just before the MN GOP’s State Convention, the current chair, Ron Carey, was being challenged by a guy named Joe Repya on, boiled down, a “clean up/reform the party” platform.

Joe lost, Ron (and, status quo) won, and the Party’s problems Joe was running to correct: got worse.

The 2008 MN GOP State Convention in Rochester is mostly remembered for the shabby treatment of Ron Paul and his supporters. Paul was a bona fide candidate for the GOP nomination for president, even though he didn’t have a (deleted, for censors) chance in (deleted, again) of getting it. Doesn’t matter; as a party member, he should have been allowed to speak – Ron Paul wasn’t.

And then there’s the treatment of Ron Paul’s supporters at the Convention. Well, leading up to it, too – as you can read by linking here for but one account. There’s plenty more out there, like this one.

One significant event at that 2008 MN GOP State Convention isn’t remembered so much; fortunately, one Convention Delegate caught it on tape – let’s look!

Oh, and pay very, Very, VERY close attention to what then-Chair Ron Carey says, “right” at the very end!!!

(direct link to YouTube)

To recap that video: there’s a white-wash/cover up concerning the GOP’s FEC Reports; Joe Repya asks two pointed questions; Tony Sutton goes ballistic; Ron Carey bloviates! And what exactly did Carey say, “right” at the end?

“At the end of the day, those that are criticizing us are to be shamed – because the truth will get out and the truth shall set us free.”


And then, in compete violation of Robert’s Rules, State GOP “leadership” ended the convention.

Shameful. Sadly, today’s GOP has no shame. It’s like I always say: You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different.

Today, Joe Repya has an op-ed in the Star Tribune; it’s entitled “End of the state GOP as we know it?”

I’d recommend everyone read it, and remember: the problems Repya was talking about five years ago, back in 2007? Repya was correct.

I’m still wondering, though – isn’t it about time a prosecutor started taking a hard look at the problems Repya has been talking about all these years?

Stay tuned!

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Smart money was betting it wasn’t going to take long for the short knives to start slashing in the race to replace the cooked books regime of FEC Tony. Money placed that way is a winner! Recently deposed MNGOP Chair Tony Sutton – and make no mistake, Tony didn’t leave willingly – was MNGOP Treasurer back in the day when the back room book cooking was brought to light; for a quick primer, go read “A Key Element Of The Tostenson Memo”.

With that in mind, I went and checked some twitterlines o’ some GOPers that for various reasons I find interesting and/or amusing. First up, Andy Apliikowski of Residual Forces – let’s look!

OK, the link in that tweet takes you to Andy’s website, where Andy has a niftly little sreadsheet, listing potential candidates for the recently vacated MNGOP Chair position. Now, keep in mind Big E’s recent post on that vacated seat, “Michael Brodkorb slings mud at Tom Emmer and his supporters at the legislature”. That said, here’s what Andy says about one such potential candidate:

OK, apparently Andy doesn’t like Joe; likes to take little digs at him. I understand it goes way back, to when Repya was running for MN GOP Party Chair, and Andy was a volunteer. That was a particularly nasty campaign from those that liked the party’s status quo and didn’t like the reform-minded Repya. For background, see “Enemies Of The Party”. Andy has been, shall we say, “taken to task” by the Brodkorbs of the party, but he’s been working himself back into good graces of the last regime. And I’d venture taking cheap digs at Repya helps him do just that. Whatever.

Anyway, I did a quick twitter check on Repya, to see what others were saying. This one popped up, from Repya himself!!!

Ruh-ROH!!! Repya’s talking to someone – Luke Hellier – on Erik Paulsen’s local staff – and NOT his campaign staff; his official, local congressional office staff! Matter o’ fact, Luke – who used to be Brodkorb’s cut&paster at the notorious “Minnesota Democrats Exposed” slime machine “blog” – has the official title of “Constituent Services Representative.”

What got Repya’s dander up? Let’s look!

Oh, wait – seems Luke’s done scrubbed his twitterline!

Seems that since I started looking on the ol’ I’phone while running errands, the offending tweet done “magically” disappeared!

That’s ok; I already had a screen shot! Silly Luke…

Now, somefolk might think “hey – that’s not so bad.” Yeah, “right.” Keep in mind that although Paulsen postures about the need for “civility in politics”, he’s had two of the least “civil” folk I can think of, working for him: first, Brodkorb, back in the ’08 cycle, and now Hellier, on his district staff. And keep in mind Paulsen is a career politican – he rose to the position of GOP Majority Leader during the last 4 years of his 13 years in the State House.

Paulsen’s tight with the people that have been taking shots at Repya for years; shots for the simple reason Repya doesn’t – IMNSHO – like that GOP now stands for Greed Over Principles. And make no mistake; there is a high-stakes fight brewing in thee GOP over the direction of the party. Some people are going to get trashed. These opening shots at Repya will only get worse if he decides to rejoin the party and run. Smart money is betting against that, but with the Brodkorbs of the GOP, that doesn’t matter – smear ‘em and make SURE they don’t run is the standard operating procedure.

Hellier should know better than to tweet that – he’s on the taxpayer-paid payroll working for a Congressman. Paulsen should know better than to have a hack like Hellier on the official staff – but with Paulsen, it’s not what he says, but what he does that counts. Especially in matters of civility.

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Here’s what was originally posted on 29 July 2009 here on

“I’ll take dirty politics for $200, Alex”

“Here’s the answer: In 2009, they ran the first negative ad for the 2010 Minnesota elections.”

“Who are FEC Tony and MudSlingerMike?”

“You are correct!”

Smart money was betting that with the election of Tony Sutton and Michael Brodkorb, the GOP was going down and dirtier. So far, those bets look like winners. Over 15 months out, and Sutton and Broadkorb seem bound and determined to make the 2010 elections the nastiest ever.

And these last 15 months have been the nastiest ever. The GOP gleefully dove deeper into the sewer 15 months ago, and have been swimming lower every chance they could.

The dirty politics continued yesterday, with the posting of a letter by Peter Bozanich, the GOP’s “sd42webmaster” from last Thursday’s print edition of the Eden Prairie News newspaper.

That letter was written by Bill Cullen, who as recently as 21 September 2010, was a Vice Chair with the local Republican Party.

Oh – and Bill Cullen was the 2006 GOP-Endorsed Candidate, to run against Maria Ruud; Cullen lost by 10 points.

But Mr. Cullen didn’t tell you that in his letter in the print edition last Thursday – and the Editor didn’t catch it. And Mr. Bozanich didn’t tell you that yesterday, when he reposted Mr. Cullens Letter To The Editor, entitled “Chameleon Candidates”.

Mr. Cullen’s letter to the editor starts out:

“I miss Paul Wellstone and Ronald Reagan. They were both leaders. They never pretended to be something just to get elected.”

Well, it seems to me that former GOP-Endorsed candidate AND until just a few weeks ago a GOP Vice Chair Bill Cullen is pretending, too: pretending to be “just your ordinary, average concerned citiizen” and NOT the guy that lost to Maria Ruud 4 years ago AND until recently, was a local GOP Party Officer.

That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is dirty politics. And the local GOP has a history of playing this trick; in fact, in 2006, a local GOP ViceChair – Al Bode – did the same thing for then-candidate Cullen.

One memorable “trick” the local GOP pulled a few years ago, was reprinting letters to the editor from the EP News on their local GOP website – but changing the title the Editor chose to give those letters. This gave the casual reader it was THE EDITOR that gave the inflammatory titles that the GOP renamed the letters – because the GOP was saying “as published in the Eden Prairie News”

For instance, I had a letter to the editor that read in the newspaper:

“Voter ID bill not understood”

On the GOP website, it read:

Reprinted from Eden Prairie News, Letters to the Editor, Thursday, June 15, 2006
Voter ID supporter asks “simplistic questions” . . .

Another letter to the editor was published in the paper as:

“Election safeguards”

On the GOP website, it read:

“Maria Ruud Protects Vote Fraud”
By Al Bode

Yes, that Al Bode – at that time a current Vice Chair of the local GOP, as discussed above.

When the Editor of the Eden Prairie News found out and told the local GOP to change the titles back to as they actually were titled, do you think the GOPers did?

Of course not. They simply changed the posts to “as published in the Sun Current.”

Needless to say, when the Editor of the Sun Current found out, they were not amused either. It’s a real shame when local citizens visit a local party’s website to get information, and they get DISinformation instead.

It’s that type of behavior by the GOP that causes me to say, and say often:

“reasonable people have no reason to reasonably believe anything today’s GOP “leadership” says.”

Because these are but a few examples of how low the GOP has sunk.

If you haven’t read why LTC (Retired) Joe Repya left the GOP, go read it here.

From it:

So why on Earth have I decided to leave the Minnesota GOP?

Simple: When a political party becomes so dysfunctional that it no longer can operate without tyrannical domination over the grass-roots, it is time to stop enabling bad behavior from that party. I have come to the conclusion that a majority of Minnesotans and many Republicans no longer trust the message of the Minnesota GOP. After years of ineffective party leadership resulting in a record number of defeats, lack of transparency in party dealings, alleged financial impropriety by former party employees, and numerous Federal Election Commission problems, can you really blame the electorate for abandoning the Minnesota GOP?

“…it is time to stop enabling bad behavior from that party.”

Indeed it is, Colonel – indeed it is.

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In case you missed last night’s “Minnesota Matters – Wednesday Edition” on AM-950 KTNF, you can listen to it, here! IMNSHO, it was a fascinating conversation, and I’d like to thank Toni and Colonel Joe for sharing their thoughts and answering questions!

One of the highights were both Tomi Backdahl, State Coordinator of the Minnesota Tea Party, and LTC (Ret.) Joe Repya clearly repudiating and distancing themselves from the following quotes:

_ Tom Emmer quote: “I don’t think you can call yourself a freedom-loving American and be a Democrat.” Marshall Independent, Sept 2009

_ Tim Pawlenty quote: “Children who are victims of failed personal responsibility are not my problem, nor are they the problem for our government.” — Majority Leader Tim Pawlenty, April 2001 – as quoted in the Aitkin Independent Newspaper

During the first segment, we played “False Or False Witness!” where one lucky caller (“Bill” from Mpls) correctly identified that the quote I read actually was uttered by Michele Bachmann (“Bill” answered: “False Witness!”). The fabulous prize Bill won, courtesy of show sponsor Common Good Books, was one copy of Bill Prendergast’s exceptional comic book: “False Witness! The Michele Bachmann Story (Volume 3)”!!!

The Bachmann MotorMouth Overdrive quote I read, is below the fold!

And one question we asked Toni, State Coordinator for the Minnesota Tea Party Patriots was submitted via comment here, on MPP – here’s that question!

I’d ask….

If the Tea Party guy actually realized the real Tea Partiers were protesting a tax CUT. The tea partiers were actually protesting the take over by a multi-national corporation, the British East India company. The tax cut made tea super cheap, allowing the British East India (Walmart) the ability to undercut all the American merchants.

So, I would ask the Tea Party guy if he is just as afraid of the corporate take over of America as he is of the government take over.


Well, thank YOU for submitting that question, Alec!!!

Also, LTC (Ret.) Joe Repya discussed his candidacy for Governor, and clarified that there is a big difference between “suspend” and “end” – and for the record, Colonel Repya has “suspended” his campaign.

So again, if you missed it, you can still listen to it, by linking here!

Al from Minneapolis won the “False Or False Witness!” game; here was the quote:

“And this is one of the very happy days that we have, when we can bring some federal money to a great project that’s been in in the works…wait….I know enough not to fight with a dump truck. He wins every time. This is one of the very happiest days that we have, when we can go ahead and add some sweetener to the pot to try and do something really good.” Michele Bachmann on August 25, 2009 bringing federal money to build more hangers and expand the airport in Paynesville

And you can watch Bachmann MotorMouth Overdrive say it – let’s look!!!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, yours truly – the ol’ TwoPutter – is Guest Hosting tonight’s Wednesday Edition of “Minnesota Matters” on AM-950 KTNF, The Voice of Minnesota! And we’re going to have two very special guests in studio – Toni Backdahl, the State Coordinator for the Minnesota Tea Party Patriots, and LTC(Ret.) Joe Repya, who recently suspended his bid for Governor under the Independence Party banner.

It should be a fascinating conversation, and I’m sure one of the subjects discussed will be Former Senator Dean Barkley’s invitation for the Tea Party to take over the IP Party.

The Listener Call-In Number is 952-946-6205, or, if you have a question you’d like me to ask of either Ms. Backdahl or Colonel Repya, submit it below in the comments section!

So, again, tune in the radio today to AM-950, or listen live on your computer, here.

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That was the scene at the entrance to last Saturday’s MnGOP Convention. Dusty Trice, noted and intrepid blogger and my “go to” in-the-field reporter for my radio show, has video – it’s beyond the fold.

A little background (as I’ve written about here and here and here):

Lieutenant Colonel Joe Repya was so disgusted by the (s)election of FEC Tony and MudSlingerMike (a/k/a, “The MSM”), that he published an op/ed in the PiPress on the reasons he was leaving the Republican Party, now led by FEC Tony and MudSlinger Mike (a/k/a, “The MSM”). While that Op/Ed is no longer available on the PiPress website, comments on that Op/Ed are. Nathan Hansen, GOP Deputy Chair of CD-4, did comment – here’s what he had to say:

I am Deputy Chair of the Fourth Congressional District and one of the newer anti-war Republican activists. It’s difficult for words to describe how happy I am that you are leaving our Party. The roots of your “neconservative” philosophy lie in Straussian Trotzkyite Communism. “Corporate money” influencing our Party? Nothing compared to the damage your military industrial complex (that Eisenhower warned us about) has wreaked on our Party and our Country.

I hope you will find a happy home among your fellow communists. Your days of endless illegal wars and military industrial complex domination of our party are over.
Obama is ramping up his War in Afghanistan and continues to illegally bomb Pakistan. Perhaps you can join him to satiate your bloodlust. (emphasis added) (PiPress)

That’s comment number 15 from the link, above.

Well, there’s a lot – a LOT – of veterans of the Viet Nam War that remember being greeted none-to-nicely, upon arriving “home.” Some of ‘em remember bein’ spit on – yes, literally SPIT ON – upon arriving home from rice paddys. And Nathan Hansen’s comments reminded them exactly of that – reminded them of bein’ SPIT ON.

As written before, how did ol’ FEC Tony handle Nathan Hansen figuratively spitting on Lieutenant Colonel Joe Repya in particular, and all – ALL – veterans in general?

Well, again – as I wrote: GOPer Party Official Trashes Veteran Joe Repya And Is Rewarded.

And that “reward” was a prestigeous committee chair assignment at last Saturday’s GOP Convention.

Now, to be fair, it should be noted that prior to the GOP Convention, Nathan Hansen did a non-apology apology.

Yeah, “right.”

That “Me-a Not-a Culpa” was B as in “Bull” and S as in “(stuff)” then and it still is now. Nathan Hansen may have apologized to veterans at the GOP Convention, but as of this writing, he still hasn’t apologized to Lieutenant Colonel Joe Repya, and he still has his B as in “Bull” and S as in “(stuff)” law suits going against veterans Joe Salmon and Richard Glasgow.

Which, of course, leads to the following conclusion: somehow, I don’t think Nathan Hansen’s ties to FEC Tony and MudSlingerMike (a/k/a “The MSM”) are going to be forgotten anytime soon.

Oh – and Dusty Trice’s video, of the Veterans protesting the MN GOP? Let’s look!!!

Say, Michael? You never served, nor did Nathan. Well, neither did ol’ FEC Tony, neither. Here’s something y’all should know: veterans got long memories.

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Yeah, “right.” Watch for yourself:

“I’m not just trying to smear the guy…”??!?

The first clue that the guy is a rightwing paid shill is the line that green jobs “kill manufacturing jobs.”

In the first place, since when has a GOPer complained about the loss of manufacturing jobs? Does “Free Trade” ring a bell?

And since when has a GOPer complained about creating “low wage jobs”??!? I mean, the lower the wages for the serfs “employees” – the bigger the take at the top! Just ask Bill McGuire, or, say, Wal-Mart about THAT one….

But, ya gotta love how these rightwingers call President Obama’s guy a commie.

Hmmm….don’t like the guy; call him a commie….don’t like the guy; call him a commie…hmmm….

Hey! Kinda like how they called another guy they don’t like a “commie” – Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Joe Repya!

It’s getting to the point that getting smeared by the rightwing extremists should get ya a badge of honor, or something….

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a must-read. And that guy State GOP Deputy Chair Michael Brodkorb thinks is a must-read, recently called Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Joe Repya a communist. A communist!!!

In a way, it’s quite of reminiscent of an elected GOPer – Michele Bachmann – questioning the patriotism of duly elected US Senators and Congressmen.

And it’s part of a pattern; today’s GOP has a habit of trashing those they disagree with. Especially Colonel Repya; last year republiCon Ron essentially called Colonel Repya an enemy of the party for having the audacity – AUDACITY! – to suggest the party might have a few paperwork problems.

Since it’s been established that the established GOP Party Leadership doesn’t much like The Good Colonel, and it’s been established the State GOP Deputy Chair thinks the CD-04 Deputy Chair is a must-read, and since it’s well-established the CD-04 Deputy Chair thinks The Good Colonel is a commie, doesn’t that beg the question: does State GOP Deputy Chair Michael Brodkorb think that that Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Joe Repya is a commie, too??!?

Well I thought so, so I asked! Here’s exactly what I asked, in an e-mailed entitled “A Question For Deputy Chair Brodkorb:

Dear Deputy Chair (Elect) Brodkorb,

I’m looking into CD-4 Deputy Chair Nathan Hansen’s recent comments in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and I have a question for State Deputy Chair (Elect) Brodkorb:

Mr. Deputy Chair (Elect) Brodkorb, do you agree with CD-4 Deputy Chair Hansen’s assertion that LTC (Retired) Joe Repya is a communist?

A “Yes” or “No” answer will suffice; an explanation would be appreciated.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Tommy Johnson

State GOP Deputy Chair Michael Brodkorb declined to respond for the record.

With elected office holders like Michele Bachmann and Laura Brod, and elected party officers like Nathan Hansen, State GOP Deputy Chair Michal Brodkorb likely will be ducking a lot of questions.

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