There’s a reason the New Hampshire Gazette has Willard Mitt Romney listed in it’s “Chickenhawk Hall Of Shame.”

And stuff like this is going to keep Romney in it:

Maybe some enterprising main-stream media type will ask if John Kline, Erik Paulsen, Michele Bachmann & Chip Cravaack are in with Mitt on this scheme to screw veterans for corporate gain?

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…or, “Ready, Set, Auction!!!”

This screen shot was sent to me by a dedicated reader of our blog; it was actually placed on a website by the Carver County GOP.

“All GOP elected officials for sale to the highest bidder”

You knew it; the Carver County GOP simply made it official.

For more on this story, read:

1 – Common Cause’s “GOP Auctions Off Legislators To Lobbyists”

2 – MN Observer’s “We’ve already established what you are. Now we’re just haggling over the price” and

3 – City Page’s “Carver County Republican Party tries to auction off legislators, then denies it” and

4 – Bluestem Prairie’s “Carver Co GOP pulls lawmaker auction; lobbyists will have to find other means to buy Republicans”.

Back in February of ’09, I did a blogpost quoting then-GOP Chair Michael Steele: “You have absolutely no reason – none – to trust our words or our actions at this point.”.

True then, true now, and tomorrow won’t be any different.

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Molly Ivins said that a definition of an honest politician in Texas is one that once bought, stays bought. Look no further than John Kline for proof of that, in a Texas politician. And Freshman GOPer Erik Paulsen sure seems to be following John Kline’s lead! Let’s look!

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That’s a question that should be asked, if – IF – Kline and Paulsen actually schedule, and Bachmann actually follows through, with Town Hall Meetings.

The question should also be asked of GOP State Chair Tony Sutton, and GOP State Deputy Chair Michael Brodkorb.

There’s a powder keg out there, with a short fuse. And today’s GOP leadership is sending out sparks. If one of those sparks catches, well……you can be sure, the GOP will blame it on anybody and everybody but themselves.

Here’s Rachel Maddow:

And speaking of the “MOB” – I noted this:

Moving The MOB
August 13th, 2009 by Mitch Berg
Well, the verdict (throwing out all the votest for “crashing Drinking Liberally”) was pretty decisive. People want the MOB Summer Party moved to September 12.

So moved it shall be!

Location to be officially announced later.

Who knows? Might be a real barnburner….

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Yesterday, a blogpost topic was That Old GOP Double-Standard, Once Again and it dealt with the typical and usual double-standard at the somewhat local level by noted GOPer and Professor King Banaian. Last night, found a great example of that old GOP Double-Standard at the national level. Let’s look!

Here’s what says, just under that video:

Oh, the irony! Frank Freakin’ Luntz, the man so amoral, he actually got censured by his trade association, lecturing Democrats about right and wrong for using “misleading” poll-driven language? I think my heart’s about to seize from me laughing so hard. Republicans are such flaming hypocrites, aren’t they?

Republicans are such flaming hypocrites, aren’t they?

Yes, they are.

“Hypocrisy, Thy Party Is GOP”

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Last Monday, Dusty Trice put up video demonstrating “Hypocrisy, Thy Party Is GOP” in a big-time way. So, I wrote a blogpost that same day entitled “Hypocrisy, Thy Party Is GOP…and MudSlingerMike is the mouthpiece. Here’s the deal, and it should be of no surprise to anyone remotely familiar with why GOP now stands for GreedOverPrinciples: Dusty’s video is of State GOP Deputy Chair Michael Brodkorb ripping Rep. Colin Peterson, DFL, for not holding Town Hall Meetings, even though Bachmann and Kline, GOP don’t and it sure looks like Paulsen, GOP, won’t.

The hypocrisy was so blatant that the St. Cloud Times wrote about in an editorial.

And all week people talked about MudSlingerMike being the chief spokestool of the hypocritical GreedOverPrincipels party. Well, they talked MORE about the thuggishness of the GOP, but the GOP’s hypocrisy was a hot topic, too.

Over at a website named SCSU Scholars, Professor Banaian made a post were he scored high on etiquette. The Good Professor made some talking points for rightwingers to ask Congresspeople AND highly suggested they do so on their best behavior. Like I said, The Good Professor got high marks for that.

However, bein’ a GOPer, The Good Professor just couldn’t help doin’ the ol’ GOP Double-Standard in the comments section of the post. I sometimes wonder if it’s not only in their nature, it’s a party plank, too, but: we’ll go down that road, later. For now, let’s confine the discussion to Professor Banaian’s GOPer SNAFU.

Now, The Good Professor said, and I quote:

These are to be a substitute for yelling, not a complement. I agree with those who are saying to stop the shouting matches at the town halls. It’s unhelpful, it plays into the hands of the Democrats and their love-slaves in the media. (Tapper not included.). Ask the questions, record the answers, then find a reporter and tell them what you thought of the answer. Get your opposition, if you are, in the newspaper and on the radio and TV in a way you’d be proud to show your grandchildren.

OK, ignore the stuff in the middle, that’s just The Good Professor acting like The Absent A Mind Professor. Do give credit where credit due, like I did, and score The Good Professor high for calling for civilized behavior at Town Halls.

Now, on to the comments, the first made by yours trulty, the ol’ TwoPutter:

Say, Professor? What if my congressman happens to be a Republican, and doesn’t/won’t hold town hall meetings?

TwoPuttTommy | Homepage | 08.05.09 – 2:34 pm | #

The second comment isn’t worth reposting; rather inane blather, so who cares. It’s The Good Professor’s response to yours truly’s comment numero uno, that demonstrates the title of this post:

TPT, she doesn’t have a bill to sell. Your comedian-cum-senator does.

kb | 08.05.09 – 3:43 pm | #

Which elicited my response in the very next, and so far last, comment:

***TPT, she doesn’t have a bill to sell. Your comedian-cum-senator does.
kb | 08.05.09 – 3:43 pm | # ***


Is that REALLY your position, Professor?

TwoPuttTommy | Homepage | 08.05.09 – 4:24 pm | #

And as of the time of this post, that comment of mine – last Wednesday – has gone unanswered.

Now, virtually all regular readers here will know EXACTLY why the ol’ TwoPutter wrote what I did; I’d even surmise that The Good Professor figured it out, too – even though he hasn’t commented….

….but, I’ll explain it anyway, for teh GOPers that stumble upon this post:

The Professor is taking the position that Senator Franken has a duty and responsibility to appear in public to defend and explain his support “for” health care reform, BUT (and it’s a big “BUT”) Bachmann has NO duty NOR responsiblity to appear in public to defend and explain HER OPPOSITION “against” health care reform.

Clearly, it’s that ol’ GOP Double-Standard, once again.

Spotty over at The Cucking Stool takes a long look at Professor Banaian’s post and how it fits into the scheme of things. It’s a good read.

Oh – and here’s that YouTube of MudSlingerMike, once again:

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…and MudSlingerMike is the mouthpiece.

By now, everyone knows the story about the MN GOP ripping DFLer Colin Peterson for Peterson’s decision not to hold “Town Hall” meetings. Dusty Trice made a great catch of State GOP Deputy Chair Michael Brodkorb engaging in the hypocrisy the GreedOverPrinciples party is so well-known for. Let’s watch!

Dusty followed up that YouTube with another YouTube of Michele Bachmann ducking questions. The contrast between what GOPer Brodkorb mouthed off about and Bachmann’s actions is quite clear – link here for Dusty’s entire post.

And Dusty Trice isn’t the only one that caught the blatant demonstration of GOPer hypocrisy; the St. Cloud Times Editorial Board weighed in, too! Let’s look!

Then what about Peterson’s neighbor, the GOP’s own 6th District Rep. Michele Bachmann?

Except for one tightly controlled forum at which she barely spoke, we don’t recall any town meetings she’s held in this area since elected. (St. Cloud Times)

Ladies and Gentlemen, MudSlingerMike is simply demonstrating – once again – why reasonable people have no reason to believe anything that the GOP says (or, “trust”, as GOP National Chair Michael Steele said).

As Dusty said, Brodkorb’s actions are “unbelievable.” Nice catch, Dusty.

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Today was the day I was going to write about how GOPer Erik Paulsen had abandoned the tradition of the accessible Jim Ramstad and is acting like the reclusive John Kline, concerning town hall meetings. However, when I logged on, I noticed on the blogwire that Gavin Sullivan beat me to it. Here’s the start to Gavin’s post, last Saturday:

Congressman Erik Paulsen’s several predecessors established a decades-old tradition of holding quarterly ‘Town Hall Forums’–in which constituents could address questions to their solon face-to-face. Upon assuming the seat, Paulsen unilaterally erased this democratic inheritance.

And Paulsen ducking out should not be a surprise to anyone. Paulsen started his campaign for congress claiming he was something he clearly is not – a moderate in the mold of Frenzel and Ramstad. Paulsen started his congressional career under a false facade; his record in congress clearly points out Paulsen is hardly a “moderate” – why would Paulsen take the chance to expose the charade in a public venue?

And what’s really not surprising is just the other day, the state GOP, led by FEC Tony and MudSlingerMike, ripped DFLer Peterson for not holding Town Halls.

Everybody got that? The state GOP’s position is:

Rip Peterson, but ignore Paulsen doin’ the same thing. Well, Kline and Bachmann, too.

Which, of course, proves once again:

“Hypocrisy, Thy Party Is GOP”

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Some call it disinformation, some call it lying, but what ever it’s called, it certainly isn’t the truth. Keep in mind republiCon John Kline had to be pressured into holding his one and only “Town Hall” – and I use that term loosely, Erik Paulsen has shown no inclination to do any “Town Halls” despite his predecessor’s record of doing multiple – and legitimate – Town Hall meetings twice a year. As far as the ol’ MotorMouth herself, as far as I can tell Bachmann has never held a “Town Hall.” She did “host” a “Forum” earlier this year, but: she let a paid shill lawyer do the talking.

Fast forward to last night: wanting to see how long it took Sean insHanitty to say something stupid, I tuned to Faux News at the top of the hour and was not disappointed. Especially since he had Bachmann MotorMouth Overdrive on, “right” away! Let’s look!

Everybody catch that? Let’s review:

(3:15) Hannity: “What do you make, I’m watching Barney Frank and it doesn’t really really surprise me, he’s got a very safe district, but you know, the arrogance, the condescention, you know, the battling with the voters – something’s changed and I can’t quite pinpoint what it is. I’ve never seen voters attacked this way, have you?”

Bachmann MotorMouth Overdrive: “Well, the great thing is that Members of Congress are at home this August – they’re having an opportunity to be actually able to hear from normal Americans about how they feel about this health care proposal rather than the lobbyists that have been swirling through the halls of Congress. This is a wonderful thing – we’re actually seeing Democracy in action and it’ll be very difficult for members of congress to go back to Washington DC in September and clearly vote against their constituent’s interests. None of them can say now that they didn’t realize where the heartbeat of the American public is and we’ll soon see if the liberals in Congress are listening to regular Americans.”

So, here we have Bachmann MotorMouth Overdrive talking about how “wonderful” Town Halls are, and she’s never had one. And lest we not forget, Kline had to be pressured into holding his one and only “Town Hall” and Paulsen shows no inclination to ever holding one.

Let’s watch what Minnesota GOP Deputy Chair Michael Brodkorb said, concerning Town Halls:

Which brings us back to what I said, up at the top:

Some call it disinformation, some call it lying, but what ever it’s called, it certainly isn’t the truth.

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Last Friday, we reviewed an investigation into the dirty politics of John Kline, R=GreedOverPrinciples. The story focused on “transparency” – more specifically, lack thereof – and “accessibility” – and again, lack thereof – and John Kline.

And as disgusting as John Kline and his paid staff’s actions were, Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul actually acts worse. Yes indeed, Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul set a new low in the dirty tricks department last week.

For the very first time (that I’m aware of), an elected Republican official – Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul – actually did the dirty deed himself. And not only did Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul stage the ambush attack himself, he did it inside the office of his target.

As pathetic and disgusting as it was for someone on the John Kline gravy train to stand outside a Coleen Rowley campaign event and yell racial slurs – Mike Osskopp – or crash a Steve Sarvi campaign event and badger the candidate – Diana Bratlie – at least John Kline could maintain some kind of plausible (cough, cough) deniability: “Hey, it was just some staffers.”

Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul went lower than that: he did the deed himself, and he did it in Congressman Tim Walz’ offices.

Let’s look at the YouTube Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul shot, and then analyze exactly how UNtransparent Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul was.

Now, before we talk about how Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul’s attack was completely UNtransparent, it’s important to note that GOPers tried to SwiftBoat Tim Walz’ military record in his 2006 race against Gil Gutknecht AND in 2008 against Brian Davis. “tried” – as in failed, because the smear didn’t work.

Blue Man wrote about this just two days ago:

The attacks on Congressman Walz have started again. This time, a tool named Thul is attacking the Congressman on his military record, saying that Walz did not serve “in support of” Operation Enduring Freedom.

Yep, we went through this stuff back in 2006 too…and the response is the same. (Blue man in a Red District)

And Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul’s allegation regarding the picture is just as bogus, as I (tried) to explain to Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul last week; the sign does NOT read “Enduring Freedom Veterans” followed by “for Kerry” – the sign reas “Enduring Freedom” followed by “Veterans for Kerry.”

This discussion came up due to my investigation into Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul’s use of a email account for political purposes; a subject to be addressed in the coming days…stay tuned! For a quick background on the origins of this issue, link here.

At any rate, Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul is as wrong about the picture as he is about Tim Walz’ record. That said, let’s look at Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul’s ambush attack at the Mankato offices of Congressman Tim Walz:

OK, let’s reveiw how and when Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul identifies himself during his ambush attack:

Start: I’m Dave Thul, …

0:32, I’m Dave Thul …

0:47, I’m Dave Thul, …

5:23. “I’m also a blogger…”

OK, remember at the beginning of that investigation of John Kline? You know, “transparency”? Was Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul transparent?

No (cheney)in’ way was Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul anywhere close to “transparent.”

Not once does Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul identify himself to Walz’s staff as an elected GOP official (Co-Chair of the Steele County Republican Party) even though there are four chances for him to do so in that 5 1/2 minute film.

Four chances, and not once – NOT ONCE – does Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul disclose his partisan party position.

That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is dirty politics – laying a political ambush and lying by omission – and even John Kline hasn’t stooped that low.

There’s more to this story, and it has to do with what Steele County Republican Party Co-Chair Dave Thul said at the 3:15 mark: “…we’re both National Guardsman ourselves…”

Stay tuned!

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