… are very comfortable with where we are.”

Say WHAT??!?

Our guys, obviously, are very comfortable with where we are.” — House Speaker Kurt Zellers, R-Maple Grove — 30 June 2011, 8:30pm

Well, actually that’s true – because “their guys” are The Top 2% of wage earners; their guys are their Boardroom Base; their guys are the guys this recession hasn’t even hit.

Here’s Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton explaining last night exactly why the GOP chose to shut down the great state of Minnesota today:

“I cannot accept a Minnesota where people with disabilities lose part of the time they are cared for by personal care attendants so that millionaires do not have to pay $1 more in taxes.

I cannot accept a Minnesota where young people cannot afford the rising tuitions at the University of Minnesota or a MnSCU campus, so that millionaires do not have to pay $1 more in taxes.

I cannot accept a Minnesota where elderly widows are denied the at-home services that permit them to remain healthy and able to live in their own homes. Or a Minnesota where local governments have to further slash their firefighter and police forces. Or a Minnesota where special education is being cut, so that millionaires do not have to pay $1 more in taxes. That is not Minnesota.” – Governor Mark Dayton, 30 June 2011

GOP: “Our guys, obviously, are very comfortable with where we are.”

Governor Dayton: “I cannot accept a Minnesota where (fill in GOPer slash ‘n burn) so that millionaires do not have to pay $1 more in taxes.”

Will you stand for the GOP’s Boardroom Base, which includes “guys” like Target Corp CEO Gregg Steinhafel?

Or will you stand with the workers in the middle class?

Pick your side, Ladies and Gentlemen – pick your side.

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… numbers don’t lie, but GOPers use numbers.

Well, it could also be: …those that forget the lessons of history tend to vote GOP.

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicActually, it’s “both” and it has to do with Pawlenty in 2009 doing something with the budget process that the State Supreme Court, in 2010, said he couldn’t, and recent claims by the Minnesota GOPers that – surprisingly – bring Pawlenty’s unallotment actions up at, coincidentally, the same time Pawlenty officially announces his presidential run.

Here’s the deal – in January of 2010, I wrote a post titled “The Minnesota Budget Crisis, By The Numbers”. The post was about how Minnesota got into Governor TBag’s Unallotment mess. Suffice it to say, GOPers were makin’ (stuff) up about THAT deal, too.

In a nutshell, here’s what happened during the 2009 Legislative Session: the February 2009 Forecast predicted revenues of $31.1 Billion (rounded). Knowing that number, Gov. TBag proceeded to sign Spending Bills of $33.8 Billion (rounded) anyway.

This created a deficit of $2.7 Billion (rounded) from Governor-approved spending — remember, when TBag signed those spending bills, they were now law). A bill to balance that deficit, HF-2323, was passed and presented to Gov. TBag to sign. Except, TBag didn’t sign that revenue bill to balance the budget; he vetoed it.

Upon creating an unbalanced budget, rather than call a Special Session, TBag immediately claimed unilateral power to fix the problem he created, and then hit the campaign trail. As to TBag’s actions creating an anticipated budget problem, then using powers to deal with unanticipated budget problems? The Court was not amused.

The only reason GOPers today can use that “$32 Billion” number, is because in 2009 Pawlenty did something the Supreme Court ruled he couldn’t.

The reality is that the “$34 Billion” compromise number the Kochzellerstan crowd is crowing about today, is really the same “$33.8 Billion” number that Pawlenty signed into law, before he went all Nixonian by utilizing excessive - and illegalUnitary Executive Power (Nixon would be so proud!)

The bottom line is that in 2009, GOPer Governor Tim Pawlenty took state budgeting into unchartered waters; waters the Supreme Court eventually found illegal. In 2011, GOPer Majorities in both the State House and State Senate are again taking the state into unchartered waters – by refusing to negotiate and submit budget bills Governor Dayton would be willing to sign.

The fact that they are making (stuff) up by claiming to have “compromised” to a number Pawlenty already was at 2 years ago only goes to show, once again, that numbers don’t lie, but GOPers use numbers.

And, of course, anybody that falls for the BS GOPer line that they compromised to $34B also goes to show, once again, that those that forget the lessons of history tend to vote GOP.


That picture, above? I found it via a tweet by GOPer Freshman State Rep Kurt Daudt:

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Take a “good” look at these GOPers:

(photo by TPT)

They think the likes o’ “Billion Dollar Bill” McGuire and Stephen Hemsley of United Healthcare fame (not to mention former @MNGOP Party Chair Bill Cooper of TCF Bank) simply can’t afford an income tax increase so they pay the same effective tax rate that the vast unwashed pay.

The DFL has proposed a new tax rate of 9.15% -applied to the likes o’ the above named BoardRoom Tycoons.

Actually, it would apply to all married-joint filers declaring more than $200k in net income; income after all deductions and credits are taken.

Maybe that $200k – NET – number is too low a threshold – MAYBE.

What/where is the counter offer from The Party Of No?

Don’t hold your breath; today’s GreedOverPrinciples Party is more interested in helping the haves and have mores.

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…how Zellers’ election demonstrates – once again – that GOP still stands for GreedOverPrinciples.

GOPers are always claiming to be “the party of fiscal responsibilty.” Are they? Let’s take a quick look!

First up, Governor T-Bag:

I’d always heard that Governor T-Bag racked up the largest fines of any Minnesota politician, EVER. Well, I don’t know if that’s true or not, but a quick google search – a REAL quick Google search (tim + pawlenty + campaign + finance + violations) – turned up this one, in second place on the first page!

In the Matter of the (Tim) Pawlenty for Governor Committee, 15475

Hmmm…. second spot, first page….website of the Campaign Finance Board….let’s look!

NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the mutual covenants contained herein, and other good and valuable consideration, the parties agree as follows:

1. The Pawlenty Committee agrees to pay a civil penalty of $100,000.00 to be paid to the Campaign Board and deposited in the General Fund of the State. The Campaign Board acknowledges receipt of the fine from the Pawlenty Committee. It is agreed that the civil penalty is deemed a noncampaign expenditure and shall not be assessed against Tim Pawlenty individually. (emphasis added) (Mn Campaign Finance Board)

WOW!!! T-Bag got smacked for a hunnerd-thousand smackers in fines, and T-Bag AGREED to it!!!!

And who knows? That might not be the biggest fine T-Bag paid….that was just the second hit on the first page!!!

OK, now let’s take a look at the newly elected Chair of Minnesota’s GreedOverPrinciples Party, Tony “Lost Credibility” Sutton!

From Mr. Lost Credibility’s website:

Dear Fellow Republicans,

Like many of you, I am not happy about the direction our Republican Party has taken the last few election cycles. I have been frustrated by the philosophical and ideology drift our party has experienced in recent years.

What was the party of fiscal responsibility doing? Spending money like drunken sailors in Washington.


Here you got Mr. Lost Accountability* rippin’ on the folks in D.C. when this guy was the Secretary And Treasurer of the State Party while it was leading the nation – yes, leading the nation – in screwed up FEC Reports! While them republiCons were “spending” money like drunken sailors in D.C., Tony an’ the gang were “typing” FEC reports like drunken sailors here at home!!! As noted last May at Mn Blue:

“And we anticipate filing some amendments…”

…is an exact quote from a July 20th, 2007 letter from the Republican Party of Minnesota to the Federal Elections Commission.

“SOME” amendments?

How about SEVENTY amendments!!!

One for each month of 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and the months of January through November of 2007.

Is that “some”?

Ladies and Gentlemen, under Ron Carey’s “stewardship” in leadership roles, the RepubliCan Party of Minnesota has been paying fines to the FEC, going back to 2001 and a fine of $16,000. Since 2002, the FEC has repeatedly and continually asked for clarification of those monthly reports because, well, they simply don’t add up nor make sense.

And they STILL don’t make sense; just last month they had to amend their 2008 Year End FEC Filing. Tony “Lost Credibility” Sutton was Secretary/Treasurer when that was written; Tony “Lost Credibility” Sutton has been involved with the State GOP going back a long ways – he became Executive Director way back when, in 1998. And, one might wonder, what happened way back when, when Tony was Executive Director?

Well, fines! Yep – $16,000 of ‘em!

So, what is one reason not to be surprised that Kurt Zeller was just elected by the GreedOverPrinciples party?


Yep – “right” after Zeller was elected, I saw the tweet from Dusty Trice:

4. The parties agree that the Volunteers for Kurt Zellers Committee accepted excessive contributions from special sources resulting in an inadvertent violation of Minn. Stat. §10A. 27, subd. 11, in calendar year 2004.

Thanks for the tweet, Dusty! I’m sure the new Minority Leader appreciates it!!!

Now, what I found interesting, while googling to verify Dusty’s “fine” find, was this!


IOW – the “fine” find Dusty found, was NOT the only fine!

So, it seems the “Party Of Fiscal unAccountability”, by electing Zellers to a leadership position, is merely continuing the legacy of T-Bag and Sutton. Oh – it also ensures that GOP continues to stand for GreedOverPrinciples.

Stay tuned!

* “Going forward we must be unashamed and unabashed liberty-loving conservatives – we must have confidence in our ideas and agenda and promote them loudly and boldly. Only then will we regain the confidence of the voters with whom we have lost credibility over the last few years.” — Tony “Lost Credibility” Sutton, State Chair of Minnesota’s GreedOverPrinciples Party.

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…today’s GreedOverPrinciples party.

It’s been a tough day for the GOPers. Fortunately for Kurt Zellers, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford – who turned down Federal Stimulus – got caught gettin’ some international stimulus:

Chris Cillizza
washingtonpost.com Political Blogger
Wednesday, June 24, 2009; 3:30 PM

Gov. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) admitted in a press conference in Washington today that he had an extramarital affair with a woman in Argentina and that he will resign his position as president of the Republican Governors Assocation. (Washington Post)

Yep – a “Family Values” republiCon, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, wasn’t “hiking the Appalachian Trail” as aides first claimed; he was down in Argentina – “catching up on foreign affairs”.

Which is good for Zellers; that diverts attention away from his history of campaign finance screwups. Well, and the video Dusty Trice found and posted today – the video of Zeller trashing former Governor Arne Carlson just last May. Let’s look!

That’s Kurt Zellers, trashing former two-term Governor Arne Carlson. Way to make the small tent smaller, Kurt!

And speakin’ o’ the Small Tent Party, Lieutenant Colonel Joe Repya split ranks from the likes of Zellers, Sutton, Brodkorb, et al. In today’s Pioneer Press, Colonel Repya explains why:

“Over the years I have raised tens of thousands of dollars for GOP coffers, donated many thousands of dollars to local and national GOP candidates, worked many hours at the grass-roots level and been asked repeatedly to run for state or federal office by Minnesota GOP officeholders. So why on Earth have I decided to leave the Minnesota GOP?

Simple: When a political party becomes so dysfunctional that it no longer can operate without tyrannical domination over the grass-roots, it is time to stop enabling bad behavior from that party. I have come to the conclusion that a majority of Minnesotans and many Republicans no longer trust the message of the Minnesota GOP.

After years of ineffective party leadership resulting in a record number of defeats, lack of transparency in party dealings, alleged financial impropriety by former party employees, and numerous Federal Election Commission problems, can you really blame the electorate for abandoning the Minnesota GOP?”

OK, now I’ll surmise that the “…alleged financial impropriety by former party employees,…” has something to do with this:

Read the “confidential memo” from the Minnesota Republican Party that is the basis of CREW’s FEC complaint

(Submitted by crew on 16 July 2007 – 1:26pm. FEC Minnesota Republican Party)

CREW filed a Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint today against the Republican Party of Minnesota and its former treasurer, Marina Taubenberger, alleging multiple egregious violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) and FEC regulations. The complaint is based primarily upon a February 15, 2007 confidential memorandum from former Republican Party of Minnesota finance director Dwight Tostenson to the Party’s Executive Committee. You really have to read that memo. Here it is:

OK, so what happened when Colonel Repya tried to ask about the alleged financial impropriety” at the state convention? Let’s watch!!!

Way to go, Tony Sutton, a/k/a “Mr. Lost Credibility”!!! Oh, and in the comments section, of the PiPress? A guy by the name of Nathan Hansen has this to say:

I am Deputy Chair of the Fourth Congressional District and one of the newer anti-war Republican activists. It’s difficult for words to describe how happy I am that you are leaving our Party. The roots of your “neconservative” philosophy lie in Straussian Trotzkyite Communism. “Corporate money” influencing our Party? Nothing compared to the damage your military industrial complex (that Eisenhower warned us about) has wreaked on our Party and our Country.
I hope you will find a happy home among your fellow communists. Your days of endless illegal wars and military industrial complex domination of our party are over.
Obama is ramping up his War in Afghanistan and continues to illegally bomb Pakistan. Perhaps you can join him to satiate your bloodlust. (emphasis added)

ROFLMAO!!! The Deputy Chair of the GOP’s CD-4 not only told Colonel Repya “don’t let the door smack ya on yer arse” — he called Joe a “commie”, too!!!

Ya really gotta admire how those in current GOPer party leadership positions honor the troops, doncha??!?

Ever hear that those who forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it? Well, an astute Regular Reader (thanks, Ricardo!) sent me a link demonstrating how today’s GreedOverPrinciples party’s leaders are doing just that, in an e-mail entitled “The Current State of the GOP Party”! Let’s watch!!!

Oh, and think today was bad for the local GOPers? Watch what happens if ol’ Smokescreen gets his walking papers tomorrow!

Stay tuned!!!

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