Dear Media: Fox News Blames You!

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To Be Clear: Locally, Fox9News does a pretty good job. This is a quick post about some of the nastiest Republicans in the state of Minnesota – the GOP SD48 – and the National Faux “Fox” News.

It’s the morning after a historic election; locally the ethically challenged Kirk Stensrud got knocked off by Yvonne Selcer in 48-A. Knowing how “classy” the local GOPers are (not), I went to their website – let’s look!

OK, see that on the bottom, middle? “• BIAS ALERT — Five ways the mainstream media tipped the scales in favor of Obama.

That’s “right” – blame the media. That’s the local GOPers excuse for possibly the worst candidate a party has ever put up for President, the “fiercely conservative” – until he got the GOP’s endorsement – “Multiple Positions” Mitt Romney (who even the Salt Lake Tribune couldn’t endorse).

“Blame the media” from the local Party of Personal Responsibility (from OTHERS). Forget Etch-A-Sketch; forget Romney Shambles; forget the non-existent tax returns; forget… well EVERYTHING – it’s the media’s fault.

These local GOPers are the ones that rallied behind disgraced former Mayor Phil Young. The ones that two years later; still vilify former DFL State Representative Maria Ruud. The ones that… well, I could go on and On and ON. The local “leaders” of the Mn GOP SD48 simply are NOT nice nor classy people.

And their very first post on their website, on the day after an election rejecting their candidate for president, saw the DFL take over the House and Senate in St. Paul (including the defeat of their endorsed candidate in SD48-A, Kirk Stensrud), saw the defeat of two State Constitutional Amendment proposals is a link to the National Fox News, whose message is: “blame the media.”

Message to GOP SD48: take some responsibility.

You know, like you’re always demanding, from everybody else.

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Update, 21 Oct 2012: After a conversation with MPR earlier today, the MPR story now reads:

Tommy Johnson, who blogs under his nickname “Two Putt Tommy,” said he has never hidden his identity on the Internet. Shelly Mategko, who blogs as Keewatin Rose, also does not hide her identity.

I appreciate MPR updating their story.


I saw the Minnesota Public Radio headline yesterday: “Dem. PR consultant created alternate identity to promote clients” by MPR Reporter Catherine Richert, who has carved a niche for herself as MPR’s “Fact Checker. Imagine my surprise, when I read this:

A call to the Barnes campaign was answered by Dybvig’s wife and Barnes campaign manager, McLoone. Asked if she thought her husband’s activities were unethical, McLoone said the situation isn’t unusual.

“What I know is that on blogs people always have their [blog] name, like Keewatin Rose or Two Putt Tommy, so it’s done all the time,” she said.

OK, what’s the title of Richert’s story again? “Dem. PR consultant created alternate identity to promote clients” (emphasis added).

What is my name doing in this story? I certainly don’t use an “alternate identity” – as evidenced by a screenshot of my Twitter page:

Oh, wait – McCloone said “(blog) name.” So, what’s it say here, on my bio page, here on MPP?

I don’t go by “Two Putt Tommy” to hide my identity; I use “TwoPuttTommy” to PROMOTE my identity; it’s my “brand.”

Liz McCloone tossing out my name in response to Richert’s question is a false equivalency – as is McCloone’s tossing out “Keewatin Rose.” Here’s a screen shot of Shelly Matego’s Twitter page:

As I understand it, Shelly’s father gave her that nickname back in the…. well, many years ago. No point pointing out Shelly’s youth!

Here is the point: McCloone used a false equivalency and the alleged MPR Fact Checker didn’t fact check the accuracy of McCloone’s claim.

So I called The Fact Checker – Richert – to ask my name be taken out of that story because it’s a false equivalency that isn’t true; therefore, it isn’t germane to the story.

Richert stated she was sticking to it, because “McCloone said it. If you have a problem with it, call McCloone.”


Followed up with an email:


Before I hit the publish button, I’d like to ask if you think it’d be fair to characterize your response as to why you included Liz McCloones’ quote in your story as: “Because she said it.”

Tommy Johnson

Followed up with another phone call; Richert is sticking to her story and won’t pull my name (which, I assume, means Richert won’t pull KeewatinRose’s either). The amazing thing about this? Richert has MET me. If anyone should know I don’t “hide” behind a “alternate identity” – it’s a reporter that’s met me.

Personally, the idea that a “Fact Checker” wouldn’t fact check a claim by the subject of a false identity story, and still stands by the story, turns this “reporter” into a “repeater.”

I’m giving MPR’s Fact Checker an “F” on this aspect of her story.

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Today’s Strib has a story: “The Fall Of Michael Brodkorb”. It’s standard fare for those following the Pew d’ Etat that is the execution of Amy Koch. One part caught my eye:

Among his admirers, he was regarded as a good strategist, particularly in crafting a message to changing events. His mentor at the Republican Party, former chairman Tony Sutton, once said he carried the party’s message “whatever the personal costs to himself.” He carried it even into the lion’s den, such as when he strolled through the DFL state convention in Duluth last year to give his take to reporters. (emphasis added)

Yes, Brodkorb was in Duluth at the Convention, wearing DFL duly issued credentials for the loyal opposition. And that’s the way it should be; an open forum for all to see with one caveat: you show up, sign in, and only after signing in do you go in.

Even Brodkorb agrees with that; or, at least, he SAID he does – let’s look!

Now, next Friday, in St. Cloud, a whole bunch of media types will be attending – and be issued media credentials – for what looks to be a real food fight at the GOP’s Central Committee Meeting. I know that; I asked a couple media types.

What was the official GOP response to the ol’ TwoPutter’s media request, to the official GOP Spokestool, Craig “Firmly Embedded” Westover?

From: Two Putt Tommy
Sent: Monday, December 12, 2011 6:58 AM
To: Craig J. Westover
Subject: Media Credentials

Mr. Westover,

I’d like Media Credentials to cover the 12-31-11 State Central Committee Meeting.

Please advise.

Tommy Johnson
follow me on twitter!

To: TwoPuttTommy
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2011 10:32:28 -0600
Subject: RE: Media Credentials

In keeping with long-standing Party policy, your request for Media Credentials to cover the 12-31 State Central Committee is NOT granted.

Craig Westover
Communications Director
Republican Party of Minnesota

I might go there anyway, and livetweet the food fight from the outside. But here’s the point: for all the “honest and open and transparent” BS that GOPers spew – from Party Officials down to the GrassRoots – GOPers are anything but.

In April of 2010, GOPers held their state convention in Minneapolis – AFTER, as noted above, Brodkorb as GOPer Deputy freely strolled through the DFL Convention in Duluth. I covered that event through twitter and in 3 posts – the first entitled “Fear And Loathing In Sloganville, Part 1 – or… A Peak Through The Flaps Of The Small Tent Party”.

I’ll start this post out dealing with the Fear Factor! As expected yesterday, Minnesota’s GOPers weren’t gonna give the ol’ TwoPutter Media Credentials. But, that’s no surprise; they didn’t credential The UpTake, either. As a matter o’ fact, the MN GOP is none-too-keen about letting “just anyone in” to see the goings ons o’ their party; no one – and I mean NO ONE – can wander on in and watch how The Small Tent Party conducts their business, without bein’ approved to do said watching.

One wonders what would happen, were a teacher to bring a coupla kids down to the Mpls Convention Center, for a teachable moment about democracy – GOPer Style. I’m guessing it would be a real teachable moment; GOPers refusing school kids to watch ‘em in action!!!

Remember how Brodkorb, in that video, talked about how responsive the DFL was to his credential requests? The GOP? Not so much. From that post:

Here’s the tweet, about my exchange with MN GOP Communications Director Mark Drake concerning my Media Credentials:

Drake: “U didn’t rgstr in time” Me: “What was deadline?” Drake: “Didn’t u get my memo?” Me: “U r a funny guy, Mark”
#mngop10 #Stribpol
about 14 hours ago via web

Drake’s a GOPer!

He – like Brodkorb, like every other GOPer in a position to abuse authority I’ve ever met, is a GOPer that simply can’t resist jerking people. I eventually got in, even after following all their rules – rules they seemed intent to break. In a nutshell: GOPer rules stated credentialed attendees could bring in “guests” provided they registered and paid an entrance fee. So a fellow veteran – disgusted with the way the ol’ TwoPutter was getting jerked around – sponsored me and let me take a $20 out of my pocket to get in to the convention. Follow the rules, get in right away ?

Of course not – we’re talking the Greed Over Principles party here.

I eventually got in; they eventually figured out the ol’ TwoPutter wasn’t going away and it simply got too embarrassing to keep me on the outside tweeting in.

Which in a way was surprising – it’s not often one can shame today’s GOP.

This little story is but one example of the hypocrisy ingrained in today’s GOP.

It’s one more reminder, it’s today’s example, of what GOPer Michael Steele said back in February of 2009: “you have absolutely no reason – none – to trust our words or actions at this point”.

You couldn’t trust the GOP then, you can’t now, and tomorrow won’t be any different.

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Last Sunday, after reading noted GOPer apologist Jason Lewis’ latest rant in the Star Tribune, I posted “Who Is The Whiny 9 Year Old Here?” In it, I wrote: “I’d fact-check Jason, but what’s the point? It’s not like pointing out (once again) that Reagan said “facts are stupid things” and GOPers live it will really change their deceitful ways.”

Well, yesterday – over at MinnPost – Eric Black took a look at Lewis’ rant, too – in a post entitled “Jason Lewis’ wrong and exaggerated arguments about freedom”. And it’s well worth the read — so go read it! Here’s a teaser:

Everything the right likes can be phrased as a form of “freedom,” as in freedom of the rich from paying higher taxes, freedom of corporations from government regulation, freedom to pollute, freedom of those with almost unlimited resources to use those resources to influence elections, freedom of the wealthiest 1 percent to accumulate any damn portion of the society’s wealth and income without shame, freedom to overthrow foreign governments (but only in order to bring freedom to the oppressed of those nations) and a few other important freedoms that you can think of on your own.
(more, here)

One area Eric Black pokes a big hole in Lewis’ rant is the wingnut right’s fixation on “the Founders” and their alleged anti-tax views. Again, Reagan said “Facts are stupid things” and wingnuts like Lewis prove it on a regular basis. That’s why I stuck that picture of ol’ Ben Franklin and that quote up there – ripping “money manipulators”. OK, that quote was probably misattributed to ol’ Ben. Be that as it may, Ben was a wise man indeed and – IMNSHO – would be standing with today’s Occupy Wall Street protestors; protesting today’s dishonest monetary system.

Eric blows a hole in Lewis’ misuse of Federalist #21. I like the following quote from the second paragraph of Federalist #2:

“Nothing is more certain than the indispensable necessity of government, and it is equally undeniable, that whenever and however it is instituted, the people must cede to it some of their natural rights in order to vest it with requisite powers.” — Publius (John Jay), October 31st, 1787

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Only a fool would believe what GOPers say – and what their apologists, like Jason Lewis and Katherine Kersten, write.

Noted GOPer apologist Jason Lewis is simply an example of: “You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different.”

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A while ago, then-GOP National Chair Michael Steele said – and this is an exact quote: “You have absolutely no reason – none – to trust our words or our actions at this point.”

In today’s Star Tribune, noted GOPer apologist Jason Lewis demonstrates this continues to be true. I’d fact-check Jason, but what’s the point? It’s not like pointing out (one again) that Reagan said “facts are stupid things” and GOPers live it will really change their deceitful ways. No, today Jason whipped out something that needs to simply be mocked, ridiculed and scorned: Jason calling the pot black. Here’s what he wrote:

“The glorified mob, from Athens to New York, is threatening social instability if it doesn’t get what it wants (as Chris Christie once pointed out, this trait is also quite prevalent among 9-year-olds), but it will bring about only the economic chaos it pretends to oppose.” (emphasis added)

Earth to Jason; earth to Jason! Republicans gave Wall Street Banksters everything – EVERYTHING – they wanted, and the results is not only the economic chaos we are still in, but driving the world’s economic system to the brink of meltdown.

When reading Lewis, and Kersten too, it’s pretty easy to tell who are the whiny 9 year olds demanding everything they want – it’s the less-regulation/no regulation, “my way or the highway” GOP.

Gentle Readers may recall GOPers – like the whiny, (mentally) 9 year old Lewis – ranting about their belief in “free markets” and “competition” and what wonderful things that “competition” will do for the economy. Well, remember those words while we take a look at the results of their deeds:

Only a fool would believe what GOPers say – and what their apologists, like Jason Lewis and Katherine Kersten, write.

Jason Lewis is simply today’s example of: “You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different.”

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Earlier today, I posted about Fox News tellin’ whoppers, and how Canada don’t allow that kind o’ (stuff). Here’s the link to that story.

Well, a sharp-eyed and dedicated reader sent me an email, asking if I’d seen the YouTube entitled “Fox Lies – Cenk Busts Fox News On MSNBC”. I hadn’t seen it, so: I did. And now you can too – let’s look!

(direct link to YouTube)

Oh, and about those “palm trees” Cenk referenced in that YouTube? Some of the fine folk in Madison that are protesting against GOPer Governor Scott Walker’s attempt (aided and abetted by Wisconsin’s GOPer Legislators) to slash public employee’s wages, kill their unions, and sell off state assets to the lowest bidder and/or closest political cronies noticed there weren’t “palm trees” in Madison before, so – there are now!

(photo credit to @matt_is_a_nerd)

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Bill Sorem – Citizen Journalist

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Bill was recently a guest on Democratic Visions. Here’s the story:

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…”not too shabby for a quitter.”

Hey – the Half-Time Governor gives Bachmann MotorMouth Overdrive something to shoot for next year!

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I’ve been following and commenting on GOPer Mayor Phil Young’s legal problems since mid-May, when the story first broke in the Strib; link for Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3 and Part 4 and Part 5 and Part 6. Plus, there’s “What I’ll Be Saying Tonight”. The Strib has done follow up stories (h/t to Laurie Blake) as events unfolded, and GOPer Young recently ended up the subject of a Strib Editorial.

Yesterday, the Sun Newspaper published the closest look (so far). Read it, and it’s obvious the reporter, Chris Olwell, takes his craft as a journalist seriously. Here’s how it starts:

Eden Prairie Mayor
By Chris Olwell – - Sun Newspapers
Published: Thursday, July 22, 2010 2:15 PM CDT

On April 15, Eden Prairie Mayor Phil Young went to the Plymouth Police Department. He sat down with two detectives in a conference room in the lobby. He was there to answer questions about an investigation into allegations of theft of public funds.

According to police reports, Young arrived confident, composed, making strong eye contact and answering questions. As the detectives laid out the evidence against him, he began to slouch in his seat. He leaned his elbows against the table and hid his face in his hands. By the end of the interview, Young sat silently with his head on the table between his folded arms.

Go read it. Now.

I’ll have some thoughts on this sordid saga on Monday.

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…”Today’s Example Of Greed Over Principles.”

I’ve been following the continuing Eden Prairie GOPer Mayor Phil Young Scandal; Part 5 (which has links to parts 1, 2, 3 and 4) is here.

And I’d like to reiterate what I told the Eden Prairie City Council on June 15th:


Yesterday, the Strib published an Editorial regarding Mayor Young. On their webpage, they excerpted one question and answer between Detective Hultgren and Mayor Young. I also submitted a Data Practices Act Request with the Plymouth Police Department, and have read the entire investigation that is public information. The final 4 pages are here (page 45) and here (page 46) and here (page 47) and here (page 48). It starts with Detective Hultgren describing how he was assigned to the case, and the facts he found. Make no mistake — Detective Hultgren found perjury, plain and simple. From page 48:

On 6/11/2010 (City Prosecutor) Renz contacted me and asked that I (Det. Hultgren) again send this case to the County Attorney for possible felony perjury charges. Renz believed this was the most obvious charge after he reviewed the facts.
On 7-12-2010 Renz advised me that his office was declining to charge Mayor Young with a misdemeanor.

OK, so why didn’t City Attorney Renz prosecute Mayor Young under misdemeanor perjury? Because he can’t; perjury by definition is a felony. That explains Renz’ cryptic press release: “…though there may be provable charges at levels or in forums over which Mr. Renz does not have jurisdiction.”

After reading through the whole Plymouth Police Investigation, it’s obvious: Young knew when he filled out all those forms that included the phrase “I declare under penalties of perjury…” the information Young filled in was not true.

And Young did it over and Over and OVER. Just one time – just ONE TIME – is perjury; the Plymouth Police Department clearly proved Young did it over and Over and OVER.

One can easily surmise Young would still be doing just that, had he not been caught. It’s a shame he won’t be prosecuted.

Stay tuned!

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