…You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different”

OK, that’s a screenshot of the MN GOP’s latest Federal Elections Commission (“FEC”) filing, signed just over a week ago (December 20th, 2011). Look at Line 10 – “Debts and Obligations Owed BY the Committee” – and the number, “$542,005.12.”

As reported to the FEC, just over a week ago.

What do we see reported today, here in the land of FEC Tony Sutton, the recently deposed Burrito Barron of the MN GOP?

Sources: State GOP debt is about $2 million
by Paul Demko and Briana Bierschbach
Published: December 29,2011

An internal review of the Republican Party of Minnesota’s finances has determined that the party is responsible for about $2 million in debts, according to two sources familiar with the findings. That’s nearly twice as much as previously thought.

According to these sources, party officials will report about $1.3 million in debt when they announce the findings of the probe at a press conference on Friday. But that figure does not include a number of debts that the party reportedly plans to contest, including roughly $450,000 in legal bills stemming from the 2010 gubernatorial recount. (more, here)

Why does anybody believe ANYTHING today’s GOP says??!?

And as I write this, the MN State GOP is conducting a “debate” to replace FEC Tony (deposed for financial mismangement) — and a leading “candidate” is a (I am NOT making this up) former ENRON lobbyist??!?

You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different

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(With news that 2 of 3 (and 3rd might be next) of the reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Plant in Japan, I thought it might be time to remind people that the only industry that I know of that does NOT have to provide liability insurance is Nuclear. In the case of a meltdown, Taxpayers pick up the cleanup tab. The USS Ronald Reagan is off the Japanese Coast for assistance operations and reportedly just got a dose of radiation; you know – KNOW – who’s going to pay for that. NOT the Nuclear Industry; it’s taxpayers – you and me. The following was originally posted on 26 January 2010)

I saw the link in Politics In Minnesota’s Morning Report; a story written by one of the mutts over at “Freedom Dogs”. Quite certain it was filled with typical republiCon bull(chips), I clicked on the link. I, of course, was correct – complete tripe, and simply another example of “Republicans are against federal handouts (except when they’re not)”

The issue this time, from the mutts, was nuclear power. Let’s look at just one line (I could rip more, but I’m really rather busy to waste too much time on these mutts):

“Nuclear power is safe, efficient, cost-effective, and it’s what the fast growth countries have been doing for years.”

Yeah, “right”. It’s so (cheney)in’ safe, that Xcell Energy mailed out the following calendar to those in the immediate fall-out zone, in 2009:


Those beyond the immediate fall-out zone? Well, if you are it sucks to be you, but: “sucks to be you” really is the mantra in today’s GreedOverPrinciples party so no surprise there!

Here’s the part, that really, Really, REALLY tells me that nukes are safe:

In the unlikely event of a nuclear generating plant accident, how would you be notified?

If the public needs to take shelter or evacuate, warning sirens will sound.
Weather-alert radios will also activate and you will hear a message.
Listen for a steady siren tone lasting 3 minutes. In areas not served by sirens, slow-moving law enforcement vehicles or state helicopters will warn citizens using sirens and loudspeakers.

Now, no one ever accused those mutts at “Freedom Dogs” of bein’ none-too-bright. Lemmings? Yep. Bootlickers? Of course! Flat-out liars? Well, click on the link above, and judge for yourself.

Here’s the kicker: mutts like the Freedom Lemmings “Dogs” love – LOVE – to claim that they’re “free-marketeers” that hate – HATE – “government handouts.”

Folks, the simple fact is, there would be no – NONE – nuclear plants now in operation, had not the nuclear industry been given the federal handout known as the Price-Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act.

In a nutshell, The Price-Anderson Act says that if, as stated in the Excel Calendar above, there’s an “unlikely event of a nuclear generating plant accident” and there’s a whole bunch of damages, Excel isn’t on the hook for the damages – YOU are. Me, too. Well, EVERYONE is. That’s right; nuclear plants don’t have to buy no stinkin’ liability insurance; the nuclear industry instead will stick the taxpayers with the tab if there’s a meltdown.

“Too big to fail” ring a bell?

Here’s why the nuclear industry puts the cost of a (cheney)up meltdown on the American Taxpayers: it’s because no insurance company in their right mind would ever – EVER – insure a nuclear plant for liability. So, to make the buck, the nuclear industry has to put the good ol’ USofA taxpayers on the hook. If they had to buy liability insurance in the open market (“Hello, Allstate?”), and factor that cost into the end price customers paid, other technologies would suddenly look mighty cheap in comparison. You know, like solar? Hydro? Wind? Yada, yada, yada?

Price-Anderson, Gentle Readers, is a Federal Handout – something today’s alleged “conservatives” claim they are against.

Can anybody reading this, tell me one other industry that doesn’t have to provide liability insurance for their operations; one other industry that has to have – HAS TO HAVE – the American Taxpayers on the hook, in order to be economically viable?

As far as I know, nuclear is the only one that fits both of the above.

I’d bet the mutts over at Freedom Dogs never thought of that, before they decided to (once again) play bootlicker for the GOP’s benefactors (this time, the nuclear industry). And I’m certain they never figured out that although they claim (loudly and often) that they want LESS Government, expansion of nuclear power would require MORE government: more regulators/more inspectors/more fire/more police/more emergency responders/more yada, yada, yada.

Unless, of course, they’re advocating MORE nuclear power with LESS government regulations and oversight and evacuation plans, yada, yada, yada.

If they are (and don’t put anything beyond the realm of those mutts), I’m certain they’d have no problemo if said new nuclear plant were built upwind from them by a company run by, say, Ken Lay Jr., or, perhaps, a Charles Keating The Third, or say, the next Tom Petters?

At any rate, the whole sorry saga of alleged “conservatives” advocating for more nuclear power is also another example of:

“Hypocrisy, Thy Party Is GOP”

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