Eden Prairie has a large immigrant population. Always has, and probably/hopefully always will. Way back when, when the City laid out the master plan, city residents and city planners worked to ensure there would be ample affordable housing in Eden Prairie. We’ve seen years ago Hmong come and go; then Russians; now it’s Somali refugees turn to be welcomed.

Except these days, today’s GOP doesn’t seem so pleased for them to come – and many of ‘em sure seem like they’d like to see them go. Precint 11 in Eden Prairie is home to many Somalis, so I went there to see if the TeaBaggers would be up to no good. To no surprise, they were. When I got there, four white guys were hanging out on the corner entrance to the Church hosting the election poll; I saw a KSTP Channel 5 vehicle. The following picture is of Bill Reichert, the Communications Director for the Minnesota Voters Alliance:

They wanted to get a guy wearing a Tea Bagger shirt with their all-seeing eye button to vote whilst wearing his shirt and button; apparently, they were having problems; not sure ’cause they didn’t really want to talk to me. They huddled, and then a crew with a video camera showed up so they went back to the corner to shoot some film. So I went up to the entrance to the poll, and paced off 100 feet. The KSTP vehicle seemed a miht bit close to me…. but, that’s a tangent. What’s important was the hand I shook at the door, a distinguished gentleman exceedingly proud to, as he put it, “vote.” “In Somalia, I didn’t get to vote. Now I do.”

The crew walked on up , this guy was going to go in with his teabaggeer shirt and all-seeing eye button and “exercise HIS right” to vote:

He walked in, the KSTP Reporter followed, and into the poll he went. Not sure if he had to cover up or not; what’s clear is the email that had been sent out to the TeaBagger Faithful, as discussed by The Big E, here:

For now, we are recommending that you proceed with wearing your Election Integrity buttons or Tea Party apparel to the polls, knowing you are within your rights, but don’t allow yourself to be disenfranchised. If you are challenged by an election judge because of what you are wearing, you’ll have a decision to make. You can simply remove or cover the challenged item and you’ll be allowed to vote, or you can refuse and demand your right to vote and the election judge will allow you to vote, while also recording your name and you could be charged with a petty misdemeanor.

Now, the point I’d like to make is that a judge ruled, as I understand it, essentially to “take the stuff off.”

Personally, I think the stuff is intimidation – pure and simple. Be that as it may, I also think the stuff IS electioneering; it seems obvious to me that this whole Tea Bagger “movement” is part and parcel of the GOP.

I’ll follow up tomorrow and see if I can get a comment from Eden Prairie Election Officials and find out what happened in the poll.

What I know is that the guy went in with his Tea bagger shirt and all-seeing eye button; when he came out he still had it on. And I also know that the election judges work hard and have plenty to do already; why these TeaBaggers couldn’t just follow the rules and leave the stuff at home is beyond me.

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Last Thursday, I went to a GOP Campaign Event TeaBagger “Stop The Election Fraud” deal at the Eden Prairie Community Center (imagine that – TeaBaggers hate Government so much that they meet at a taxpayer-paid facility). And I saw a bunch o’ angry white folk there, bound and determined to make sure elections were run fair ‘n square.

So I’ve been driving around today, checking to see if any of those SouthWest TeaBaggers were sitting just over 100 feet from the polling places in Eden Prairie and Chanhassen – you know, so they can stop the hordes evil liberal/leftist/socialist/French-Fry eating election-stealing ACORNers from stealing the election from those hard working TeaBaggers. And, of course, so far I’ve seen none of them keeping democracy (with a small “d”) safe in America.

I did see the following:

So I paced from the front door of Precinct 1 in Chanhassen, the Fire Station on 7610 Laredo Blvd to the front corner of the driver’s side on the truck: 14 yards.

And the ol’ TwoPutter knows 14 yards when he paces it….

And who Might Vicki Ernst be? Well, she’s an incumbent Chanhassen Council Member, and she was elected as an At-Large Delegate in the GOP’s 2nd District in 2008.

Incumbent, big ol’ truck with a big ol’ sign well within the 100 foot boundary – of COURSE she’s a GOPer.

We’ll see if Carver County does anything about it…

…but, if those angry white folk from Carver County and Eden Prairie aren’t guarding THEIR election polling places, where are they?


…stay tuned!

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Some GOPers have been claiming that Chambers of Commerce are non-partisan because they endorse candidates from both parties.

Yeah, “right.”

Let’s see if you, the Gentle Reader, can identify the Democrats endorsed in the following lists: endorsements from the Eden Prairie Chamber Of Commerce, the TwinWest Chamber, and the State Chamber.

Good luck!

Happy hunting!!!

(extra points if you can find the Democrats endorsed that AREN’T incumbents)

Eden Prairie Chamber Of Commerce endorsements:

Donna Azarian – City Council
David Hann – State Senate
Jenifer Loon – State Rep
Kathy Nelson – City Council
Kirk Stensruud – State Rep

TwinWest Chamber Of Commerce endorsements:

State House
33A – Steve Smith
32B – Kurt Zellers
33B – Connie Doepke
42A – Kirk Stensrud
43A – Sarah Anderson

State Senate
32 – Warren Limmer
33 – Gen Olson
42 – David Hann
43 – Terri Bonoff
45 – Ann Rest
46 – Linda Scheid

Erik Paulsen

Minnesota Chamber Of Commerce endorsements:

Governor – Tom Emmer

Attorney General – Chris Barden

Minnesota House
4A Mr. Richard Lehmann
8B Mr. Roger Crawford
10A Representative Bud Nornes
10B Representative Mark Murdock
11A. Representative Torrey Westrom
11B Ms. Mary Franson
13A Representative Paul Anderson
14A Mr. Tim O’Driscoll
14B Mr. Tom Ellenbecker
15A Representative Steve Gottwalt
15B Mr. King Banaian
16A Ms. Sondra Erickson
16B Representative Mary Kiffmeyer
17A Mr. Kurt Daudt
17B Mr. Bob Barrett
18A Representative Ron Shimanski
18B Representative Dean Urdahl
19A Representative Bruce Anderson
19B Mr. Joe McDonald
21A Mr. Chirstopher Swedzinski
21B Representative Paul Torkelson
22A Mr. Joe Schomacker
22B Representative Rod Hamilton
24A Representative Bob Gunther
25B Mr. Kelby Woodard
26B Mr. Daniel Kaiser
28A Representative Tim Kelly
28B Representative Steve Drazkowski|
29A Mr. Duane Quam
30A Mr. Charlie O’Connell
32B Representative Kurt Zellers
33A Representative Steve Smith
33B Representative Connie Doepke
34B Representative Joe Hoppe
35A Representative Mike Beard
35B Representative Mark Buesgens
36B Representative Pat Garofalo
37A Representative Tara Mack
37B Mr. Kurt Bills
38A Ms. Diane Anderson
38B Mr. Doug Wardlow
40A Ms. Pam Myhra
41B Mr. Pat Mazerol
42A Mr. Kirk Stensrud
42B Representative Jenifer Loon
43A Representative Sarah Anderson
48A Representative Tom Hackbarth
49A Representative Peggy Scott
50B Mr. Russell Bertsch
51A Representative Tim Sanders
52A Representative Bob Dettmer
52B Representative Matt Dean
53A Ms. Linda Runbeck
53B Representative Carol McFarlane
56A Representative Julie Bunn
56B Ms. Andrea Kieffer
57A Mr. John Kriesel
57B Representative Denny McNamara

Minnesota Senate
4 Mr. John Carlson
12 Mr. Paul Gazelka
14 Senator Michelle Fischbach
15 Mr. John Pederson
17 Mr. Sean Nienow
18 Mr. Scott Newman
19 Senator Amy Koch
21 Mr. Gary Dahms
22 Representative Doug Magnus
24 Senator Julie Rosen
25 Mr. Al DeKruif
26 Senator Mike Parry
28 Mr. John Howe
29 Senator David Senjem
30 Ms. Carla Nelson
31 Mr. Jeremy Miller
34 Senator Julianne Ortman
35 Senator Claire Robling
36 Mr. Dave Thompson
37 Senator Chris Gerlach
38 Mr. Ted Daley
39 Senator Jim Metzen
41 Senator Geoff Michel
42 Senator David Hann
43 Senator Terri Bonoff
45 Senator Ann Rest
47 Mr. Benjamin Kruse
48 Senator Mike Jungbauer
52 Senator Ray Vandeveer
53 Mr. Roger Chamberlain
56 Mr. Ted Lillie
56 Senator Kathy Saltzman

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Political Payback In The Land Of Brodkorb

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Here’s the story of a district
That once was pretty solid red.
Then along came a guy named Brodkorb
So let’s see where his politics have led….

In the 2000 election, winners were GOPer State Rep Tim Wilkin in 38-A by 9 points, GOPer State RepTim Pawlenty in 38-B by a whopping 32 points, and DFL State Senator Deanna Weiner by a mere 529 votes – or, .31%. In 2002, with T-Bag taking off for the corner office at the Capital, GOPer State Rep Tim Wilkin increased his margin and won by 16, T-Bag replacement GOPer Lynn Wardlow won by 16 in 38-B, and GOPer Mike McGinn knocked off the incumbent DFLer – giving the GOP all three seats in Senate District 38.

Since then, Brodkorb – a/k/a “MudSlingerMike” – started a smear machine “blog” and “served” in a variety of positions in the State GOP (rising to his current position as State GOP Deputy Chair) – including a stunt “stint” as Chair of the local SD-38 GOP. The results o’ MudSlingerMike’s hard work, locally in 38?

The incumbents for next Tuesday’s elections are:
DFL State Senator Jim Carlson
DFL State Rep Sandra Masin in 38-A
DFL State Rep Mike Obermueller in 38-B

Brodkorb, you’re doin’ a heckuva job in your own back yard!!!

Well, this year, certain GOPers are hoping money will make a few things different.

Yesterday, I got a tip:

It seems that the Racino people are dropping money bombs on Senator Jim Carlson. In the October 15th edition of the local “Eagan This Week” newspaper, there was an ad ripping State Senator Carlson for his opposition to former GOPer State Senator Dick Day’s current meal-ticket, the proposed Racino at Canterbury Park. The tip also noted that although the ad was in the October 15th paper, the “new” Racino group (the “Vote Racino Now Committee” dropping the moneybombs (they also ran 2 ads on the 22nd) didn’t file their Campaign Finance Board unitl October 20th.

Hmm… buy ads on the 15th; don’t file until the 20th? Well, fact-checking this tip turns up that it’s probably legal; the Campaign Finance Board tells me that a “Committee” has 14 days to file after incurring a debt or spending money. And the Treasurer of that new Committee, Attorney Chris Johnson, assured me future Campaign Board filings would confirm that. We’ll see….

Anyway, who has tossed dough at that Committee that has tossed moneybombs at State Senator Carlson’s way? Let’s look!!!

Canterbury Park dropping $18,000 into a newly formed Committee that’s dropping anti-Senator Carlson ads into the local newspaper days before an election…..

That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is political payback in the land of Brodkorb.

And under the Citizens United ruling, it seems that’s the way GOPers will play.

Earlier, I pointed out that despite the antics and politics of Michael Brodkorb, the voters that know him best – the voters in Senate District 38 – turned a solid GOP District into a solid DFL District.

Let’s hope those voters are still paying attention, and reject the moneybombs tossed at Senator Jim Carlson by returning him – along with Sandy Masin and Mike Obermueller, too – to St. Paul.

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The October edition of Democratic Visions will be aired tonight at 5:30 on Comcast Channel 15 in Hopkins, Minnetonka, Edina, Richfield and Eden Prairie and again Sunday at 9 p.m. This Wednesday – Sunday roation will continue throughout the month.

The Bloomington Cable Channel 16 is today at 2:00 p.m., and then the rotation is on Tuesdays at 2:00 p.m. & 10:00 p.m., Wednesdays at 2:00 p.m. For Minneapolitans, the show airs on MTN Channel 17 on Sundays at 7 p.m.

The full show features former gubernatorial candidate Margaret Anderson Kelliher and national TV legend/current AM 950 KTNF radio host Nancy Nelson.

Without further ado, here’s the sneak preview of me, the ol’ TwoPutter – let’s look!

(direct link to YouTube)

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