Ask any political pro what’s the most important thing in winning votes and they’re more than likely to tell you it’s conversations with voters.

In CD-3, that’s exactly what’s happening. Today the Amy Klobuchar, Brian Barnes, and Denise Bader campaigns joined together and knocked on over 600 doors in Mound. Today, the Brian Barnes and Denise Bader campaigns called over 800 voters on the phone.

This is the kind of cooperation and team work that wins in November. Nothing beats boots on the ground.

To help with Senator Amy Klobuchar’s campaign, link here. To help Brian Barnes knock off a guy that loves to spend your money on himself, link here. To help send Denise Bader to the State House for 33-B, link here. To find the folks in your local DFL Party, link here.

“We all do better when we all do better.” Wellstone said it because it’s true. It’s also true we all do better when we all work together. Today the Klobuchar, Barnes, and Bader campaigns are showing what that means. Get involved, and make a difference – you’ll be glad you did!

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There Was A Day…

On May 19, 2012, in Candidates, by tommy

Back in the day, I was there when Giant’s Ridge Quarry Course opened (actually, on that same media day, so did The Wilderness; but that’s a different story).

And Tim “The Mullet” Pawlenty was there to speak.

And before we tee’d off; before the “Gentlemen, start your golf carts!” announcement, Tim got up to speak (before cutting the IRRRRRRRRRRRB ribbon): “So I’m on the way over here, and my aide goes: “Governor, you ready to play? Got your sticks? Shoes? Glove? Balls?”

Tim continues: “Listen, I’m a Republican that travelled willingly to the Range; I got plenty of balls!”

Don’t care who ya are; that’s a funny joke.

And: it doesn’t excuse Timmeh’s horrible record as Governor.

But: it does help explain why Timmeh won – TWICE. He’s personable, and he knows how to tell a joke.

DFL endorsed candidates should pay attention.

Well, the Party, on Plato, too.

So, watch out for Kurt Bills. He’s personable; the jury’s still out on if he can tell a joke. If he can, and with the Ron Paul Anointment, it may spell trouble…..

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TaxPayingLiberal wrote it, over at in a diary, which I promoted to the front page with this comment:

(Republicans run on the platform “Gov’t doesn’t work!” Once elected, they prove it. Yesterday, it looked to me like they were aided and abetted. Scheid and Sheran got some ‘splainin’ to do. – promoted by TwoPuttTommy)

Here’s the diary:

Pay-To-Play is ethical in the Senate!
by: taxpayingliberal Thu Feb 10, 2011

“Pay-To-Play” is ethical in the Senate according to Senators Michelle Fischbach, Bill Ingebrigtsen, Linda Scheid and Kathy Sheran who are the members of the so called “ethics committee”.

Senator Scott Newman had Ethics charges filed on him by four democratic Senators after an e-mail left his office stating clearly that Senator Newman would not meet with anyone who supported his opponent in the last election. The ethics violation was that Senator brought shame on the Senate by these actions.

Newman’s lawyer Fritz Knaak (a former Senator) stated that supporters should get preferential treatment and everybody did it; there is no law against it and its how things are done.

Newman stated under oath he didn’t know the e-mail was sent out, that his Legislative Assistant (“LA”) did it on her own with no direction from him; that he suspects that others may have directed her but won’t say who and that even if he did approve it there was no rule against this anyway.

To sum up the defense: a 20 something LA whose previous job experience was asking if you wanted cream with your coffee on her 2nd week as an LA decided to set a policy that only Newman supporters could visit her boss and there is no ethical violation for doing this.

Senator Ron Latz presented the case for the accusers. In three hours of some of the most riveting television I have ever seen, Senator Latz destroyed Senator Newman leaving little doubt that Senator Newman was lying about what he knew and when he knew it. Senators Dibble and Kelash made a great case about why this senator brought shame to this once great institution.

Senator Newman stated that he hired a Legislative Assistant, no that’s not quite right, someone – but he’s not sure who – hired his assistant. It may have been the Senate GOP caucus, it may have been the senate, Hell it may have been the LA Fairy for all he knew. He didn’t know who paid her or who her supervisor was. He didn’t know that Michel Brodkorb was the deputy director for the senate GOP caucus.

He thought but didn’t quite know that this LA’s previous job experience was working part time at a coffee shop. He may have met her once at a parade in Dassel but wasn’t sure. He is sure he has never had a conversation with her about this either before or after. The least Newman could have said about her was that she made a good cup of coffee but he didn’t even admit that. Ollie North and Nixon would have been proud.

He is also sure that he never had a conversation with her about any criteria for whom he would meet and how to schedule meetings for him. And why would he with all the experience she brought to the job?

He is sure that he never received the multiple messages that the StarTribune, Pioneer Press and most of his home town newspapers left for 5 days with his LA.

He claimed the first he heard about this was when he read it on a blog 5 days later. He was sure that his LA didn’t take any notes about anyone who ever called him and left messages that they wanted to meet with him. A little later on he said that she handed him telephone message slips about people who called him but he didn’t remember seeing any notes about calls from reporters or the MNA.

To sum it up: a 20 something LA who just a few weeks earlier was pouring coffee in Dassel was called repeatedly by major newspapers for a interview with her boss and she decided not to tell him for at least 5 days or that she may have left him a note but being called by reporters is such a common experience for Newman that it totally slipped his mind. He’s just not sure.

Now most of us would expect this if Newman’s previous job was as a mafia boss or drug runner or someone who frowned on leaving a paper trail. But Newman is a Lawyer and was a Judge. These people are meticulous paper pushers. What Newman was claiming was that he ran the greenest senate office in history as no tree was ever killed to make a note for Newman.

It was uncomfortable to watch. The lies were blatant. Time and time again Newman blamed his inexperienced LA while his lawyer claimed that everyone did this type of thing and Newman was just stupid to put it in writing. In the end the ethics committee agreed: this was the way the Senate normally operates.

One would think that the ethics committee would be angry at being lied to. It would be easy to determine if Newman was lying; bring the LA in to testify. Bringing in the LA was blocked by Fishbach. The ethics committee was not concerned with lying. Lying under oath in the senate is not unethical with this bunch.

We could expect Senators Fischbach and Ingebrigtsen to vote the way they did. They were after all just trying to protect one of their own. To them this had nothing to do with ethics and everything to do with politics and the coverup.

But Senators Linda Scheid and Kathy Sheran repeatedly stated that they were shocked and appalled that a Senator would do such a thing. Senator Sheran said she had never heard of such behavior. Then they went behind closed doors and cut a deal and went back on everything they said when the cameras were on. They stated that Newman’s testimony was credible. I have a bridge I want to sell them.

The results of this decision are profound. Senators are now free to meet only with lobbyist and interest groups that supported them.

Senators can now inflict a loyalty test on anyone who requests a meeting. “Senators Newman’s office, did you vote Republican? Press one.”

At least two Democratic senators agree with this way of running the Senate and their names are Scheid and Sheran.

Those who contribute to campaigns will now need to consider what happens if their candidate loses. All contributions over $100 are reported on a CFB report that the Senators are now free to use in a decision as to whether to help you or not. From now on supporters will need to consider the “Newman Rule” when giving to campaigns. The fence around incumbents just got a lot taller.

Once again, at least two Democratic senators agree with this way of running the Senate – and their names are Scheid and Sheran.

Fishbach, Ingebrightsen, Scheid and Sheran proved today that the ethics committee is the first place the Government should look if they want to cut back on the size of Government. It truly is a department that does nothing.

As always, comments welcomed at

Incredible. At the same time Norm Coleman played the “gracious concession” act, the State Republican Party showed their true colors with their official press release:

St. Paul- Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman-elect Tony Sutton today issued the following statement regarding the Minnesota Supreme Court’s ruling in the U.S. Senate race.

“Today’s ruling wrongly disenfranchised thousands of Minnesotans who deserve to have their votes counted. Alongside Senator Coleman, the Republican Party of Minnesota has fought to make sure every vote counts and all voters are treated fairly and uniformly. As we move forward, our deeply flawed election system must be dramatically improved to ensure our state’s elections are fair, accurate and reliable.” (Republican Party of Minnesota)

In other words, “Norm wuz robbed.”


That’s the way the state GOP Party was under former Chairman Ron Carey; that’s the way it will remain under new Chairman Tony Sutton.

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…today’s GreedOverPrinciples party.

It’s been a tough day for the GOPers. Fortunately for Kurt Zellers, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford – who turned down Federal Stimulus – got caught gettin’ some international stimulus:

Chris Cillizza Political Blogger
Wednesday, June 24, 2009; 3:30 PM

Gov. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) admitted in a press conference in Washington today that he had an extramarital affair with a woman in Argentina and that he will resign his position as president of the Republican Governors Assocation. (Washington Post)

Yep – a “Family Values” republiCon, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, wasn’t “hiking the Appalachian Trail” as aides first claimed; he was down in Argentina – “catching up on foreign affairs”.

Which is good for Zellers; that diverts attention away from his history of campaign finance screwups. Well, and the video Dusty Trice found and posted today – the video of Zeller trashing former Governor Arne Carlson just last May. Let’s look!

That’s Kurt Zellers, trashing former two-term Governor Arne Carlson. Way to make the small tent smaller, Kurt!

And speakin’ o’ the Small Tent Party, Lieutenant Colonel Joe Repya split ranks from the likes of Zellers, Sutton, Brodkorb, et al. In today’s Pioneer Press, Colonel Repya explains why:

“Over the years I have raised tens of thousands of dollars for GOP coffers, donated many thousands of dollars to local and national GOP candidates, worked many hours at the grass-roots level and been asked repeatedly to run for state or federal office by Minnesota GOP officeholders. So why on Earth have I decided to leave the Minnesota GOP?

Simple: When a political party becomes so dysfunctional that it no longer can operate without tyrannical domination over the grass-roots, it is time to stop enabling bad behavior from that party. I have come to the conclusion that a majority of Minnesotans and many Republicans no longer trust the message of the Minnesota GOP.

After years of ineffective party leadership resulting in a record number of defeats, lack of transparency in party dealings, alleged financial impropriety by former party employees, and numerous Federal Election Commission problems, can you really blame the electorate for abandoning the Minnesota GOP?”

OK, now I’ll surmise that the “…alleged financial impropriety by former party employees,…” has something to do with this:

Read the “confidential memo” from the Minnesota Republican Party that is the basis of CREW’s FEC complaint

(Submitted by crew on 16 July 2007 – 1:26pm. FEC Minnesota Republican Party)

CREW filed a Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint today against the Republican Party of Minnesota and its former treasurer, Marina Taubenberger, alleging multiple egregious violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) and FEC regulations. The complaint is based primarily upon a February 15, 2007 confidential memorandum from former Republican Party of Minnesota finance director Dwight Tostenson to the Party’s Executive Committee. You really have to read that memo. Here it is:

OK, so what happened when Colonel Repya tried to ask about the alleged financial impropriety” at the state convention? Let’s watch!!!

Way to go, Tony Sutton, a/k/a “Mr. Lost Credibility”!!! Oh, and in the comments section, of the PiPress? A guy by the name of Nathan Hansen has this to say:

I am Deputy Chair of the Fourth Congressional District and one of the newer anti-war Republican activists. It’s difficult for words to describe how happy I am that you are leaving our Party. The roots of your “neconservative” philosophy lie in Straussian Trotzkyite Communism. “Corporate money” influencing our Party? Nothing compared to the damage your military industrial complex (that Eisenhower warned us about) has wreaked on our Party and our Country.
I hope you will find a happy home among your fellow communists. Your days of endless illegal wars and military industrial complex domination of our party are over.
Obama is ramping up his War in Afghanistan and continues to illegally bomb Pakistan. Perhaps you can join him to satiate your bloodlust. (emphasis added)

ROFLMAO!!! The Deputy Chair of the GOP’s CD-4 not only told Colonel Repya “don’t let the door smack ya on yer arse” — he called Joe a “commie”, too!!!

Ya really gotta admire how those in current GOPer party leadership positions honor the troops, doncha??!?

Ever hear that those who forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it? Well, an astute Regular Reader (thanks, Ricardo!) sent me a link demonstrating how today’s GreedOverPrinciples party’s leaders are doing just that, in an e-mail entitled “The Current State of the GOP Party”! Let’s watch!!!

Oh, and think today was bad for the local GOPers? Watch what happens if ol’ Smokescreen gets his walking papers tomorrow!

Stay tuned!!!

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Mockery. Ridicule. Scorn. They’re used all of the time; they’re actually tools of the trade. Matter o’ fact, take them three, add “satire” and some professional writers, and viola! You got a potential “Daily Show”, or “Colbert Report”! Sometimes, mockery, ridicule and scorn are the best ways to make points about folk like Little Miss Hiding In The Bushes, the unthinking unsinkable Bachmann MotorMouth Overdrive. And to make a point about ol’ Smokescreen himself, Norm “If I were Al, I’d concede” Coleman. Not to mention, but I will, George aWol Bush. Of course, there’s his misAdministration – you know, Boy Blunder And The Plunderers? And even though he won’t be around to mock, ridicule, and scorn anymore, who can forget about republiCon Ron Carey, outgoing Chair of Minnesota’s GreedOverPrinciples party? As noted a little over a year ago, by the ol’ TwoPutter:

One reason republiCon Ron still has his job, is he’s good at asking AND he’s good at ducking. It’s the GreedOverPrinciples Party’s Golden Rule: “Do Unto Others But Don’t Let Them Do Unto You.”

I bring this up, because so many of us on the left side o’ the aisle have a tendency to enjoy – if not laugh uproariously – when some brain-dead bootlicker in the “Family Values” party (they’re called the “Family Values” party because they have so many of them; for instance, in the last presidential election the only candidate that had only been married once was the Mormon – go figure) does something incredibly hypocritical – such as David Vitter replacing the disgraced Bob Livingston in Congress, and Vitter later getting caught in figuratively if not literally the exact same (cheney)in’ kind of scandal.

Well, since morckery, ridicule and scorn are heaped upon those on the right for the old-fashioned reason – they’ve EARNED it, it only seems fair to rip those on the left side of the aisle when they’ve done something incredibly hypocritical. It seems that they too should be roasted and toasted with the same types of mockery,ridicule, and scorn. And I was going to do just that, today, to an organization known as Parkwatch – but, I’m tracking down more information on them that’s recently come in — so that’s going to have to wait for another day.

In the meantime, and to whet the whistle o’ the Regular Readers, I’ll end with a couple of thoughts. First, let’s review what it says on the “About Us” page at ParkWatch:

Minneapolis Park Watch is not affiliated with any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Yeah, “right.”

Right there, on ParkWatch homepage, is this:

Posted by Liz Wielinski on Thu, 06/18/2009

Well, I guess technically that might be true, depending on what your definition of “is” is, because they could argue that “ParkWatch isn’t ‘affiliated’ with Park Board Candidate Liz Wielinski; it IS Park Board Candidate Liz Wielinski, along with a bunch of her pals.

And, it also says this on that ParkWatch “About Us” page:

Openness and Accountability

We are advocates for openness and accountability in all of the Park Board’s fiscal and administrative activities.

So, they advocate for openness and accountability of others? Where’s the disclosure and openness from them; the acknowledgement that Liz is a candidate for the very organization their website likes to trash?

This one, on that same page, made me ROFLMAO!

Observing Meetings

As a watch dog organization, members of Park Watch attend Park Board meetings on a regular basis to observe first-hand official Park Board business being conducted. Park Watch also reviews various Park Board documents. (emphasis added)

“…various documents.“??!?

How’ bout dam near EVERY piece of paper that the Park Board generates?

As noted here:

Seems like these days, a lot of people are taking shots at the Park Board. In the course of investigating the Crown Hydro Project, one group that seems to especially get in the Park Board’s face*, is a group called, who’s whole schtick seems to be “the Park and Rec Board is filled with incompetents, liars, and thieves and you can’t trust them or believe anything they say – EXCEPT when it comes to Crown Hydro.”

And I couldn’t believe the amount of paperwork demands. I asked for information regarding data requests from the Park Board; I simply couldn’t believe what wanted. Let’s look!

Well, you can go here and look, but if you don’t want to, I’ll leave it at this: ParkWatch wants copies of so much stuff, that it’s fair to say the Park Board had to add a full-time staffer just to keep up with their demands.

Which is why ParkWatch reminds me of republiCon Ron – it seems the things they accuse others of are the exact same things they do themselves.

Stay tuned!

Oh – and keep those tips coming in!!!

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It was just one year ago, June 2008, when GOPer Laura Brod was a nominee for that month’s “Hypocrite Of The Month”. It’s important to remember why Brod was singled out that month: she stood in front of a microphone, as a surrogate for ol’ Smokescreen, even though ol’ Smokescreen had done his best to cover for his pals Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay, et al. And Laura earned that nomination; click here for a recap of her hypocrisy and the sordid treatment of women that Norm Coleman ignored as Chair of the Truman Committee.

Yet there Laura Brod was, a year ago, rippin’ Al Franken. Nothing demonstrates hypocrisy more than an indignant republiCon woman defending a guy like Norm Coleman’s inactions by criticizing someone else’s jokes.

And no one epitomizes a republiCon makin’ (stuff) up more than Laura Brod and her imaginary issue of “voter fraud.” Take, for instance, part of what Spot at The Cucking Stool wrote, in a piece entitled “A solution in search of a problem” back in February 2007:

In her little incitement to action, Rep. Brod mentions the increase in “identity theft and fraud.” What she doesn’t do, because she can’t, is tie the efforts of digital thieves to voter fraud. And frankly, you’d have to be a pretty stupid thief to try to steal a vote here and there. Now that he thinks about it, Spot has never gotten a Nigerian voter-fraud scheme email!

How many voter fraud cases in Minnesota have you read about in the paper recently, boys and girls? Spot certainly hasn’t seen any. If Rep. Brod’s proposals ever gets a committee hearing, Spot hopes that Rep. Brod and her sidekicks will get a good grilling on the evidence behind statements like those contained in her letter.

Rep. Brod says that she just wants to be sure that “only those who are legally eligible can participate.” Bull chips. What she really wants is to depress the turnout of the poor, the minorities, and the natives. (The Cucking Stool)

PhoenixWoman at Mercury Rising noted “right” around the same time:

Ever since they stopped being the Party of Lincoln and adopted the explicitly racist “Southern Strategy” in the 1960s, Republicans — nationally and locally, elected and in the media, traditional and online — have been attacking any and all efforts to enable more people, especially poor people and non-white people, to vote. Instead, they push various measures, under the pretext of “fighing voter fraud”, that put barriers between poor and non-white would-be voters and the voting booth because they know that these groups of people vote overwhelmingly for Democrats.

In the case of Minnesota, my home state, Republican legislators like Laura Brod (R-New Prague– she signed the letter the State Republican caucus is circulating to outstate Minnesota newspapers such as the St. Cloud Times) and their blogging buddies are savaging newly-minted Democratic State Attorney General Mark Ritchie for his eminently sensible proposal to automatically register anyone with a valid Minnesota driver’s license. Since getting a driver’s license — or even renewing one — is a complicated process with plenty of verification checks at each step, it makes sense that anyone who has achieved a license is almost certainly a legal resident.

Republicans like to pooh-pooh any suggestions that their legislation is intended to suppress voter turnout among minorities and the poor. But everyone knows better, and there’s yet another study showing that GOP-promoted measures concerning voter identification lead directly to depressed turnout among those populations. (Mercury Rising)

So, basically, with respect to Laura Brod, what we have is a hypocrite that doesn’t mind makin’ (stuff) up. In other words, the GreedOverPrinciples party, personified.

I watched the Oral Arguments in the recount case yesterday on the Uptake; I watched what was either the last or the latest whipping a Team Smokescreen attorney endured from Judge(s). And at the very end, I watched this:

“There is no evidence of fraud in this election. And maybe it’s the law out there; maybe it’s the character of the people in Minnesota. We don’t have any fraud.”

Joe Friedberg, arguing before the Minnesota Supreme Court, 01 June 2009

That quote began at the 1:06:10 mark. It bears repeating:

“There is no evidence of fraud in this election. “

And I, too, noted Christian Sande ask just a few minutes later: “Laura Brod, are you listening?”

Well, just in case Laura Brod wasn’t listening and/or keeps makin’ (stuff) up with regards to voter fraud, I thought it might be a good idea to have a way to remind her.

So, earlier today, I registered the domain name

Somehow, someway, I’m thinking that domain name will become a full-fledged website.

Stay tuned!

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On August 4th, at a press conference, Team Smokescreen’s Spokestool, Mark Drake, promised the assembled media he’d check with “the campaign” about providing an actual utility bill for Norm’s sweetheart deal for an apartment in a pal’s Washington, D.C. “shack” (it’s a million dollar townhouse), and get back to said media. Needless to say, Spokestool Drake never got back to ‘em. Hence, the “T Plus” in the title, above.

I bring this up, because it seems Minnesota’s Most Ethically-Challenged Politician, ol’ Smokescreen himself, Norm Coleman, now has a little problemo with his St. Paul “shack”, which Norm apparently refinanced for around 3/4 of a million smackers ($775,000.00, apparently), in early 2007.

Investigative Reporter Tom Lyden, of the local Fox TV affiliate, has the story, and it’s a good one!

Link here, to watch!

More on this developing story, later – stay tuned!!!

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This is NOT an “11th Hour” Story

On October 31, 2008, in ol' Smokescreen, by tommy

As much as Senator Coleman would like you to believe the recent allegations concerning potentially illegal payments funneled to his wife are “a vicious 11th hour attack”, the record simply does not bear that out. Questions regarding Senator Coleman’s complicated financial arrangements with financial backers go back at least to June, when Edward Pound of the National Journal first broke the story of Coleman’s unusual rental arrangements.

From that story:

Earlier this month, after National Journal questioned Coleman and Larson about the living arrangement, the senator said he discovered that his rent for last November and January had not been paid. In mid-June, Coleman covered the back rent with a personal check for $1,200 made out to Larson and signed by the senator’s wife. Last year, Coleman sold furniture to Larson to cover one month’s rent, according to Larson. And Larson held on to yet another month’s rent check for three months, cashing it a few days after NJ’s inquiries.(National Journal)

After this story broke, Senator Coleman produced a “lease” for the rental premises, dated after details of the “between friends” – Norm Coleman and Jeff Larson of FLS fame – agreement became known.

Sill unanswered after these revelations are the arrangements concerning utilities for the Senator’s rental unit. What is known is the unit Coleman rents is a legally licensed separate rental unit, with separated utility meters. On August 4th, at a press conference, Coleman spokesperson Mark Drake promised to check with the campaign about allowing members of the media to see an actual utility bill, so members of the media could verify Senator Coleman was paying what he should be and not violating the Gift Ban – let alone having a corporation picking up his tab.

To date, said utility bills have not been produced. Indeed, just yesterday, with Mark Drake at the podium, Team Coleman stonewalled reporters again. Here’s the transcript, beginning at the 15:24 mark:

REPORTER: Mark we know that Senator Coleman pays $600 a month in rent, right?

Mark Drake: (right.)

REPORTER: We still don’t haven’t had an answer on utility bills, and we asked a few months ago if you could produce those to see how much he’s really paying – do you have an answer for us now?

Mark Drake: You know, this has all been dealt with months ago.

REPORTER: No, it hasn’t been. We haven’t seen a utility bill yet and it would be good to see those.

Mark Drake: OK, I’ll see what I can do.

REPORTER: We should have seen them by now.

Mark Drake: OK. (The Uptake)

Keep that in mind, regarding the utility bill issue. Now, let’s look at a press conference from October 8th, where both the utility bill and Lori Coleman’s employment were brought up:

REPORTER: On a different subject is there a reason that the Senator won’t say whether or not someone else bought some suits for him.

CULLEN SHEEHAN: Rachel, the Senator has reported every gift he has ever received.

REPORTER: That wasn’t my question, Cullen.

CULLEN SHEEHAN: The Senator has reported every gift he has ever received. We are not going to respond to unnamed sources on a blog.

REPORTER: So Senator Coleman’s friend has not bought these suits for him? Is that correct?

CULLEN SHEEHAN: The Senator has reported every gift he has ever received.

REPORTER: Why would say that? Why wouldn’t you give us an answer yes or no on that?

CULLEN SHEEHAN: The Senator has recorded every gift he has ever received.

REPORTER: We haven’t asked whether he has recorded every gift he has ever received and I will take his word that he has recorded every gift he has received. Has he ever received a gift of suits?

CULLEN SHEEHAN: The Senator has reported every gift he has ever received.

REPORTER: If the answer is no, then why don’t you say no.

CULLEN SHEEHAN: He has reported every gift he has ever received, Rachel.

TwoPuttTommy: Cullen, who’s name is on Senator Coleman’s utility bill in D.C.?”

CULLEN SHEEHAN: Are there any more questions from the Capital Press Corps?

REPORTER: What about Laurie, Mrs. Coleman’s job at Hays Company? Do you know what she did there?

CULLEN SHEEHAN: Again they have disclosed everything they need to disclose on the Senate ethics forms.

REPORTER: So the Senator will only go according to the Senate ethics laws or rules rather than answer questions?

CULLEN SHEEHAN: He has done everything that he is required to do, Rachel.

REPORTER: That is not my question, Cullen.

CULLEN SHEEHAN: But that is my response.

REPORTER: Senator Coleman has talked a lot about campaign finance and transparency. He’ll repeat that transparency – transparency – that’s what you need to have. If there are questions about whether he was a recipient of some very expensive suits and whether those they were gifted to him in an appropriate way – why not just clear it all up because it is very unclear to us?

CULLEN SHEEHAN: He does that every year as a United States Senator on his Senate disclosure forms.

REPORTER: And will we find information about clothing on those forms?

CULLEN SHEEHAN: If it exceeds a gift limit, yes.

REPORTER: So is it possible that he received these suits and it was below gift level.

CULLEN SHEEHAN: The Senator has reported every gift he has ever received.

REPORTER: It is a little puzzling Cullen why you won’t say whether or not he received these gifts and I understand that you don’t have respond to everything on the blogs but you are getting questions from reporters and I don’t see why you aren’t answering them. Can you explain that a little to me?

CULLEN SHEEHAN: Rachel, we are not going to respond to unnamed sources on blogs. That is what we are going to do from now until election is over. The Senator has disclosed everything that he is required to disclose and recorded everything that he is required to record.

REPORTER: But Cullen if the Senator did nothing wrong here and that is what you are saying then just tell us that and the issue will go away.

CULLEN SHEEHAN: The Senator has reported every gift he has ever received.

REPORTER: Did the Senator done something wrong here?

CULLEN SHEEHAN: The Senator has done nothing wrong and reported every gift he has ever received.

REPORTER: And you don’t know what Mrs. Coleman did for Hays Companies?

CULLEN SHEEHAN: And again whatever has been required to be disclosed about her income and what she does has been disclosed.

Apparently, by the recent cour filings, everything that has been required to be disclosed about ‘her” – Lori Coleman – has NOT been disclosed.

And clearly, the revelations alleged in the Texas court filings are NOT “a vicious 11th hour attack”; they are issues the Coleman campaign could have/should have gotten in front of, if the allegations were baseless, months ago. But they didn’t. Where there’s smoke, there’s often fire. Especially when left smoldering.

This story is not “an 11th hour attack” – this is a story that, after 4 months is coming to a boil; it very well could be embers combusting into fire. If it’s “11th hour”, that’s only because allegations have gone unsatisfactorily addressed – for months if not more.

And still unanswered is who’s name is on the utility bill for the apartment Norm Coleman rents, from a well-connected campaign operative. This is another story that Team Coleman has left unexplained – and after many months, those paying attention are connecting the dots.

(originally published at

So said Coleman spokesman Tom Steward, in late June. And here’s the whole quote:

“As the senator indicated to the National Journal and further articulated last Friday, he is paying fair market value for his cramped bedroom in a basement of a home in D.C. As our research shows, this rent is comparable to other rent in the D.C. area,” Steward said. (emphasis added)(Star Tribune)

Now, keep in mind that all along, Team Smokescreen has been claiming, and again I’ll quote from a story just yesterday:

Sheehan noted that Coleman allowed National Journal and Star Tribune reporters to see his living quarters. “The senator has been incredibly transparent, honest and open about this entire situation,” he said.(Star Tribune)

Yeah, “right.” If Team Smokescreen has been so “incredibly transparent”, just where is that “research” that “shows” the rent is “comparable”??!?

Ladies and Gentlemen, that story where Team Smokescreen claims “our research shows” was published on June 30th – it is now August 15th.

It’s put up or shut up time for Team Smokescreen’s claim that “our research shows” – they either got it and it shows it, or they’re lying.

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