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Former U.S. Representative Steve LaTourette served 18 years (1995-2013) in Congress as a center-right Republican from Ohio. Yesterday, he had an op/ed in Politico, entitled “The Grifting Wing vs. The Governing Wing”. In it, LaTourette describes the internal civil war facing the GOP, as a party today. Consider two grafs from it:

“The grifting wing of the party promises that you can have ideological purity—that you don’t have to compromise—and, of course, all you have to do is send them money to make it happen. The governing wing of the Republican Party knows that’s a damn lie. Our Founding Fathers set up a system of government that by its very nature excludes the possibility of one party or one ideological wing of one party getting everything it wants. Ted Cruz, who quotes the founders almost every chance he gets, ought to know this.

Even Ronald Reagan—who won in two of the biggest landslides in American history—was forced to compromise. It was President Reagan who cut deals with Democrats to extend the solvency of Social Security and put the federal budget on a sounder footing. It was Reagan who famously said that someone who votes with him 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally. Reagan’s record and rhetoric stands in marked contrast to the grifting win of the party today, even as the grifters invoke his memory in their disingenuous appeals.

That op/ed by LaTourette is exactly what’s happening in next Tuesday’s (12 Aug 14) GOP Primary for State House District 48B. Let’s take a closer look at that graphic, above, which is a screenshot from of Sheila Kihne’s blog (with “Reagan” entered into the search field):

Invoke Reagan? Invoke “Founding Fathers”? Kihne does it all the time, just like LaTourette spoke of, in this op/ed linked above. Ms. Kihne is challenging State Representative Jenifer Loon in the primary because, essentially, Kihne feels Loon isn’t conservative enough. So much for Reagan’s “80% and you’re my friend” for Ms. Kihne…

Ms. Kihne appears to be a political opportunist – a grifter, if you will – of the worst sort. Ms. Kihne’s main attack on Rep. Loon is a vote to legalize same-sex marriage in Minnesota; a vote Rep. Loon describes in a recent Minnesota Public Radio (“MPR”) story thusly:

“(Rep. Loon) said she voted for same-sex marriage after talking it over with constituents, noting that a majority in her district voted against the proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in 2012.

She didn’t regret the vote but added, “It was tough. I never had to make such a tough decision in the Legislature. I just think if people can understand the process, understand how much I wrestled with it, trying to be true to my own beliefs, to being true to what I felt my constituency was telling me. I did the best I could with a tough issue.”

In the same story Kihne is now on record for not – let me repeat that, “not” – supporting repeal of the marriage law. In short, Kihne is so upset about that vote – “the straw that broke the camel’s back” – she’s running for election but, if elected, she won’t do a thing about it: “Kihne says she won’t push to repeal the same-sex marriage law if elected” Kihne is running away from the reason she’s running – marriage restrictions.

But Kihne was more than happy to take the money from those that, one could easily assume, want to do exactly that.

If that isn’t opportunism, what is?

After you peel back Sheila Kihne’s facade of fiscal conservative views, she’s got one issue – making her yet again a “single issue candidate.” Michael Brodkorb summed up what Kihne’s challenge, Kihne’s “issue,” is really all about: “It’s all about Sheila”. From it:

“Loon is just the unfortunate person standing in the way of Kihne’s insatiable ego. The only mistake Loon made was living in the same district as Kihne. The analysis of this race isn’t complicated; this is about Kihne wanting to have a larger platform to promote her views, push her agenda and have the world function the way Kihne believes it should.”


It’s all about Sheila selling Sheila, and then Sheila running from what she ran for. That’s her track record. Case in point – Sheila’s now running from what she’s written, calling what she’s written, like the post where she trashed military veterans, “facetious.” Sheila will tell you that keeping your word is important. Apparently, not so much with hers. Around the district I hear: “Is there anyone Sheila hasn’t turned on?”

Next Tuesday’s House District 48B Primary is a case in point for Republican Steve Tourette’s op/ed, “The Grifting Wing vs. The Governing Wing”.

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UPDATE – 07 August 2014
The Star Tribune newspaper published its endorsement today: “Endorsement: Loon over Kihne in GOP state House primary”. In it they note Kihne “declined to meet with a Star Tribune Editorial Board screening panel before the primary.” Bottom line? Rather than answer tough questions on policy and potentially tougher questions on her past writings, she chose to run away – she “declined” to articulate and defend her positions and writings.

This should not come as a surprise. Earlier this year (June 11th, 2014 to be exact) she announced on her “Sheila Kihne for House 48B Eden Prairie” that she wouldn’t be answering questions from the Chamber of Commerce: “I respectfully decline completing the questionnaire.”

Compare/contrast with Rep. Jenifer Loon, who, as far as I know, will talk to anyone. Undoubtedly, Ms. Kihne will defend her choices to run away from questions from the Strib and Chamber. These decisions are not the actions a confident candidate would make, but it does make Ms. Kihne, especially when combined with the original post, a candidate clearly earning the dubious distinction as “The Running Away Woman.”
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The Natives Are Restless! Or…

On February 8, 2013, in FEC Tony, republiCon, by tommy

…”Money Down The Rathole!”

OK, deeply in debt, The Party Of Cooked Books sent out a tweet: “The MN DFL Chairman bragged that “never before has our party been more powerful.” Fight back! bit.ly/W3GQac #mngop #mnleg #stribpol”. That link in that tweet? Takes folks to the MnGOP’s website (screenshot is to the right), where they’re asking folks for some dough. Except, some folks are not really happy with the MnGOP!

Here’s my favorite comment (so far), by “Larry” —

“Until the conservatives grow some balls, I will not give any more money to put down the rathole!”

Say, Larry? It’s not the lack o’ ‘nads that’s the real problem with today’s MnGOP that makes donating to it a “rathole” – it’s their Cooked Books that makes it a rathole; it’s things like this!

And, that’s just one of many the MnGOP cut to the Feds to pay for their past misdeeds.

That’s just the past; there’s mighty good reason to think that future donations from The Party Faithful will go to paying for past misdeeds yet again!

Today’s MnGOP is indeed a rathole, and it’s for the old-fashioned reason: they EARNED it.

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…and once elected, they prove it.

Do poor people cheat? Of course – just look at Denny Hecker, Tom Petters, Frank Vennes – the last two, noted pals of Michele Bachmann (well, Norm “Smokescreen” Coleman, too). People on welfare? Not so much pals of Bachmann (nor Norm), but yes, some of them have been known to cheat. And the State has been diligent in finding ways to prevent cheating, such as going from actual paper “stamps” in the “food stamp” program to using plastic “debit cards” – EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) Cards. Diligent as the State is, cheaters are equally diligent in finding ways to beat the system – which is why, for instance, that years ago the State quit allowing cash deductions from EBT cards at casinos.

I bring this up, because I saw this tweet:

It has to do with this map, that the GOPers hauled out at the State House yesterday:

That map shows that of almost $500,000,000 in assistance, about $10,000,000 was spent outside of Minnesota – with about half of that in neighboring states.

That map allegedly “supports” a bill introduced yesterday by Kurt Daudt, GOP=GreedOverPrinciples that is, in essence a solution in search of a problem. In other words, a waste of time. GOPers want to pass a law that money in an EBT account can only be spent in Minnesota – even though Federal Law says, for instance, that Food Stamp money, even in an EBT account, can be spent anywhere.

Tentherism” ring a bell, here?

The amount of money that could – and should – be tightened up out of that $10 million is only about $3 million, according to federal law. My point is that the time to take time and tighten that $3 million up, is AFTER the GOP has put their budget plan forward AND put their plan to put Minnesotans back to work.

It’s about priorities – and so far this session, the GOP priorities have been anything but putting a budget plan forward and planning to put Minnesotans back to work.

We are staring at a budget deficit of about $6 Billion, and these GOPer Tenthers are wasting time with a $3 million stunt like they did yesterday. But hey, why work on the big problems, when you can trot out the ol’ “welfare cadillac” canard?

Which is why I have to say, once again: Republicans run on the platform “Government doesn’t work!” – and once elected, they prove it.

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…Today’s Example Of The Consistently Inconsistent GOP.

GOPer State Senators Dave Thompson, David Hann, and Gen Olson are shameless in their desire to inflict heavy-handed state control upon local school boards. Ostensibly, they claim they’re trying to “help” local school boards; their manner of doing so – tying local school boards hands – is (of course) the exact opposite of today’s “get big-government out of local government’s business” GOPer mantra.

OK, if these “conservatives” feel that the power of the State is justified in removing decision making ability for local school boards is just swell, why not continue down that path and take away local decision making authority for small towns and cities, too?

Want to see how easy it will be for Thompson, et al to go down that path? Here’s what Thompson said on the subject of usurping local control of local school boards:

“We all want our teachers to prosper, but we cannot ignore economic realities. All taxpayers, whether business owners or employees, are struggling. We must not add to their burden, but still find a way to maintain our high standards for public education,” Senator Thompson added.

Let’s just change a couple of words (two, to be exact):

“We all want our COPS to prosper, but we cannot ignore economic realities. All taxpayers, whether business owners or employees, are struggling. We must not add to their burden, but still find a way to maintain our high standards for public SAFETY,” Senator Thompson added. (emphasis added)

Here’s how the Strib quotes that noted “conservative” David Hann in advocating for freezing teacher salaries:

Hann, who long advocated similar measures when DFLers controlled the Senate, said the bill would “be a way to help the school districts manage their costs in a period in which they know they’re not going to be getting additional revenue.”(Strib)

Let’s assume that Hann would be consistent (yeah, “right”) and apply that same principle for screwing the teachers freezing teacher salaries, to tying local municipalities hands by screwing the cops freezing police salaries:

Hann, who long advocated similar measures when DFLers controlled the Senate, said the bill would “be a way to help small towns and cities manage their costs in a period in which they know they’re not going to be getting additional revenue.”

Is that what Hann is really going to be saying next? That’s EXACTLY what Hann (and Thompson, and Olson, and all the rest of the “let’s screw the teachers freeze the teachers salaries” GOPers will be saying – IF (and that’s a mighty big “if”) those GOPers had any consistency in ‘em — which those that pay attention know they don’t.

Here’s what Gen Olson, GOP=GreedOverPrinciples was quoted as saying:

“Holding the line for a couple of years we didn’t think was too much to ask,” she said. “And I think the school districts would appreciate that assistance as they try to continue to function effectively on behalf of their students and get through this time.”

To be consistent, here’s what Olson will be saying next:

“Holding the line for a couple of years we didn’t think was too much to ask,” she said. “And I think the municipalities would appreciate that assistance as they try to continue to function effectively on behalf of their taxpayers and get through this time.”

Here’s what Thompson’s campaign website proudly proclaimed, while he was running for State Senator:

Education policy should be set at the local level. Parents, family members, friends and neighbors are in the best position to determine what is best for their children.

Is there anyone that’s really going to argue that a local school board deciding what and how to pay their teachers is NOT “setting policy”? Class? Anyone? Anyone?

Well, anyone except that flip-flopping Dave Thompson, that is…

It’s time for the GOPers to come clean – either they believe in local control, or they don’t.

Thompson especially.

And if they aren’t honest enough to admit that Senate File #56 isn’t just an underhanded attempt to screw the teachers and their union, the cops in this state better be more than a little worried because they (and their union) just may be next.

Unless it’s firefighters….

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Dusty Trice got the scoop! Here’s what Dusty has to say about his video, as posted on YouTube:

EXCLUSIVE: Ron Paul explains why the MN GOP suddenly needs his help: “They Want My Money.”

The MN GOP blocked Ron Paul from speaking at their 2008 convention in Rochester, MN. But on Sept. 25, 2009 the MN GOP sponsored an appearance by Dr. Paul at Northrup Auditorium in what was billed as a joint town hall with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

What’s behind the MN GOP’s sudden change of heart? According to Ron Paul, “They want my money. They want to get a little bit of influence from our supporters, too.”

I think this says a lot about Ron Paul, who’s been a consistent voice for what he believes in, so much so that he was willing to forget the past troubles with the MN GOP.

I also thinks this speaks volumes about the MN GOP. Their leadership realizes that they have alienated roughly 15% of their party. Now they realize that Michele Bachmann is actually in trouble and the only way to save her is to turn to the person they publicly shunned and beg for his money and help.

The MN GOP is exploiting Ron Paul because they are terrified without his support they will lose and lose big.

On a side note, I’d like to thank Congressman Paul for taking moment to speak with me. (DustyTrice)

Let’s watch!!!

I’ll have my own thoughts about Dusty’s breaking story later, for now, link here for Mary Lahammer’s May 30th, 2008 report from the 2008 MnGOP State Convention – the footage of the floor scuffle between a Ron Paul supporter and a McCain suporter is “must see TV” – great job by Mary Lahammer and the Twin Cities Public Television team!!!

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