… numbers don’t lie, but GOPers use numbers.

Well, it could also be: …those that forget the lessons of history tend to vote GOP.

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicActually, it’s “both” and it has to do with Pawlenty in 2009 doing something with the budget process that the State Supreme Court, in 2010, said he couldn’t, and recent claims by the Minnesota GOPers that – surprisingly – bring Pawlenty’s unallotment actions up at, coincidentally, the same time Pawlenty officially announces his presidential run.

Here’s the deal – in January of 2010, I wrote a post titled “The Minnesota Budget Crisis, By The Numbers”. The post was about how Minnesota got into Governor TBag’s Unallotment mess. Suffice it to say, GOPers were makin’ (stuff) up about THAT deal, too.

In a nutshell, here’s what happened during the 2009 Legislative Session: the February 2009 Forecast predicted revenues of $31.1 Billion (rounded). Knowing that number, Gov. TBag proceeded to sign Spending Bills of $33.8 Billion (rounded) anyway.

This created a deficit of $2.7 Billion (rounded) from Governor-approved spending — remember, when TBag signed those spending bills, they were now law). A bill to balance that deficit, HF-2323, was passed and presented to Gov. TBag to sign. Except, TBag didn’t sign that revenue bill to balance the budget; he vetoed it.

Upon creating an unbalanced budget, rather than call a Special Session, TBag immediately claimed unilateral power to fix the problem he created, and then hit the campaign trail. As to TBag’s actions creating an anticipated budget problem, then using powers to deal with unanticipated budget problems? The Court was not amused.

The only reason GOPers today can use that “$32 Billion” number, is because in 2009 Pawlenty did something the Supreme Court ruled he couldn’t.

The reality is that the “$34 Billion” compromise number the Kochzellerstan crowd is crowing about today, is really the same “$33.8 Billion” number that Pawlenty signed into law, before he went all Nixonian by utilizing excessive - and illegalUnitary Executive Power (Nixon would be so proud!)

The bottom line is that in 2009, GOPer Governor Tim Pawlenty took state budgeting into unchartered waters; waters the Supreme Court eventually found illegal. In 2011, GOPer Majorities in both the State House and State Senate are again taking the state into unchartered waters – by refusing to negotiate and submit budget bills Governor Dayton would be willing to sign.

The fact that they are making (stuff) up by claiming to have “compromised” to a number Pawlenty already was at 2 years ago only goes to show, once again, that numbers don’t lie, but GOPers use numbers.

And, of course, anybody that falls for the BS GOPer line that they compromised to $34B also goes to show, once again, that those that forget the lessons of history tend to vote GOP.


That picture, above? I found it via a tweet by GOPer Freshman State Rep Kurt Daudt:

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… Republicans Believe In The Rule Of Law (except when they don’t)

Ol’ “Baseball Bat” Walker got spanked in court yesterday, AGAIN.

From the Milwaulkee Journal-Sentinel: Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi – “Apparently that language was either misunderstood or ignored, but what I said was the further implementation of Act 10 was enjoined. That is what I now want to make crystal clear.”

Pretty clear, eh? Well, not to GOPers:

But outside the courtroom, Assistant Attorney General Steven Means said the legislation “absolutely” is still in effect.

Just where do GOPers get that kind of nonsense/legal reasoning?

By channelling the ghost of Milhous Nixon – let’s look!!!

(direct link to YouTube)

Nixon: “When the president does it, that means it’s not illegal.”

Well, to be fair, GOPers think that when a GOPer president/governor/etc etc etc does it… that means it’s not illegal.

GOPers believed that then; they believe it now, and tomorrow won’t be any different, because Republicans Believe In The Rule Of Law (except when they don’t).

The first installment of this Strongman Report series was subtitled …Today’s Example of “Republicans run on the platform ‘Government doesn’t work!’ – and once elected, they prove it.”. Graphics and links for previous installments in this series follow.

(Strongman Report – 20 March 2011)

(Strongman Report – 08 March 2011)

(Strongman Report – 05 March 2011)

(Strongman Report – 01 March 2011)

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Political Payback In The Land Of Brodkorb

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Here’s the story of a district
That once was pretty solid red.
Then along came a guy named Brodkorb
So let’s see where his politics have led….

In the 2000 election, winners were GOPer State Rep Tim Wilkin in 38-A by 9 points, GOPer State RepTim Pawlenty in 38-B by a whopping 32 points, and DFL State Senator Deanna Weiner by a mere 529 votes – or, .31%. In 2002, with T-Bag taking off for the corner office at the Capital, GOPer State Rep Tim Wilkin increased his margin and won by 16, T-Bag replacement GOPer Lynn Wardlow won by 16 in 38-B, and GOPer Mike McGinn knocked off the incumbent DFLer – giving the GOP all three seats in Senate District 38.

Since then, Brodkorb – a/k/a “MudSlingerMike” – started a smear machine “blog” and “served” in a variety of positions in the State GOP (rising to his current position as State GOP Deputy Chair) – including a stunt “stint” as Chair of the local SD-38 GOP. The results o’ MudSlingerMike’s hard work, locally in 38?

The incumbents for next Tuesday’s elections are:
DFL State Senator Jim Carlson
DFL State Rep Sandra Masin in 38-A
DFL State Rep Mike Obermueller in 38-B

Brodkorb, you’re doin’ a heckuva job in your own back yard!!!

Well, this year, certain GOPers are hoping money will make a few things different.

Yesterday, I got a tip:

It seems that the Racino people are dropping money bombs on Senator Jim Carlson. In the October 15th edition of the local “Eagan This Week” newspaper, there was an ad ripping State Senator Carlson for his opposition to former GOPer State Senator Dick Day’s current meal-ticket, the proposed Racino at Canterbury Park. The tip also noted that although the ad was in the October 15th paper, the “new” Racino group (the “Vote Racino Now Committee” dropping the moneybombs (they also ran 2 ads on the 22nd) didn’t file their Campaign Finance Board unitl October 20th.

Hmm… buy ads on the 15th; don’t file until the 20th? Well, fact-checking this tip turns up that it’s probably legal; the Campaign Finance Board tells me that a “Committee” has 14 days to file after incurring a debt or spending money. And the Treasurer of that new Committee, Attorney Chris Johnson, assured me future Campaign Board filings would confirm that. We’ll see….

Anyway, who has tossed dough at that Committee that has tossed moneybombs at State Senator Carlson’s way? Let’s look!!!

Canterbury Park dropping $18,000 into a newly formed Committee that’s dropping anti-Senator Carlson ads into the local newspaper days before an election…..

That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is political payback in the land of Brodkorb.

And under the Citizens United ruling, it seems that’s the way GOPers will play.

Earlier, I pointed out that despite the antics and politics of Michael Brodkorb, the voters that know him best – the voters in Senate District 38 – turned a solid GOP District into a solid DFL District.

Let’s hope those voters are still paying attention, and reject the moneybombs tossed at Senator Jim Carlson by returning him – along with Sandy Masin and Mike Obermueller, too – to St. Paul.

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According to Professor Harry G. Frankfurt, liars lie deliberately; BSers simply don’t care. Professor Frankfurt wrote a book on this; it’s called “On Bullsh*t.” There’s a great discussion of this going in a post entitled “On (CowPuckey)” over at Barataria; Erik Hare starts out by asking:

Is it really a lie when the person making an outrageous statement doesn’t actually care if it’s the truth or not?

Simply not caring explains Michele Bachmann, a Finalist for Politifact.com’s 2009 Lie Of The Year. In fact, Politifact.com has examined 9 – NINE – statements from Bacnmann, and found all – ALL – of them “False” (four of those claims were actually rated “Pants On Fire” – as in “Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire”).

Bachmann still doesn’t care; just last month, as noted here, Bachmann went on a Sunday TV show and said some (stuff) that prompted a Pat Kessler “Reality Check”.

As noted:

And in Kessler’s “Reality Check” – on Bachmann’s outrageous fabrications concerning the economy – Kessler found Bachmann’s claims, and I quote: “That’s factually WRONG” and “This is FALSE” and “This starts with a kernel of truth, but is OUT OF CONTEXT” and “This is NOT TRUE.” (emphasis NOT added) (MnProgressiveProject.com)

So, what did Bachmann do, after getting Reality Checked by Pat Kessler? Went on stage at a GOPer rally with Sarah Palin, and repeated that same (stuff) Pat Kessler had found to be: “WRONG”, “FALSE”, “OUT OF CONTEXT”, and “NOT TRUE”.

That’s what BSers do, because they simply don’t care if something is true or not – they only care that the listener (in Bachmann’s case, “voter”) thinks it’s true.

Erik Hare will be joing The Big E and yours truly, the ol’ TwoPutter, this Saturday (May 15th) as I Guest Host “Radio Cafe with Cathy Hauser” from 2:00 to 3:00 pm on AM950 – KTNF. We’ll be talking about Professor Frankfurt’s book (“On Bullsh*t”), Erik’s post over at Barataria, this post (and any subsequent comments!), the media’s role in propagating/covering BS, and how BS seems to be the modus operandi of today’s Republican Party.

There’s a video interview of Professor Frankfurt discussing his book below the fold, plus an added bonus – a link to Jon Stewart interviewing Professor Frankfurt on “The Daily Show”!

Professor Frankfurt’s Book, “On Bullsh*t”, is available locally through Common Good Books in St. Paul; if you can’t make it in to the shop, you can order on line and they’ll ship.

A little bit about Emeritus Professor Harry G. Frankfurt of Princeton University, from Wikipedia:

On Bullshit is an essay by philosopher Harry Frankfurt. Originally published in the journal Raritan in 1986, the essay was republished as a separate volume in 2005 and became a nonfiction bestseller, spending twenty-seven weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list.[1]

In the essay, Frankfurt defines a theory of bullshit, defining the concept and analyzing its applications. In particular, Frankfurt distinguishes bullshitting from lying: while the liar deliberately makes false claims, the bullshitter is simply uninterested in the truth. Bullshitters aim primarily to impress and persuade their audiences. While liars need to know the truth to better conceal it, bullshitters, interested solely in advancing their own agendas, have no use for the truth. Thus, Frankfurt claims, “…bullshit is a greater enemy of the truth than lies are,” (Frankfurt 61).

This work laid the foundation for Frankfurt’s 2006 follow-up book, On Truth.

For a more entertaining, less scholarly interview of Professor Frankfurt, here’s the link to The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart!

The Daily Show – Professor Frankfurt

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…are: “Property Taxes Payable – 1st Half” and “Property Taxes Payable – 2nd Half”.

And yesterday was the one of those two least favorite days of the year. I don’t escrow, so twice a year I see – and feel the pain – of Gov. T-Bag’s “stewardship” of the great state of Minnesota. In 2001, I paid $2,316 in property taxes; as a result of the Property Tax Reform Bill enacted in 2001, and signed by then-Gov. Jesse Ventura, I paid $1,845. Under now-Gov. T-Bag, I paid $3,451 in property taxes this year.

The State House Research Department prepared an eleven page slide show in January of 2007 explaining what the 2001 Property Tax Reform Bill was supposed to accomplish; it’s available here.

According to the House Research Department, the goals of that 2001 Reform were:

Realign the state-local fiscal relationship:

• • Increase state’s role in funding state priorities (education, courts, transit)

• • Decrease state’s role in financing municipal services to give residents more direct responsibility for municipal service decisions

The bottom line, is Gov T-Bag accomplished the latter, while ignoring the former. While researching this post, I noted that MN2020.org has a new report out; published just this morning by Jeff Van Wychen. From it:

Since 2002, Minnesota property taxes, in general, and homeowner property taxes, in particular, have increased rapidly. The cause of the statewide growth in property taxes is not growth in local government budgets. These property tax hikes are the result of state policies that require more public costs to be borne by property taxpayers and a larger share of total property taxes to be borne by homeowners.

Yep – since 2002, my property taxes have increased rapidly; from $1,845 in 2002 to $3,451 in 2009 – dam near doubling during the reign of T-Bag The Terrible (a/k/a, “Worst. Governor. EVER.”).

Go to MN2020.org to find out why.

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That was the scene at the entrance to last Saturday’s MnGOP Convention. Dusty Trice, noted and intrepid blogger and my “go to” in-the-field reporter for my radio show, has video – it’s beyond the fold.

A little background (as I’ve written about here and here and here):

Lieutenant Colonel Joe Repya was so disgusted by the (s)election of FEC Tony and MudSlingerMike (a/k/a, “The MSM”), that he published an op/ed in the PiPress on the reasons he was leaving the Republican Party, now led by FEC Tony and MudSlinger Mike (a/k/a, “The MSM”). While that Op/Ed is no longer available on the PiPress website, comments on that Op/Ed are. Nathan Hansen, GOP Deputy Chair of CD-4, did comment – here’s what he had to say:

I am Deputy Chair of the Fourth Congressional District and one of the newer anti-war Republican activists. It’s difficult for words to describe how happy I am that you are leaving our Party. The roots of your “neconservative” philosophy lie in Straussian Trotzkyite Communism. “Corporate money” influencing our Party? Nothing compared to the damage your military industrial complex (that Eisenhower warned us about) has wreaked on our Party and our Country.

I hope you will find a happy home among your fellow communists. Your days of endless illegal wars and military industrial complex domination of our party are over.
Obama is ramping up his War in Afghanistan and continues to illegally bomb Pakistan. Perhaps you can join him to satiate your bloodlust. (emphasis added) (PiPress)

That’s comment number 15 from the link, above.

Well, there’s a lot – a LOT – of veterans of the Viet Nam War that remember being greeted none-to-nicely, upon arriving “home.” Some of ‘em remember bein’ spit on – yes, literally SPIT ON – upon arriving home from rice paddys. And Nathan Hansen’s comments reminded them exactly of that – reminded them of bein’ SPIT ON.

As written before, how did ol’ FEC Tony handle Nathan Hansen figuratively spitting on Lieutenant Colonel Joe Repya in particular, and all – ALL – veterans in general?

Well, again – as I wrote: GOPer Party Official Trashes Veteran Joe Repya And Is Rewarded.

And that “reward” was a prestigeous committee chair assignment at last Saturday’s GOP Convention.

Now, to be fair, it should be noted that prior to the GOP Convention, Nathan Hansen did a non-apology apology.

Yeah, “right.”

That “Me-a Not-a Culpa” was B as in “Bull” and S as in “(stuff)” then and it still is now. Nathan Hansen may have apologized to veterans at the GOP Convention, but as of this writing, he still hasn’t apologized to Lieutenant Colonel Joe Repya, and he still has his B as in “Bull” and S as in “(stuff)” law suits going against veterans Joe Salmon and Richard Glasgow.

Which, of course, leads to the following conclusion: somehow, I don’t think Nathan Hansen’s ties to FEC Tony and MudSlingerMike (a/k/a “The MSM”) are going to be forgotten anytime soon.

Oh – and Dusty Trice’s video, of the Veterans protesting the MN GOP? Let’s look!!!

Say, Michael? You never served, nor did Nathan. Well, neither did ol’ FEC Tony, neither. Here’s something y’all should know: veterans got long memories.

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On Friday, June 5th, I published a blogpost entitled “So – How Serious Are They??!?”; on Friday, June 12th, KSTP TV ran a piece called “Who’s In For Governor?. Both pieces discussed the issue of domain names.

On June 5th, I posted:

What’s needed, is analysis! And fortunately, I’m here to help!!! So, let’s take a look at domain names – taken and available and related to those considered “potential candidates” by those from the party that bows to the guy with the big cigar….

On June 12th, from KSTP:

But to get an idea of who might be thinking of running, it’s helpful to check the purchase of Internet domain names.

A little less wordy, but: same-same, yes?

Let’s take a look at what I posted, on June 5th:

Seifert2010.com – taken!
SeifertForGovernor.com – taken!!!

OK, that explains the presser, less than 24 hours after T-Bag bolted for Iowa….but:

What explains this?

MartySeifert2010.com – available!
MartySeifertForGovernor.com – available!!!

KSTP reported, on June 12th:

House Minority Leader Marty Seifert also bought a domain, SeifertforGovernor.com, the same day of Pawlenty’s announcement.

If KSTP viewers had read MN Progressive Project, they’d have known a full week earlier about what KSTP reported on, and a whole lot more – like who owns the domain names www.SteveSviggum.com and www.Sviggum2010.com and www.SviggumForGovernor.com

So, keep reading this blog – even if we don’t get the hat-tips we ought to….

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T-Bag announces he’s out; which obviously means there’s a whole buncha republiCons in. Well, even some Republicans, too. Which begs the question: how serious are they?

It’s easy to go to various blogs and find out what various rightwingers are postulating; it’s even easier to check in with the (almost)official rightwing site (although, many bona fide RightWingNuts haven’t weighed in yet.)

It’s important to note: what you might find, might simply be “opinions.” Well, “opinions” if – and I mean “if” – the following “commentary” is considered “opinion”:

D Says:
June 4th, 2009 at 11:27 am
Laura Brod was one of the chief proponents of the “Rape the Taxpayers of Hennepin County to the delight of multi-billionaire Carl Pohlad”.

Nobody, I mean NOBODY, in the Hennepin County GOP has forgotten her vote and defense of ripping our right to vote by referendum on the Twins stadium.

And I will take great joy in reminding my state delegate friends of this woman. (MinnesotaDemocratsExposed)

Gotta love them RightWingNuts, “right”?

“Right.” Even when they got opinions such as this:

J Says:
June 4th, 2009 at 6:32 pm
Aside from her tax issue which will be huge, Brod will have to answer for her personal behavior if she runs. She’s – ahem – played the field. A lot.(MinnesotaDemocratsExposed)

Doncha just love “blogs” “written” and “moderated” by “gentlemen” considered “candidates” for “positions” of “authority” in today’s “Family Values” party?

But, I digress. What’s “written” is just “opinion.”

What’s needed, is analysis! And fortunately, I’m here to help!!! So, let’s take a look at domain names – taken and available and related to those considered “potential candidates” by those from the party that bows to the guy with the big cigar….


LauraBrodForGovernor.com – taken
BrodForGovernor.com – taken
Brod2010.com – taken
LauraBrod2010.com – taken

OK, every indication is Laura “Screw Hennepin County” Brod is in!

But, what domains did her “brain(dead) trust” miss?

Well, by my unofficial and quick reconoitering:

BrodForGovernor2010.com – available!
LauraBrodforGovernor.com – available!!
Brod4governor – available!!!

Dam – what were THEY thinking??!?

Plus, they missed these:

DumpBrod.com – available!
DumpLauraBrod.com – available!!!

One would think those around “The Card Check Girl” woulda checked what’s happened up in the 6th, what with the Dump Bachmann stuff…..

Then again, has anyone ever accused Brod of bein’ “brighter than Bachmann”?

Not likely….

Anyway, on to the next contestent “contestant”, in the “Small Tent” Party!

SullivanForGovernor.com – taken
Sullivan2010.com – taken

Well, I guess that’s not surprising; there’s a lot of “Sullivans” in these fifty states. Let’s look a little closer:

BrianSullivan2010.com – Available!
BrianSullivanForGovernor.com – Available!!!

Gee – is Brain “Brian” – a GOP National Committeeman – so out of touch that he didn’t register his domains, before T-Bag headed for the Des Moines Register??!?

How ’bout Marty – who couldn’t wait 24 hours to dance on T-Bag’s grave “legacy”?

Seifert2010.com – taken!
SeifertForGovernor.com – taken!!!

OK, that explains the presser, less than 24 hours after T-Bag bolted for Iowa….but:

What explains this?

MartySeifert2010.com – available!
MartySeifertForGovernor.com – available!!!

Could it be, that after spendin’ all them years in the GreedOverPrinciples party, that Marty got a case of the cheaps?

You tell me.

And tell me – is Pat in?

PatAndersonForGovernor.com – available!
PatAnderson2010.com – available!!!

And all of the Rammer’s are available; then again: did anyone really think Rammer could get a state-wide GOPer endorsement, anyway?

Now, here’s the deal: Steve Sviggum is a really nice guy. Horrible policies, but: truely a nice guy.

A genuinely nice guy. Again, horrible policies, but…. I noted “Sviggum.com” was taken. So, when I found that “SteveSviggum.com” was open, I took it.

Well, I took “Sviggum2010.com” and “SviggumForGovernor.com” too, but: that’s a tangent.

I took “SteveSviggum.com” ’cause I wanted to make sure no one took it and play games with such a nice guy.

Well, “no one would play MOST games with such a nice guy.”

One never knows, eh? OTO….

…that “DumpBrod.com”?

I got a funny feeling that one would go for a right might bit more….

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Pawlenty Of Balls

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I was at the Grand Opening for The Quarry golf course, at Giants Ridge. Hey, it was a lousy job, but: someone had to do it!
For those of you that play, you KNOW Giants Ridge is spectacular golf. For those of you that don’t, you’re just gonna have to trust me on this one. The night before ribbon cutting, the 19th Hole was packed. I’m standing with a buddy that grew up in Grand Rapids and Tom Rukavina, and we’re havin’ a great time; and we’re swappin’ jokes. Especially Jesse “The Mind” jokes. Now, before this night, I’d never met Tom Rukavina, but we’re all in a really good mood, so I tell him: “Say, Tom, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but I listen to Jason Lewis and Garage Logic, and I have to tell you, you’re not nearly as big an asshole as they say you are!!!”

Now, those of you who have met Mr. Rukavina understand the joke; those that don’t, well, let’s just say Mr. Rukavina is “vertically challenged.”

Mr. Rukavina got the joke, and he laughed, ’cause it was a good joke!

Anyway, there was a LOT of laughin’ and joke tellin’ at the 19th, that night.

And the Governor was there, to cut the ribbon the next day, for the Grand Opening. After all, this course was financed by a state agency, the Iron Range Resource and Rehabilitation Board.

So, before cuttin’ the ribbon, T-Paw grabs the mic, and warms up the crowd. And he tells a joke, as T—Paw is wont to do! After all, he IS a funny guy. I didn’t tape this joke; never thought there’d be a need to. Couldn’t find it via google, either – apparently nobody else saw the need to. So, I’ll paraphrase:

“So, I’m getting’ ready this morning, to come play here. My aide says to me, ‘Hey, Governor, you ready to play? Got your clubs? A glove? Shoes? Balls – do you have enough balls?’ Let me tell all of you here, today – I’m a Republican, standin’ tall up here on the range: I got PLENTY of balls!!!”


Now, I don’t care who ya are; that’s a FUNNY joke! People were laughin’ their asses off!!!

Now, some might be goin’, right ‘round now: “Hey – sure that’s a good joke, but: what’s the ol’ TwoPutter’s point?”

Well, there’s two of ‘em! Here’s the first point: IT WAS A (CHENEY)IN’ JOKE.

Of course, with T-Paw, it also had the added benefit of being true. Because as everyone who has ever had to deal with the Governor knows, T-Paw owns a set. For instance, remember how T-Paw stood up to Bush The Lesser over pharmaceutical reimportation?

Just like IT WAS A (CHENEY)IN’ JOKE that the guy told at the Franken event.

And like T-Paw’s joke, Larry David’s joke also had the added benefit of being true: As I’ve often inferred, the “Smokescreen”, Norm Coleman, is NOT the proud owner of a set. Which is why I refer to him as ‘Norm “Smokescreen” Coleman, R=Lapdog’.

Here’s point numero dos: The second joke – based on the fact Smokescreen lacks a pair – has caused those wusses over at the GOP to get their panties in a wad. They’re wonderin’ just how the (cheney) a joke about “balls” could be funny. Not surprisingly, Brodkorb is weighin’ in, too; rippin’ Al Franken for laughin’ at the joke; a joke told at a private event. .

I wonder what GOPer Ron Carey’s response would be, if some reporter actually asked him for his opinion of T-Paw’s joke?

Would Carey have the balls to issue a press release, paraphrasing the one he just released?


“At a ritzy golf outing, funded by taxpayers, republiCon Governor Tim Pawlenty personally told a joke in language offensive to all Minnesotans. Pawlenty promised he would run a “Family Values” administration, but his coarse and vulgar language again shows why he lacks the maturity, temperament and judgment necessary to be the Governor of the Great State of Minnesota.”



Either the bootlickers are unaware T-Paw told a ballsy joke – probably told on the taxpayer’s dime! or – more likely – they’re doin’ the ol’ republiCon Shuffle, where they’re consistently inconsistent by ignoring it when THEY do it, but castin’ stones when democrats do it.

Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that Norm “Smokescreen” Coleman, R=Lapdog, doesn’t have a set of stones.


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