And it’s taught at The University of North Texas by Professor Joseph Klein!

Here’s the deal – Professor Klein teaches a class on Zappa’s music, and Mothers alumni Tommy Mars and Arthur Barrow participated in a concert with the students last spring; here’s the cut ‘n paste from the University’s website:

Zappa Unlocked: The Mars/Barrow Connection
A program of works by Frank Zappa, performed by guest artists Arthur Barrow (bass) and Tommy Mars (keyboards), with performars from the Music of Frank Zappa class; University of North Texas Voertman Hall, 16 April 2012.

Here’s two tasty numbers from it – Sofa & Peaches En Regalia!

If you have the time, check out the whole show.

“The modern-day composer refuses to die!” — Edgard Varese

Previous posts referencing Frank are now in one convenient location, here – the new Zappadan page.

For those wondering, “That’s college rythmn!” is a line from the song “Dummy Up” from the outstanding album Roxy & Elsewhere.”

That was Frank Zappa, 21 years ago. Tonight, Dweezil Zappa brings the Zappa Plays Zappa Road Show to Minneapolis at the Orpheum; Dweezil and the band are warming up Dream Theater.

Link here to watch Dweezil and the band playing “Peaches En Regalia” last year (embedding disabled; it’s a DVD performance from last year’s tour). And yes, that’s Steve Vai playing Stunt Guitar, to the left of Dweezil, and Napoleon Murphy Brok on sax!

Friday night, August 21, 2009, Zappa Plays Zappa, Orpheum Theater, Minneapolis – it just don’t get any better!

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